Everyday Dorie: Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie

March 26, 2021 at 8:11 pm | Posted in cook the book fridays, everyday dorie, groups, other savory, savory things | 3 Comments
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mediterranean shepherd's pie

My usual Saint Patrick’s Day dinner is a shepard’s pie. Well, this year’s been unusual, so I made it with a twist. This Mediterranean Shepherd’s Pie was like Ireland on vacation. And wouldn’t we all like to go on vacation right about now?

This shepherd’s pie has the standard mashed potato blanket on top, but what’s underneath has some surprises. The filling is a mix of sound meat and sausage (I used the turkey versions of both), much like you’d expect, but it’s unexpectedly flavored with sumac, cumin, za’atar and harissa. While I normally use peas and carrots as the veg in my pies, here I added in spinach and winter squash. This was so satisfying and good and I loved the spices. I just made half a recipe, but I still got four pretty hefty servings out of it. I’d never really though about the flexibility of shepherd’s pie before, but now that I’m wise to it, I’ll make it more than once a year!

For the recipe, see Everyday Dorie by Dorie Greenspan, and head over to Cook the Book Fridays to see how the group liked this one.


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  1. Gorgeous picture. This was a warm and yummy dish.

  2. Oh…I love your potatoes on top!

  3. You really dress up the shepherd pie with pretty pattern on the mashed potatoes and some greens. Gorgeous!

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