French Fridays with Dorie: Gougères

October 1, 2010 at 5:45 pm | Posted in french fridays w dorie, groups, other savory, savory things | 21 Comments


Yeah, that’s right– a new Dorie book means a new group!   Laurie started up French Fridays with Dorie (which, for some reason, I keep calling “French Fries with Dorie”), a weekly celebration of the recipes in Dorie Greenspan’s gorgeous new book Around my French Table.  

Things have been more than a little disorganized here…boxes are everywhere, butcher paper is tied and stacked like bales of hay, and the kitchen counter is pretty messy.  I thought I might miss the first party, and have to skip making these gougères.  Then I thought again, and realized I could really use a glass of wine and some snacks! 

Gougères are little cheesey puffs made with a pâte à choux base.  If you’ve never prepared choux paste before, it’s not hard (I even made this batch by hand), and in my opinion it’s one of the most fun things to make!  I used gruyère cheese in mine, but you can use whatever grating cheese flots your boat.  Salty and good! 

For the recipe, see Around my French Table by Dorie Greenspan.  Don’t forget to check out my fellow francophiles’ posts!


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  1. When I first suggested the name French Fridays, only because it made me laugh, I thought it would get rejected. Well after it was approved, I seriously started second guessing the name. It was too late.

    They look perfect, Steph. As always. I am so glad you are on this adventure with me! TWDers make me feel at home now.

  2. What’s old is new again. I adore gougeres. They were one of the first “tony” appetizers I ever made as a young bride. Now I’m wishing I could join you for that glass of wine and cheesy snack. Yummy.

  3. Beautiful gougeres! And I love “French Fries with Dorie”! 🙂

  4. These look amazing! I completely forgot that this was starting this month!

  5. They look super pretty! Congrats on the move.

  6. Oh my, my. I would give anything to pop one of those in my mouth right now. Your picture is positively mouthwatering.

  7. Lovely. Cute presentation. THIS is going to be a great group.

  8. They turned out great! I had so much fun making these. 🙂

  9. I love your photo–gorgeous! Also, “French Fries with Dorie” has great potential!

  10. I dont even know how to pronounce “gougeres”. But they look amazing and sound delish!

  11. Even amidst clutter, you make it look easy, elegant, and delicious. Wow. Still need to make these, perhaps today!

  12. Beautiful gougeres! I love the name of your blog too!

  13. What a simple “moving” appetizer! Glad you found the time to make them – it’s a great 1st recipe don’t think? What beautiful gougeres!!!

  14. these look so golden and delicious! you did a great job!

  15. Your blog is always so wonderful to visit. Everything looks delicious. I’m definitely bookmarking some recipes. Have a lovely October!

  16. Your gougeres are magnificent! I had to skip this one because I don’t have the book yet (but it is en route) so I’ll HAVE to make these pretty soon!!

    And no worries, I call it ‘fast forward with Dorie’ 😉

  17. They look amazing girl. And now I am going to be calling the group French Fries with Dorie. hehe

  18. delicious! So pleased you are cooking along as well

  19. OMG, I think you just expressed what half of us were thinking. No matter what it’s called, I’m looking forward to cooking along with the group. Beautiful gougeres Steph — i hope you enjoyed them with a great glass of wine.

  20. You are one adventurous girlie!! Way to stay in there, not to mention yes a treat was definitely in order. Tuesday or Friday, French Fries or no, I kinda like the FF reference. Beautiful gougères. I don’t to choux often so I was so excited that mine puffed. YAY for you and for me.

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