TWD Rewind: Cranberry Upside-Downer

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cranberry upside-downer

This week the TWD crowd will be going in about 200 different directions (and I’m not just talking about holiday travel plans)– we’re having a “rewind” day to make up a missed recipe or remake a favorite.  I’ve been in the group for a long time, and I think I can count on one hand the number of recipes I’ve skipped.  At some point, I’d like to tick at least a few of those of the list, but not this week…this week, I’m revisiting a recipe I’ve been itching to try again.

Back in September I made a Summery Peach Upside-Downer, and I’m been thinking about trying the original Cranberry Upside-Downer version ever since.  Now’s the time, especially since I’m on a cranberry roll this month!  The cake was just as soft and cinnamony as I remembered from the first time.  I think I actually prefer this version, though, because the tart cranberries are a perfect balance for the sticky sweetness of the butter-sugar topping.  If my husband weren’t insisting on pie for Thanksgiving, I would certainly not hesitate to put this on the table on Thursday night!

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Superfluous, as it was Sabrina’s choice a couple months ago.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll to see what everyone chose to make this week!  Happy US Thanksgiving!!

Tuesdays with Dorie: Cranberry Lime Galette

November 16, 2010 at 12:29 am | Posted in pies & tarts, sweet things | 16 Comments

cranberry lime galette

My husband was super-excited when I pulled this Cranberry Lime Galette out of the oven.  For some reason more excited about it than about other things I’ve made recently.  Thank you, ladies of Celestial Confections!  I think he’s just pretty happy about Thanksgiving…a couple extra days off work and his mother coming to be the first overnight guest in our house…and the sight of this triggered thoughts of our favorite dinner of the year!     

He was right to be excited– this is good stuff!  I am a huge fan of tart and snappy cranberry deserts, and with the lime added in, this galette delivered on that.  I used some candied ginger chopped into tiny bits in place of fresh, and it had a great spicy ginger punch, too.  The crust stayed super crisp, and I think it’s quite pretty in its own rustic way.

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan (it’s also here on NPR’s website) or Celestial Confections.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!

Tuesdays with Dorie: Not-Just-For-Thanksgiving Cranberry Shortbread Cake

November 9, 2010 at 1:01 am | Posted in cakes & tortes, groups, simple cakes, sweet things, tuesdays with dorie | 31 Comments

not-just-for-thanksgiving cranberry shortbread cake

I am apparently the world’s worst interior decorator.  Bought a few rugs for the new house, and totally don’t like them with the furniture.  Got a new mattress for the guest bed, and didn’t realize I should have gone with a low-profile boxspring…looks ridiculous…like a princess and the pea bed.

At least I can usually make a cake look nice, although it’s not hard to do when the cake has a layer of gorgeous ruby-red cranberry jam running through it.  This Not-Just-For-Thanksgiving Cranberry Shortbread Cake that Jessica of Singleton in the Kitchen chose for TWD seemed more puffy cookie than fluffy cake to me, but I was more than happy to gobble it up.  It’s very good, and it’s not just for Thanksgiving at all.  I really like a nice, tart cranberry sauce, but it could just as easily be filled with fruit jam.  In fact, I’m tempted to try it with the lingonberry jam I buy from IKEA, and also to see if a half-recipe with fit in a loaf pan, because I think it would make for nice bars.

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Singleton in the Kitchen.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!

I have a dentist appointment today…time to see if the past six months of sweets have caught up with me!  Eek!

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