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April 10, 2008 at 5:32 pm | Posted in other stuff | 7 Comments

excellent blog

So, I am finally back from my vacation.  I love to travel, but after being gone for almost a month, I must say it feels pretty good to be back at home.  I’ve really missed being in the kitchen, but before I start throwing flour around, spilling milk and accidentally dropping eggs on the floor, I need to unpack and do about 5,000 loads of laundry.

Before I can even do those things, though, I really need to give an overdue thank you to four special ladies.  Joanna in the kitchen, Indigo at Happy Love Strawberry, Danielle at Make No Little Meals and Laurie the quirky cupcake have all rated my blog E for Excellent!

With people that I actually know, I’m pretty much in the closet about this blog.  Even my family would think I was a total freakshow if they knew that I basically keep a diary of and take a hundred photos of everything I eat (they have enough other accumulated evidence that I am freakshow as it is!).  Maybe I should get over this embarrassment, but I am always wishing that my posts were more eloquently written or that my pictures were sharper or better styled.  I wouldn’t be surprised if no one ever commented here, so I am truly surprised that anyone would call this stuff ‘excellent!’  Joanna, Indigo, Danielle and Laurie–thank you so much!  Things like this encourage me, not just to keep at my little blog, but to keep trying to make it better.

OK, teary acceptance speech now over!  There are so many blogs that I think are excellent, but I’m going to single out just one and pass this along to a blogger whose site I have been reading since the start.  Tracy at Cake Batter and Crumbs, I give your blog an E for Excellent!


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  1. How funny that people in your life don’t know about your work here. I think you do a great job, absolutely deserve the award and that you should be very proud of the work you do!

  2. hahah I think my friends and family would think I am cuckoo as well. Although my mom wonders why I am always snapping pics everytime I bake something. Your blog is one of my favorites, so congrats girlie! Hope you had fun on vacation. You should post up some pictures from it.

  3. You deserve it Steph. You inspire me to do better with my blog everyday. So thank you!

  4. Thank you so much, Steph!!! I am sooooo honored!!!!!

  5. Coo coo gives character.
    My husband makes fun of my food picture taking all the time, but I just can’t help myself.

    This cake looks amazing and a lot like the cake they serve at “Seven” in San Jose, CA. So tasty!

  6. Steph–you have nothing to be embarassed about–your blog is great! Embrace the fact that your family could think you’re strange for taking food photos–I do with mine ha ha! My mom asked me if I thought I was a photogrpaher for Gourmet magazine the other day! Gotta love family! 😉

  7. You deserve it! Yeah, it’s hard to explain to people about blogging unless they are bloggers themselves.

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