TWD Rewind: Orange Berry Muffins

February 9, 2008 at 11:05 am | Posted in breakfast things, muffins/quick breads, sweet things, tuesdays with dorie | 12 Comments

orange berry muffins

When I put up my first Tuesdays with Dorie post earlier in the week, I mentioned that I’d like to make the recipes the group tried out before I joined.  This morning I decided to start with the simplest one, the first in the book: Orange Berry Muffins.

orange berry muffins

I may be a little groggy at 8:00 on a Saturday morning, but I had no trouble putting these together.  A few ingredients, mixed by hand…twenty-five minutes later, breakfast is ready.  The best part is they’re loaded with berries!

orange berry muffins

This recipe was Michelle’s choice and she has it posted on her blog, Sugar and Spice.  It is from the book Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.


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  1. wow those are making me hungry~ They look really good and DAMN I really covet those muffin liners. Where the heck did you get those?!?!? They are so cute and I can’t believe they exist on this planet and I don’t own any!! Dagnabbit!

  2. Aren’t they delicious!

  3. They are now my go-to muffins. I have made them 4 times total since we made them for TWD. They are so good, and super easy. I second TW, your muffin liners are awesome! Where did you get them??

  4. Your muffins look awesome! What did you top them with?

  5. Oh these look so good and wow that’s a lot of berries! I absolutely adore your liners!!! I want some!!!

  6. Oooh, all the berries inside the muffins look gorgeous. I wish I had a Dorie book!

  7. Delicious, I really like you muffin liners. Please share the place of purchase for muffin liners.

  8. Thanks for the comments! For everyone who asked about the muffin liners…they are something I bought in Sydney (I know that doesn’t help out too many of you). I have seen them in a few spots here, but I purchased mine at a chain called House. They were about $7 and are made by a company called Fox Run. Maybe you can find them online?

    Michelle–I sprinkled my muffins with a little powdered sugar after they’d cooled a bit. I have a tiny sieve (it’s really a tea strainer) that makes a really fine dusting.

  9. Mmmm those look good! I have definitely had a craving for muffins this past week… maybe I’ll make these!
    Oh, and tag you’re it! 🙂

  10. Beautiful photos! The muffins look perfect. So glad you joined us. 🙂 I was thinking about going back and making things from when the group first started too!

  11. The muffins look so morish, I cannot wait to sink my teeth into one of them. I am inspired by your beautiful pictures.

    Thank you

  12. Those look beautiful! I’m planning to catch up on posts too. I’ve started with the brownies. I’m hoping to make these once blueberries are in season and I can use fresh ones from the garden! You have great photography skills.

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