The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook GIVEAWAY!

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cookie dough lover's

Every Thursday at the shop, I make ginormous batches of all our cookie doughs.  And I totally eat ginormous amounts of cookie dough, too!  I’d like to say that I do it in the name of quality control, but really it’s a lack of self control.  Cookies-in-the-raw just may be better than baked ones.  I clearly have no problem snacking on raw eggs (although now that I put it that way…), but if you so deprive yourself, then you’ll be happy to see The Cookie Dough Lover’s Cookbook by Lindsay Landis, who also writes the gorgeous food blog Love and Olive Oil.  She has ingeniously concocted an eggless cookie dough that isn’t meant to be baked, but used raw, as an ingredient or an out-of-the-bowl snack.  Now I normally take my dough straight up, but I’m amazed by the diversity of recipes in this book…candy made from cookie dough, cakes, pies, puddings, breakfast stuff (what?!).  And, of course, there is ice cream…ice cream that is calling–no, screaming–my name.  All of this is gorgeously photographed…proof that these things are real and not just in my dreams!

The very kind folks from Quirk Books gave me a copy of this cookbook, and now I want to give one of you a copy, too.  Maybe we can make Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream together next weekend??  What do you say?  Just leave me a comment (one per person, please) on this post before 5:00 pm EST on Thursday, June 7 and I’ll randomly choose a winner from the list.  Be sure your e-mail address is correct so I can contact you!

***Giveaway Winner Update: I used to generate a random comment number to find the winner. It selected comment 11, so congratulations to Tina.  I’ll be sending your book soon!***


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  1. I’d love to be entered into the draw!

  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm cookie dough!!!!!

  3. Wow…looks like a great give away! Would love to try some new cookie dough! 🙂

  4. I too enjoy raw cookie dough:)

  5. Oh, this is a dangerous, dangerous little game!

  6. I would to be entered in the any cookie dough

  7. cookie dough cookbook!! sounds delicious 🙂

  8. Awesome giveaway – this looks like such an awesome cookbook! 🙂

  9. Mmmmm. Cookie dough. Sometimes it’s even better than the cookies it ends up making.

  10. Cookie dough is a wonderful thing to have in your house. It doesn’t last too long in my house.

  11. Oh yes pls, I’d like to be able to make real good edible cookie dough 🙂

  12. Raw cookie dough is my Kryptonite.

  13. Count me in for raw cookie dough!

  14. Oh I love eating cookie dough too! Please enter me into the draw! 🙂

  15. i hope i win,. thanks for the chance

  16. Looove raw cookie dough (way more than the baked version, actually)!

  17. Cookie dough is my favorite!

  18. A cookie dough cookbook! Where have you been all my life?

  19. Cookie dough is amazing and I don’t eat nearly enough of it.

  20. I must admit I love raw cookie dough too!! Looks like a great cookbook.

  21. Wonderful! Throw my name in the hat, too.

  22. Your job sounds like so much fun! I love raw cookie dough and half baked cookies.

  23. Yum!!!

  24. I ❤ cookie dough!

  25. This would be the perfect 25th birthday present! The concept of this book is so enticing…

  26. Cookie dough and I are besties…. Thanks for a great comp! 🙂

  27. Thanks for offering this! Looks like a great cookbook. Would love to be part of this! 🙂

  28. I would love to be entered in this drawing. Looks like a great cook book. 🙂

  29. Hey Steph!

    This is too weird… I was just (like literally not 2 seconds ago) checking out a pin on pinterest for cookie dough truffles, and then I thought, hmmm, let me head over to Steph’s site to see if she’s posted anything new lately. Believe it! Too funny. Anyways, I’ll be emailing you later, but I just wanted to thank you for holding my hand through my gluten-free baking frenzy. The final product was a hit, but I’ll give you all the details in my longer message 😉

    This book looks like fun- and I can never satiate my hunger for new cookbooks! Keeping my fingers crossed for the contest!

    Talk soon,

  30. I love cookie dough more than baked cookies too! A book dedicated to cookie dough might be dangerous for me but I’m willing to risk it!

  31. Legit raw cookie dough?? I’m in!! Thanks for the give away

  32. Haha, I’m so with you. I’d so much rather eat the bowl of cookie dough than actually bake the cookies! I’m so intrigued by the recipes in this book, it’s such a fun idea!

  33. Oh… this can be dangerous.

  34. This just gives me an excuse to eat more cookie dough!

  35. I’m loving all the posts on this book! Looks so fun. And yummy.

  36. love cookie dough! i also read the author’s blog.

  37. I have been eyeing this cookbook every time I visited Love and Olive Oil over the past few weeks. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. I could live on cookie dough, easily. 🙂

  39. I would loveeee to win this cookbook!

  40. Cookie dough ice cream sounds perfect for my upcoming girls’ night!

  41. I can’t wait to try all of her cookie dough recipes…yum…

  42. I honestly didn’t know such a book existed! WOW

  43. I would to be entered in the any cookie dough!!!!!!!!!

  44. I have the same horrible habit of eating raw cookie dough. I would love to win this book and start trying the recipes.

  45. This book looks so good! Yum!

  46. Can’t wait to try some of these recipes! I would love to be entered 🙂

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