Blogging by Mail– Thanks Rai!

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Blogging by Mail

Last month, I signed on to participate in Blogging by Mail, an event hosted by Happy Sorceress Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness fame.  I packed up a few of my favorite things (some long time favorites and other “new” Aussie discoveries) and had them whisked away to a far-off address, supplied to me by Stephanie.  Then I not-so-patiently waited for a box of someone else’s favorites to make its way to me.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to go to the post office today and pick up my package! 

When I got home, I tore open the box, and found it had been sent by Rai from Ugly Fruit.  Even though she’s just moved home to Iowa after spending three years abroad, and she’s working on setting up a new business, she still had time to put together a really fun package, containing:

-a handwritten note from Rai, introducing herself and explaining what she’d sent
-a cookbook called Cooking USA (I’ll have to start with the recipe from Iowa–corn casserole!)
-a CD from Iowa musicians, the Barn Owl Band (this will be on while I make dinner tonight)
-corn muffin mix (in a hilariously cute ear of corn “outfit”)
-strawberry fruit leather (which I love, and ate immediately after snapping the photo)
-jars of cranberry honey and peach butter (I know what I will put on my toast tomorrow morning!)
-an “Iowa…more pigs than people” magnet
-a soy bar and ranch-flavored soy nuts
-an Iowa geode (which I promptly cracked open with a hammer to see the sparkly crystals inside)
-a form from Australia Post saying that it had quarantined some unpopped popcorn (drat–sorry, Rai)

I have never been to Iowa myself, so thanks so much, Rai, for sending Iowa to me!

And thanks very much to Stephanie, as well, for organizing the event.  She clearly put a lot of thought into matching everyone up, and I truly appreciate the time and effort spent.

Who received the package I sent?  Why, Mai and Kevin, authors of the lovely blog Feed Your Vegetarian.  Check it out!

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