Daring Bakers in November: Tender Potato Bread

November 26, 2007 at 12:00 pm | Posted in daring bakers, events, savory things, yeast breads | 60 Comments

potato bread

Ahhh…finally, today is the day when I can reveal my experience with the latest Daring Bakers challenge– it is something I really look forward to every month.  This go-around Tanna from My Kitchen in Half Cups had us roll up our sleeves and bake bread!  She chose a recipe for tender potato bread from Home Baking: The Artful Mix of Flour & Tradition Around the World by Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid.  This is a book I have on my own shelf, so I was extra-excited to give the bread recipe a try.

Besides being true to the base recipe, we had to knead the bread by hand (I hadn’t done that in forever!) and it had to be savory.  But other than that, Tanna really encouraged us to play around with the shape of our bread and the flavorings used.  I did cut the recipe in half, which is my usual MO, because R and I can’t (or shouldn’t) eat sooo much bread.  I used the maximum amount of mashed potato suggested by Tanna (16 ounces for a full recipe, or 8 ounces for my half recipe), and I can say that kneading the dough was definitely a sticky process.   But it wasn’t impossible on a well-floured surface…as the additional flour was worked in, I could feel the dough gaining structure and becoming easier to handle.

potato bread--focaccia

I split my dough into one small loaf and one small focaccia.  I kneaded some grated aged cheddar and cracked pepper into the loaf portion just before placing in the pan for its second proof.  The cheese bread was soft and had great flavor.  I still have half the loaf in my freezer, just waiting to be eaten with a bowl of soup.  The dough made for a fantastic focaccia as well– I put olive oil, olives, rosemary and Maldon salt on mine.  It had a nice, crisp bottom crust from baking it on a ripping-hot pizza stone.

Thanks Tanna for giving us a good break from the sweet stuff.  If you are afraid of yeast, don’t be– bread-baking is a truly satisfying experience!   You won’t believe how delicious warm homemade bread is!  If you want the recipe for the basic potato bread, look here on Tanna’s site.

potato bread--cheese 

And before I go, I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to Daring Bakers!  This not so-little-anymore group turned one this month.  Started by Lis and Ivonne, just two buddies wanting to make their own pretzels, the group is now more than 300 strong!  To see how we all interpreted this month’s potato bread challenge, take a look at The Daring Bakers’ Blogroll.

DB whisk


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  1. I love those olives on the foccaccia. Your photos are great.

  2. I love how you did this months challenge! I truly enjoyed the focaccia; I used small slivers of potato and sprigs of rosemary.

    One question – HOW DID YOU GET YOUR CRUST 🙂 I made this bread twice and never achieved that beautiful of a crust! You must share!


  3. Ooooh, olives. You’re bread looks terrific!

  4. Oh, your bread looks so good. Better then mine!
    Good job.

  5. That looks incredible!!! And I agree with you in that the bread was sticky, but quite manageable adding some flour. See you next month!

  6. OMG! your focaccia looks super yummy with all olives. great job!

  7. Both the loaf and the focaccia look aboslutely wonderful! Olives and cheese…yum!

  8. Wow the breads look delectable…I can relate with the sticky dough..did get worked up with the dough in the beginning..but was fun!!

  9. Your breads look gorgeous! Yummy! Very well done…



  10. Looks lovely, and very satisfying. I bet it’s wonderful with a hot bowl of soup this time of the year!!

  11. you’re bread looks ver yummy… and very soft!

  12. Wonderful job on the challenge. I am loving the pictures of the focaccia and the loaf together. And what a yummy surprise, aged cheddar!

  13. Your breads look great…and In agree, the dough was not too bad on a well floured surface 🙂

  14. Ooops! I meant I ‘agree’

  15. How elegant and totally scrumptious. Great going!

  16. Olive ficcacia. Yummy! Good job!

  17. Both look wonderfull, but your crumbs look different than mine, interesting.

  18. The cheese bread sounds wonderful!

  19. Your bread looks wonderfully light and tender.

  20. Woah…I am lusting after the gorgeous crumb you got! What a beautiful bread.

  21. I love the sound of adding cheese, it would have been perfect in this bread!

  22. Wow what a wonderful crust and crumb you got in your loaves! Great job on this month’s challenge. It is hard to wait to post about it, especially when you want to share with the world! See you next month!!

  23. I love the way yours looks and what a great idea to half the recipe! Your olive focaccia looks amazing!

  24. Wonderful job! I also love that we made something savory this month 🙂

    Great use of cheese and olives. I wish my bread turned out better like yours!

  25. Your olives are so pretty! Yummy!

  26. Your bread looks gorgeous and I’m in love with that focaccia!

  27. Your foccacia looks so vibrant…love it.

  28. mmmmm! What fantastic looking bread and focaccia. Those olives look incredibly juicy. Great idea on the cheese too. I’m tempted to try some Asiago next time!

  29. Your bread looks so moist and tender – now I know why it’s called Tender potato bread. great job.

  30. Steph, beautiful job on the TPB. Delighted you enjoyed it. I did really enjoy the focaccia, just wish I had a slice now.

  31. wow, your bread looks delicious! great photos.

  32. Your Focaccia looks so yummy! I love the olives.
    Great job!

  33. I don’t normally crave olives, but boy do you make me want one looking at that amazing tpb

  34. Wow! Your focaccia looks awesome. I didn’t go that way…but looking at yours – I think I will try it next time.

  35. Brilliant to half the recipe (why didn’t I think of that) – beautiful photos.

  36. Wow… your photographs captured my attention (and whet my appetite even after an adventurous dinner) and your narrative drew me in. This is another recipe I’m going to repeat… and I look forward to incorporating some of your ideas.

  37. Your loaf’s crumb looks wonderful–so many yummy pockets! It will go wonderfully with soup. Your focaccia looks great, too!

  38. the focaccia with olives looks mmmmmmyummy!

  39. wow! everything is mouth watering ! love your photos 🙂

  40. That focaccia looks fabulous – moist and chewy!

  41. Your bread turned out beautifully. I love the olives, a very nice touch to your focaccia.

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  42. Mm, looks so good ^__^ I wish I was daring enough to be a daring baker, but I think I’m too much of a wimp… =P

  43. Oh my! This looks like I could and would if I could or not, eat it all! I can taste those gorgeous olives in my mouth with a soft, ever so slightly tart bread. MMMMmmm.

  44. gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

  45. now that is a gorgeous loaf! and the fococcia….yum! fabulous job!

  46. Looks fantastic! It was sticky dough though, wasn’t it? Oh boy!

  47. The focaccia texture is perfect!

  48. If I hadn’t eaten all my olives last weekend, in a fridge rampage, I think I would have added them too, now I can see what I am missing out on. Bugger!

  49. Ummmm, I want to taste all of it 🙂

  50. Great looking bread! And the focaccia looks amazing…

  51. Oh my those olives! That bread! What a great combination. Mmmmm.

  52. I really wish I would have done olives – all of the foccacias with olives look so tasty to me. Great job on this challenge!

  53. Great job with the bread challenge! Your photos are wonderful!

  54. I love the loaf with the cheese in it. What a great idea.

  55. Hmmm now cheese would have been good in mine!
    Looks great, btw.

  56. Beautiful pictures, and the crumb of your loaf is amazing! Great job with that and the focaccia.

  57. So smart of you to divide the recipe in half…it does make a lot. Your foccacia is beautiful with those whole olives. Nice loaf, too. It was especially nice of you to wish the DBs happy birthday!

  58. Look at the gorgeous crumb on that bread! Well done!

  59. The crust on your loaf turned out so beautiful! I would love to have a slice of that!

  60. Could those olives be any more gorgeous!?!

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