Everyday Dorie: Three-Pepper Burgers

June 12, 2020 at 12:01 am | Posted in cook the book fridays, everyday dorie, groups, other savory, savory things | 6 Comments
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three-pepper burgers

I made these Three-Pepper Burgers for Memorial Day dinner, and boy, that seems like a long time ago now! I tweaked the recipe to make them into turkey burgers (meaning I used ground turkey and a spoonful of bread crumbs to help bind it), since I don’t eat beef. The meat is mixed up with herbs, cheese and, of course, three types of peppers— roasted, pickled and spicy. I didn’t have any hamburger buns and I didn’t really feel like buying any…with only two of us, a bag of buns winds up taking space in the freezer forever. I did have some mini pitas on hand that were actually the perfect size to hold a burger. And since they are a little lighter than a regular bun, I could eat more sweet potato fries!

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan (it’s also here), and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see all the burgers the group made this week.


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  1. Your plating is on point! I had to laugh about the extra buns in the freezer…always happens haha.

  2. I didn’t have burger buns. So I went through the risk calculation whether I’d place an order for curbside pickup at a bakery. In the end, it’s easier to make my own and that’s what I did. My eyes lit up seeing your sweet potato fries.

  3. A lot has happened since Memorial Day. Turkey burgers sound like a good substitution and a healthy one too.

  4. Did we have Memorial Day yet ? (just kidding). Your plating looks like something I would have ordered at my favorite local restaurant. If I were still going there. Good thing we are able to enjoy Dorie’s tips and have these treats at home. Home run for you – great job !

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