Everyday Dorie: Ponzu Chicken

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ponzu chicken

I should call this particular Ponzu Chicken the “pandemic pantry version.” I made a few fiddley-dos to get this dish on the table for dinner, but I don’t think they strayed too far from the original. Ponzu sauce is the star of a spicy marinade that flavors chicken breasts. I had neither ponzu nor chicken breasts. Hmmm…I did have boneless, skinless chicken thighs (which I prefer anyway) and I know how to concoct a faux ponzu from tamari, mirin, and mixed citrus juice. I went with it and marinated my thighs for for several hours before cooking them up in my cast iron pan. I gave the thighs a bit more time than breasts would have taken, and made sure they were cooked through by checking their internal temp. I poured the leftover marinade straight over the thighs in the pan (rather then transfer them to a plate) near the end of the cook time, and basted the meat with it as it came to a boil and reduced down to a sticky glaze. I had some leftover veggies from Chinese take-out the night before and some fresh ramen noodles in the fridge to serve with it…a yummy hodgepodge.

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan, and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see what else the group made this week. Next time, we’ll go back to making the same recipe as a group.


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  1. Faux ponzu! Love it! This dish is on my list but I need to get ponzu (don’t have those other ingredients!).

  2. Wow, that interesting that you made your ponzu sauce, good for you. The dish looks great even with leftover veggies.

  3. Dish looks delicious. I have yet to make this one but it sounds good.

  4. Impressed with the faux ponzu and your resourcefulness. The lockdown brings out the best in us!

  5. I am also quite impressed that you even considered homemade ponzu sauce – it was a new ingredient to me and I was challenged enough finding it in the market lol ! Your plate looks absolutely amazing. Well done you !

    • thanks! well, it wasn’t authentic, but with the other all the flavors in the marinade i was ok with an approximation.

  6. It was so good, right?? I am impressed you were able to create your own sauce..such talent! 😃. I used thighs as well and think they probably add to the dish…more flavorful and juicy.

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