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onion bialys

A toasted bialy with salty butter is my idea of a very fine breakfast.  I’m sure a number of my fellow Americans have never heard of a bialy– I hadn’t before I moved to New York City.  Then after about six years of living here, someone *finally* brought a sack of them in from Kossar’s at the first restaurant I worked for, and I was hooked.  I now know that I can find bialys at almost every bagel shop in the city, but they’re usually pulled out of a plastic bag, and I get the feeling that they aren’t made fresh in-house.  To get my fix, I stock up at Kossar’s anytime I have errands to run on the Lower East Side.  I was pumped to be making Lauren Groveman’s Onion Bialys for TWD this week!  BTW, I feel like every other week we’re making another recipe from Lauren Groveman…

I’d call bialys cousins of the bagel, although they are not boiled, they are flatter than bagels (despite the fact that mine came out looking like balloons), and instead of holes they have awesome caramelized onion-filled centers…so on second thought, even though they have a similar dough, they are really not really like bagels at all.  Speaking of the dough, it was soft and lovely (I didn’t need all the flour called for) and easy to work with.  Of course my bialys took off in the oven, but I’m sure it was my fault.  I did prick the heck out of the centers, but next time I’ll hand stretch them a little more, too.  I don’t really care– they tasted great and had perfect texture.  Fresh from the oven, they are even better than Kossar’s!

For the bialy recipe, see Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan.  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. They look beautiful, and so shiny!

  2. I’ve never heard of these, but they look fantastic!

  3. i love bialys! a local bakery makes them and they are so good fresh.

  4. Your bialys look fantastic! I loved them too, the caramelised onions topping is a winner. I’ve never heard of them before, and now, after reading your story, I want to visit NY and Kossars!

  5. Beautiful! As you saw, mine were super duper puffy as well. Still delicious!

  6. Lovely!!! Your bialys look perfect!!!
    I enjoyed them too, slightly toasted with butter: very yummy!!

  7. Your bialys look picture perfect.

  8. Agree — what are they thinking with those bagged bialys? So hard to find a good fresh bialy these days. Better to make them ourselves — especially because they’re so easy!

    Great photos.

  9. your bialys turned out beautifully. you are lucky that you get to visit kossars! my husband may be picky about bialys but you have to blame that on his brooklyn roots-he grew up in flatbush and nothing compares to his memories of what he ate while growing up there!

  10. Great looking bialys! I hadn’t heard of them before this recipe, but was intrigued. I’m so glad I tried them and would love to try one from a great bakery to see how different they are.

  11. I love a good onion bialy!

  12. Yours look delicious!!

  13. I have to say, your blog makes me miss TWD. It really does.

  14. lovely!! 🙂

  15. looks incredible, yum! so glad i found your blog 🙂

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