Everyday Dorie: Lower East Side Brunch Tart

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lower east side brunch tart

Today’s Lower East Side Brunch Tart was made in tribute to our Cook the Book Fridays friend Ro of the blog Chez-Nana, who passed away last month. Nana and her daughter Tricia blogged Dorie’s recipes together for many years and many books, and I probably got to “know” them first through TWD…it was always fun to see the duo’s different takes and opinions on the same recipe. Nana rarely skipped a post and never failed to leave kind and encouraging comments for everyone. This savory tart– a delicious quiche-like take on bagels and lox, dressed with all the traditional garnishes– was one Nana nominated several times, and so our posts are dedicated to her this week.

Nana was a real New Yorker, born on Roosevelt Island and raised on Staten Island. I’m just a wanna-be, but I am going on my 25th year here, and I knew I had to do this tart right for her. I bought my smoked salmon and cream cream cheese at Russ & Daughters, the famous LES appetizing shop that Dorie references in her recipe intro. Their cream cheese is soft and divine, and they slice the salmon thin as tissue. In fact, not two seconds after I bit into this fabulous tart, I realized I should have photographed it with a wispy slice of the coral-colored salmon on the plate as well. My best ideas always come to me after the fact, but I’m pretty sure Nana would have left me a sweet comment here anyway!

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan (it’s also here), and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see all of our tributes to Nana this week.


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  1. I couldn’t let go the images and taste of the soft cream cheese and thin slice of salmon. You nail it! From another NY wanna-be.

  2. What a fabulous tribute to Nana. That photo is spectacular, picture perfect. I especially like that you bought the smoked salmon and cream cheese at Russ & Daughters. Very cool.

  3. A sweet comment – she would have been crying lol !!! You are utterly fabulous. I can’t thank you enough for your gold star tribute to my mom. I can’t believe you actually got your ingredients from Russ and Daughters. That’s beyond amazing and Mom would have been crazy touched (and likely asked me to take a road trip with her…just saying). I love how Dorie had explained how NYers enjoy this typical Jewish meal. I can remember a huge table of my Italian American family feasting on bagels and lox with champagne on many occasions. And my Dad’s search to find bialys in PA lol. THANK YOU ! xoxo

    • I also bought bialys for the freezer while at Russ & Daughters— I prefer them to bagels and am always surprised that most ppl outside of NYC seem to have never heard of them. Haha. I’ll miss your mom…her posts were always among the first I’d check out. Hope you’re doing ok and thanks for taking the time to comment. xoxo

  4. Steph, what a lovely tribute to our nana xo

  5. These look amazing

  6. I am glad that you got your ingredients from the real McCoy. This was a great tart, definitely make again. I enjoyed learning more about Nana.

  7. I love that you went the extra mile for this tart…and Nana! So nice that we could all do this bake in honor of Nana this month!

  8. So authentic! Nana would have appreciated it, for sure. This was so delicious!

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