Everyday Dorie: Green-as-Spring Soup

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green-as-spring soup

This Green-as-Spring Soup was pretty easily put together after a walk through my neighborhood farmers’ market. After a long winter of turnips, the stalls are overflowing with green stuff right now! Armed with some leeks, garlic and shallots, a bunch of asparagus (which I trimmed, but did not bother to peel) and a zucchini, I got to work. After a quick sweat down of the alliums, it was everything else in the pot with some broth to simmer till soft. I had some nice spinach from my favorite farmer and I threw in just a handful of that, along with my herbs, for extra pop. Happily for those of us lacking amazing knife skills, it doesn’t matter how neatly things are cut up…it all gets puréed smooth in the blender. I fished out a few of the asparagus tips before blending the soup, which I used as garnish, along with a quick herb cream I made from pesto and greek yogurt. I added a drizzle of good olive oil, too, because, well, more green!

This soup was delicious and velvety even though it contains no dairy (apart from the garnish). It’s fresh and satisfying, and was even better reheated the next day.

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan, and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see how the group liked this one.



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  1. Perfect, and looks so delicious. I really enjoyed this delicious soup that went together so quickly.

  2. Such a gorgeous color!!

  3. Wow- love that grassy green color you got ! So spring like indeed. My rendition was a bit more pea colored (the only green veggie I didn’t actually have in there lol) but was tasty nonetheless. Gorgeous photo !

  4. Yours is the MOST beautiful of all the soups this week!

  5. Such a vibrant green!! Must have been the addition of the spinach! I didn’t peel my asparagus either..didn’t seem to matter one bit. We loved this one!

  6. Asparagus delivers the color and the taste. That’s what I love about this soup. The deep and bright green color of your soup is really enticing.

  7. love the colour on your soup as well! such a nice vibrant colour.

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