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white loaves

Here we go…the next round of Tuesdays with Dorie starts today, and this time we’re Baking with Julia!  I’ve had this book for years, and have made several things from it, so I’m looking forward to getting to know it better.  And also to getting to know a new group of TWDers!

First up, we’re doing Craig Kominiak’s White Loaves.  I’m really excited about the bread section of the book, so I was pleased to tackle this one at the get-go.  This is your basic sandwich loaf, perfect for PB&J, as you can see above.  It wasn’t hard to make.  I halved the recipe to do one loaf instead of two, and my mixer had no problem getting the dough together quickly (the full two loaves probably would have made it whine).  A couple of rises later, and the dough was ready to become bread!  Seriously, the hardest part here was waiting for my loaf to cool so I could get my lunch together (it’s always important to let bread like this cool properly or the texture won’t be right).  I loved the crust on this…a nice crispy top.  And the bread was so soft inside.  I have half the loaf stashed in the freezer, and am looking forward to a turkey and cheese sandwich next.

white loaves

Homemade yeast bread smells so good in the oven.  You won’t get that from a store-bought loaf, so for the recipe, see Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan or read our founder Laurie’s blog, slush, and our group manager Julie’s blog, Someone’s in the Kitchen, as they are co-hosting the first recipe.  Thanks, ladies!  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll.


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  1. Yours look gorgeous. Mine… not so much. Tasty, tho!

  2. Oh how I’ve missed your blog since I was out of the blog-world for a while. Isn’t PBJ just the best, especially on this yummy bread?! Looking forward to baking with you again! Cheers!

  3. Your loaf looks great and the sandwich to-die-for!

  4. Looks pretty good! I also love the smell of homemade bread in the oven, that’s the reason I bake nearly all our bread

  5. I love how tall yours is! We really enjoyed this bread too!

  6. Beautiful blog! I will be spending some time here for sure. Here’s my post about my first ever bread baking event: http://www.mistysmornings.com/2012/02/white-loaves-twd-baking-with-julia.html

  7. Your first picture is making me HUNGRY! 🙂

  8. Yum and more yum. Homemade bread and PB & J is a fabulous combo.

  9. Really lovely pictures!
    I loved how simple the recipe was too. I feel like it could become a “go-to” bread recipe that I could make without having to rely on the recipe after another time or two of baking.

  10. Yours look so good! Nothing makes a sandwich taste so good as freshly baked bread!

  11. the crust looks great

  12. Your bread looks so pretty and perfect. PB&J photo is terrific.

  13. Looks like the perfect loaf of bread. Yay for TWD2!!

  14. We ate ours as toast, but that sandwich looks amazing! Oh YUM!

    Now I need to make another loaf..

  15. Geesh, you have a way of making sandwiches look glamorous. It’s a good thing we are back on Tuesdays, I was beginning to live a life of negligence and frivolity without TWD trying to keep me in line. Your bread looks wonderful.

  16. Sadly, I’ve never been a PB&J fan. However, I’m happy to report that this bread does make an excellent grilled cheese sandwich. =) Your bread looks fantastic.

  17. love the pb & j. It’s the perfect bread for that sandwich!

  18. Beautiful loaf – this was such a nice dough to work with, wasn’t it?
    We didn’t have PB&J – ours went mostly to grilled cheese and toast w/ Nutella on it 🙂

  19. Your bread looks fabulous, and your PBJ sandwich looks super-fabulous!

  20. Hey Steph- So excited for you that you are baking from one of my favorite books too. PB&J looks so good, I want to sit in front of the tv and watch some Growing Pains! Went to see Dorie today at her Pop-up shop. Her new cookies are- to-die for. Go check it out. L

  21. My boys ate a few PB&Nutellas on the bread, too. Makes a great sandwich. Lovely photo, Steph. 🙂

  22. I love that you made sandwiches with your bread. I woke up to a missing loaf of bread this morning and when my hubby arrived home, he informs me that he made ONE sandwich with the bread which was delicious…. LOL!

  23. Looks great! Perfect sandwich bread

  24. Okay…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a prettier PB&J!

  25. Yes, the smell is amazing! Great photos 🙂

  26. Beautiful bread, Steph! I’m so glad we’re all back together baking again and making new friends.

  27. Glad to see you back! Your bread loos fantastic and your PB&J looks tasty too! 🙂

  28. You’re so right about letting freshly baked bread cool before eating it. You showed restraint! and the bread looks good too!

  29. oh, if you try this recipe again, let me know what you think of melting the butter and adding it earlier. I’m at
    Thanks! ~Piebird

  30. Very nice! This was a great recipe to kick off the new group. Love hearing what everyone did with theirs. Makes me want to make some more!

  31. Your picture made me want a pb&j and I don’t even like them!

  32. PB & J on fresh bread. Looks good to me!!!!!

  33. great looking bread! mmmm PB&J 🙂

  34. It looks wonderful. This loaf has such wonderful texture and it holds up to any spread or filling you can throw at it. I’m glad to know the recipe halves well, too.

  35. Nothing like the smell of baking bread! Awesome looking loaves!

  36. I won the Baking with Julia giveaway several weeks ago and this was the first recipe I made from it! I swapped out one cup of flour with white whole wheat because I can’t help myself but the dough was a dream to work with and the bread itself is so fluffy! I had no need for two loaves so I baked one and formed the other half into 16 dinner rolls, which I froze after the first rise. I’ve been baking up a couple everytime I defrost leftovers for dinner or crave fresh bread. Thank you again!

    • Emily–Great to hear from you! I’m so glad you’re using and enjoying the book.

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