Everyday Dorie: Miso-Glazed Salmon

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miso glazed salmon

I love fish but I don’t cook it that often at home. I don’t feel like I’m great at it so I usually save it for a nice dinner out, where someone more competent can perfectly prepare it for me. When I do cook fish at home, I’ve found that baking it is the way to go…it’s easier, it’s cleaner, and the delicate (and often expensive!) fish doesn’t fall apart on me as readily as it does on the stovetop. This Miso-Glazed Salmon is a great make-at-home fish dinner, as there’s very little prep to do before it’s ready to be popped into the oven.

I covered my salmon fillets in the miso and soy glaze and let them hang out in a glass pie plate in the fridge for a few hours. When I took the dish out, the whole set up still looked pretty clean, so I just went straight into the oven with the pie plate, rather than transferring the salmon to a lined baking sheet. After the fish was baked, I was able to just lift the flesh right off the skin in one piece and leave it behind. The downside of the glass pie plate is that I was nervous to put it under the broiler once I saw that the marinade hadn’t really taken on any color in the oven. I’ve seen sushi chefs blowtorch raw fish to give it a quick sear, so I pulled out my little kitchen torch to brown things up a bit.

I do wonder if I had removed some of the excess marinade (which I didn’t want to waste since it was more a glaze than a liquid) or used red miso instead of white, would it have gotten more bronzed in the oven? I do think next time I’ll let the salmon marinate for the better part of a day for even more flavor. Well, no matter, it was delicious, and I served it with furikake rice and some cute baby bok choy.

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan, and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see how the group liked this one.


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  1. This was delicious and I love the look of that baby boy choy. Funny but I never think to cook that as a side, but I think I will try it soon.

  2. I like the blowtorch idea just to add a crispy texture to the fish. I believe you’re on the right track to leave the fish in the marinade for a longer period to add flavor. I’m thinking of doing the same next time.

  3. Yep we used red miso and ours was by far the darkest colour of any of the dishes I have seen. I liked the glazed look of it! Blowtorch is a good idea as is a longer marinade!

    • yes, thanks! i usually just buy white miso, but now that i know, i’ll get the red for this next time!

  4. I used the white miso as well and didn’t get quite the deep color I was expecting…didn’t blow torch mine either so roasting was all we got. Easy and delicious so winner at our house!

  5. DON’T brush any marinade off (I know Dorie suggested that). I did brush it off because I didn’t know what was “too much.” I had marinated it over night but did not get the lovely color of many of the other gals. That could have been because I brushed off the excess marinade or it could have because I used white Miso. It’s what I had on hand. I like this salmon dish so much and since I also don’t cook fish often or well, I am glad to have this recipe to add to my monthly menu plan.

  6. I learned from this group what now seems obvious- that the white miso I used also impacted the color. Luckily not the flavor. My family loved the recipe as they love all fish, and I enjoyed how simple the delicious results were. I had to chuckle about your description of leaving fish that you love to others for cooking, and enjoying it out. I am exactly the same way when it comes to steaks.

    • yes, it didn’t affect the wonderful flavor at all but i noted in the book to give red miso a shot sometime. glad you know what i mean that some things are better left to the pros! haha.

  7. I just love that you pulled out the blowtorch! Who says it’s only for crème brulee! This is definitely a winner. I can’t wait to make it again.

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