Leftover Lime Curd Tart

October 15, 2007 at 10:39 am | Posted in pies & tarts, sweet things | 10 Comments

lime curd tart

What you do when you’ve started a new job and are working your tail off and don’t have time to cook, bake or post (I will stop there otherwise this will just get all whiny)?  You reincarnate what’s already kicking around in the fridge and then post about it two weeks later.

After eating our fill of cherry-lime rickey cupcakes at the end of September, I had a bit of the lime curd filling left.  There were also those graham cracker crumbs that had been in the freezer for God knows how long (and even after this, I still have some in there!).  I eyeballed a quick crumb crust using sugar and cinnamon to taste and enough melted butter to hold it all together, and then baked off a couple of mini tart shells.  I filled the cooled shells with lime curd and added berries and whipped cream on top.  Voilà– dessert made in record time. 


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  1. For leftovers, that’s just incredible!

  2. I really wish I had all of those ingredients sitting around my house, and I’d be enjoying one of these tonight!

  3. I will have whip up some of my own very soon! Great idea. Thanks for making time if your busy schedule to post about it. 🙂

  4. looks fantastic. kind of like a ready-made mini key lime pie, which could be my favorite dessert in the world. pretty picture!

  5. Ooh, lime curd + tart = heaven!

  6. It’s so pretty! Such a great way to use up leftover ingredients, too!

  7. I do the same thing, so much so that my mom nicknamed me the queen of recycling!!
    Beautiful way to use leftovers!

  8. Way to use those leftovers…beautiful!

  9. And that’s what makes you an excellent cook and baker.

  10. Oh man, even your leftovers look fabulous. Face it, you’re gifted!

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