Everyday Dorie: My Newest Gougères

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my newest gougères

In case you can’t tell from the over four hundred posts I’ve written, dedicated to the over four hundred recipes I’ve made from her books, Dorie Greenspan is one of my favorite cookbook authors. Anytime she comes out with a new title, I can’t wait to dive in, and of course that’s the case with her beautiful brand-new Everyday Dorie! I have at least two dozen recipes I need to get down to business with soon, but I’m beginning with what she calls “My Newest Gougères,” and I’m making them along with the Cook the Book Fridays group. They’re starting today to cook their way though Everyday Dorie, and I’ll join in as often as I can.

Gougères are made with choux paste, one of my favorite things to make. This newest version is a cheese puff not only loaded with cheese (of course), but also chopped nuts and a bit of Dijon mustard. You can play around with the cheese and nuts. I went pretty classic with a Gruyère and walnut combo. These make a great salty, cheesy snack to have with a glass of rosè. The nuts give them more substance than other gougères I’ve made. I have some more in the freezer and I think they’ll go really nicely with a bowl of tomato soup, too.

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan (you can even watch her make them in this video), and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see how the group kicks this one off!



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  1. When I first made these for AMFT/ FFWD I added them to French onion soup. It was SO good!

  2. Beautiful photo, and perfect looking poofs

  3. I like the idea of serving these with tomato soup! Nice to be cooking with you again.

  4. A glass of rose? I like how you think. What a delicious snack! Glad you’ll be along for this latest journey!

  5. Ooooh, rosé! That’s what I miss for baking these in the morning before leaving to work.

    That extra sprinkle of cheese looks so pretty!

  6. So pretty !
    I love that we’re starting a new chapter with Dorie’s works.

  7. Beautiful shot and I love the light dusting of cheese! Great idea!

  8. Beautiful photo! These were delicious! Over 400 recipes! That is crazy!

  9. Four hundred recipes and still going. That’s impressive. White on white with the gougères popping out is such a great look.

  10. Wow, 400 of Dorie’s recipes! Amazing! Love your sprinkling of the extra cheese over the gougeres!

  11. You make everything look so so good Steph!
    I am so glad I’ll be running in to you over here as well 🙂
    The kids have been asking for tomato soup, you just gave me a great idea pairing these with the soup! Thank you 🙂

  12. Love that cheese added over top- what a lovely photo ! So fun to be cooking with you again ! And kudos on those 400 plus recipes- wow !

  13. Gorgeous photo! And I am on board with your serving suggestions–I think something acidic will go quite well with these. And, my! Over 400 recipes, indeed! It’s hard not to like Dorie’s recipes, though, as they are so well written and the results are so tasty.

  14. We had them with Butternut Squash Soup, but Tomato sounds perfect, too! Your gougeres look great! We’re looking forward to jumping back in!

  15. I love the idea of having them with tomato soup – a dressy take on tomato soup and grilled cheese! Yours look absolutely gorgeous. It’s great that you are going to jump in when you can here. 🙂

  16. I went for a glass of Pinot Noir (only because it was open), but the rose sounds lovely.
    I will agree with all those above cheering on the pairing with tomato soup!

  17. Welcome to our group, Steph. I hope you will chime in as often as possible. It is almost required that anyone who has cooked/baked/made as many Greenspan recipes as you have must contribute to our “tribe” in a major way. I’ve made two batches of gougeres this month and served the first with butternut squash soup. Perfect combo. I used the others to be the star appetizer for a dinner party last Sunday. One guest ate 6 of them. Don’t you love that? Again, welcome, your gougeres look beautiful.

    • thank you, mary! and i’m going to try out the gougere soup combo this week!

  18. These were really good, I loved every bite. Glad to see you joining the group, this will be fun.

  19. So exciting to have you cooking along with us!! This is going to be great! Your gougeres of course, look fabulous! It’s such a great recipe out of the blocks to get things going!!

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