Tuesdays with Dorie BWD: Potato-Parm Tart

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potato-parm tart

I made and froze a disk of Savory Galette Dough the other day for this Potato-Parm Tart and then promptly forgot about it. New year, same me. Luckily, if you either have the dough RTG or have a sheet of shop-bough puff pastry kicking around, you can finish the tart off pretty quickly for an on-the-fly lunch. A par-baked round of your chosen crust (this isn’t made in a tart pan, but instead is baked off as a flat disk) gets a schmear of cream cheese, Parmesan and a scattering of something in the allium family. I used leftover sautéed leeks. Then overlapping circles of potatoes sliced on the mandolin, or thin as you can cut them, are spiraled on top and seasoned. Pop it into the oven and then pull it back out 25 minutes later with frilly, bronzed potatoes and a salty, crispy crust. I really wanted to have my slice with a glass of white wine, but stuck to just an arugula salad, since I had to go to the dentist later in the afternoon and felt weird about drinking before a doctor’s appointment. Maybe with a re-toasted leftover sliver to celebrate no new cavities…

If you don’t have the book Baking with Dorie: Sweet, Salty & Simple by Dorie Greenspan, get it and join us as we bake through it twice a month. Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Oh leeks sound good!! I used chives…also really tasty! Your posts always make me smile…congrats on no cavities 😂😂

  2. Looks mighty tasty!

  3. I’ve been seeing the dentist a lot lately and get reprimanded quite often. It’s like getting a report card in every visit. Glad you get to celebrate “no new cavities.” By the way, your tart is A+.

  4. Sautéed leeks would be fabulous in this! Great idea! And, gorgeous per usual!

  5. Your tart looks great. I made the potato- apple variant. I hope you were able to celebrate no cavities.

  6. This potato tart was wonderful and a hit with my family. I hope you stayed cavity free. I know plenty people that would benefit from a glass of wine before the dentist:)

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