Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Pizza with Onion Confit

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pizza with onion confit

My husband is going out for a business dinner tonight, and I have plans of my own.  Sometimes when he’s not around for dinner I’ll meet up with friends for wine and gossip. But tonight, it’s a little alone time…just me, Steve Sullivan’s Pizza with Onion Confit and the first episode of the new season of Downton Abbey.  Perfect

Here in Brooklyn I don’t have to look too hard to find good pizza, but I make it a lot at home anyway.  I fiddle around with different recipes, too, so I didn’t mind trying a new one here.  This dough uses a sponge starter to add flavor, but the process can be done in a day, unlike some doughs that require a day or two of fridge fermentation (like this excellent one).  I cook my pizzas on a stone in a ripping-hot oven.  And I (obviously) don’t care too much if they are perfectly round or not.

pizza with onion confitpizza with onion confit

All the tears you shed slicing onions will be worth it when you wind up with a pan full of soft, sweet onion confit to top your pizza.  I didn’t have the red wine the recipe calls to simmer the onions in, but I did have an open bottle of white, so I used that instead.  I’m sure the red wine would have made the confit a beautiful shade of rich purple, but mine wound up more like traditional caramelized onions.  Leftover onion confit is like gold in the fridge, and I can’t wait to use it on a turkey burger or a sandwich. 

onion confit

I also put a handful of spinach on top of my pizza, you know, for vegetables.  And at the halfway point I crumbled on a little Point Reyes blue cheese.  For the recipe, see Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan or read Paul’s The Boy Can Bake.  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. lovely…fresh and healthy

  2. Love your photos…potato pizza dough…got to try that one…thanks for sharing.


  3. Ah…looks amazing! And YAY for Downton Abbey 🙂

  4. Love your toppings choices. Your pizza looks perfect! Your photos are so inviting, and I agree that these onions would be great on a burger!

  5. Your pizza looks great. Always like the addition of greens and I love spinach. Your crust looks so nice and puffed up. Great job.

  6. Such a very beautiful, rustic-looking pizza!

  7. This looks lovely!! I love the idea of putting the spinach on it, I think I’ll try that on mine next time.

  8. Great idea to use white wine.

  9. I love the way your crust became blistered in the super hot oven, looks great!

  10. Love the crust on your pizza. Looks delicious.

  11. Who says Pizza has to be round!! Now I wish I had put spinach on mine. What a great addition.

  12. Nice looking pizza… very Neapolitan. It takes a patient hand to stretch the crust thin without resorting to a rolling pin, and with a pin you’ll never get that nice puffy rim.

    The addition of spinach, you know for vegetables, recalls a pizza I aped from a Marin restaurant that has sauteed spinach, ricotta with coarse black pepper, and red sauce. Ummm…

  13. I love the look of your pizza and the onions in the pan. Beautiful photos! This is a keeper for me.

  14. Pizzas are so much better when they are not perfectly round. Your pizza looks delicious and the blue cheese topping sounds divine!

  15. I just love every kind of confit, and your pizza just looks amazing with it! Very cottaga style (is that the right word in English?). Gorgeous blog anyway – if you don’t mind I’d like to add it to my blogroll.
    Cheers from Berlin,

  16. Oh my goodness! My mouth is watering. You just made me VERY hungry! 😀 I think I need this pizza just about right now.

  17. A night home alone with pizza, a glass of wine and Downton Abbey sounds heavenly.

    I think the best pizzas come from super hot ovens (500F+) – it’s gotta have the charred crust 🙂 Your pizza looks perfect

  18. I agree – love having carmelzied onions in my fridge as well! So many great uses! Add to pastas, quesadillas, etc!

  19. So loving how the pizza looks! Onion confit sure livens up pizza. I like it with a slice of baguette or on top of pork chop. Yum.

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