85 degrees vs Breadtop

March 5, 2007 at 5:19 pm | Posted in around sydney | 5 Comments

Not long ago, after a mediocre Spanish dinner on Liverpool Street, we turned the corner onto George and passed by a beautiful display window belonging to 85 degrees.  We’d passed on the flan at the restaurant and since the bakery was still open, of course we went in.  It was a tough descion, but we settled on a slice of tiramisu and chocolate napoleon to bring home.

85 degrees

Unfortunately, these looked much better than they tasted.  That is to say, they pretty much had no taste.  If I was blindfolded, I probably wouldn’t have known the napoleon had chocolate in it.  And I should have realized (silly me) that the tiramsu wouldn’t have much going on, because the sponge layer was clearly not soaked in coffee or booze.  The cake was very bland and the filling was kind of gelatinous. 

I will not go back to 85 degrees, but it did make me wonder about the desserts at Breadtop, across the street in World Square.  The next day I went over there and bought a much more promising looking tiramisu and a chocolate eclair.  Notice that each tiramisu has a goofy little label!


And the winner is…Breadtop!  The tiramisu tasted slightly boozy and had a nice texture.  And the eclair was filled with lots of real cream.  Good, because I like Breadtop…their Japanese white bread is perfect for PB&J.


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  1. Breadtop is probably the best thing in the world

    followed closly my Milk tea with pearls

  2. Daniel– I love bubble tea, too! And the big straw that comes with it!

  3. I totally agree that Breadtop is better than 85degrees. I couldn’t believe that something so pretty could taste so bland! I love the green tea cake from Breadtop, and the tiramisu is awesome too.

  4. Hi Stephanie! I just posted something on this very same Tiramisu…

  5. I love Breadtop too! There is a store in Parramatta Westfields now too! My favourite is the Tiramisu crepe….though I agree that the eclairs are pretty good too.

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