Tuesdays with Dorie: Brown Sugar-Apple Cheesecake

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brown sugar-apple cheesecake

Brown Sugar-Apple Cheesecake–doesn’t that just sound so good?  This Tuesdays with Dorie recipe was hand-picked for us by Jaime of Good Eats n’ Sweet Treats.  I like all kinds of cheesecake, but I’d never made one quite like this before.  Usually I do the standard graham cracker crust and regular base, with maybe some type of berry coulis swirled in (here’s an example).   This one has a gingersnap crust supporting a cheesecake sweetened with brown sugar and cider.  And there’s a layer of caramelized apples hiding inside! 

I was quite pleased to remember that on a trip to IKEA a couple months ago I’d bought a package of Swedish gingersnaps, and they were still unopened in my cupboard.  Also, as we roll into fall here in the southern hemisphere, we are now getting “new season” apples at the market…much better than ones that have been sitting around for nine months.  So all systems were go for making this cheesecake!  I do often have a hard time judging when a cheesecake is ready to come out of the oven (quiche and brownies also torture me this way).  Mine didn’t crack on the sides as per the instructions, but it seemed fully set, so I crossed my fingers and took it out.  I was worried about overbaking it, too, since I’d halved the recipe and made a six-inch cake. 

brown sugar-apple cheesecake

Seems like it came out just fine.  I had some apple jelly in the fridge, so once it was cool, I glazed the top of my cake for a little shine.  I love how high up the sides the crust came.  The spices (cinnamon and ginger in the base) were just right, and the cheesecake was really creamy. 

This recipe is from the book Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, and you can find it here on Good Eats n’ Sweet Treats.  It’s really good, so thanks Jamie for choosing it!  Also check out the blogroll on the Tuesdays with Dorie site to see all of our cream cheese creations this week.


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  1. Your cheesecake looks delicious!!

  2. Steph, this looks incredible! Absolutely picture perfect!

  3. my husband votes yours the best so far this morning…..I can’t take offense, because it it so beautiful! i guess that’s what it is supposed to look like with ALL the ingredients…..mine was a little more shallow…

  4. Oh wow, your pictures are fabulous! I am so impressed! Wasn’t this a delicious challenge! I really enjoyed it and it’s so interesting to see all the different interpretations!

  5. It looks perfect Steph!I love the size. I wish I had made a smaller one. It worked out in the end, because I took half to my neighbors, they were thrilled!

  6. I love how it’s perfectly browned – great job!

  7. to say that your cheesecake looks perfect would be an understatement. excellent job–my salivary glands are working overtime! 🙂

  8. Your pictures are always so gorgeous! How do you do it? So far, it seems like nobody’s cracked around the sides. Not really sure what that means at this point, it didn’t seem to happen out of all of us. (Quiche is one I always stick a knife into, to see if it comes back eggy)

    Great cheesecake!

  9. Oh yummy! I just wanna eat your pictures! 🙂

  10. It looks delicious. I was too impatient to add the glaze.

  11. Your cake looks wonderful – I’m so impressed!

  12. Your cake is beautiful! I really need to invest in some smaller springform pans too. I love the smaller cakes!

  13. Beatiful, both the cheesecake and the pictures! How did yours come out perfect?!?

  14. great job! i’ve not make a cheesecake yet, but this is inspiring!

  15. Gorgeous cheesecake! I’ll half to mark in my book that recipe can be halved. Thanks for tip. 🙂

  16. Wow! Your cake looks stunning. I feel like I can almost taste it.

  17. Oooh, that looks fantastic! I love the idea of having the apple inside the cheesecake, rather than on top like you usually see. Phwoarr.

  18. That cake looks beautiful! I cut my apple into smaller slices, so I didn’t get that same effect of a pocket of apple – I can’t decide which would taste better!

  19. Looking through, yours looks the best. Well done. Looks tasty. I like the idea of caramalised apples inside. Apple jelly – do you mean apple jam or sauce or what? I could use this dutch thing called Appelstroop which is like an appley version of golden syrup…

  20. i am always tortured by when a cheesecake or creme brulee is done! yours turned out beautifully and i love how the glaze looks on it!

  21. This looks sooo yummy.. and i dont even like cheesecake!!!

    I love how cute your backgrounds are!! I need to be better at that!

    So cute!



  22. Why does every single Tuesdays with Dorie dish look absolutely amazing!!! Who is this Dorie and how is she coming up with so much delicious food?!

  23. What makes a Swedish Gingersnap different from a regular one?
    Beautiful looking cheesecake…the dot background it cute.

  24. Mmmmmmm it sure looks good! You can’t beat that fab caramelised flavour with apples……..hope it tastes as good as it looks.

  25. Your cake is just lovely! I love how it’s so perfectly round!

  26. I love the idea of making it in a 6-inch springform pan. I may have to go shopping again (the smallest one I have right now is 8-inch). Yours looks wonderful.

  27. I am such an Ikea nut. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked past their food section with the intention to one day buy some cool ingredients and incorporate them into a dessert. So awesome that you did that.

    This is really the most perfect and round cheesecake I have ever seen. Amazing.

  28. I love the look of this – something earthy about it. Fantastic.

  29. Thanks for the comments! I never would have thought of an apple-cheesecake combo, but it works really well.

    Sathya- Apple jelly is like a jam, but there are no chunks of fruit suspended…it’s clear (kind of like a gelled version of apple juice), so it makes a nice glaze. You heat it up and brush it on.

    Peabody–The only difference is the goofy packaging. They’re also very thin.

  30. Beautiful cheesecake! I bet the apples made it moist and tender. Great job!

  31. This looks and sounds fabulous! Thanks for sharing

  32. This is one of the few Dorie recipes I haven’t tried yet, yours looks awesome though!

  33. absolutely gorgeous cheesecake! it’s so creamy and studded with lucious apple bits!

    and thank you so much for your kind and inspirational words on my blog. it truly means so much and i do intend to pick back up again, just as soon as i find my direction….and a camera!

  34. ooohhh i want that!!

  35. Will the recipe work with another type of fruit (not a great fan of apples here but will die for cheesecake) such as pears perhaps?
    It looks so heavenly and I’d like to make one for myself (whole pan, if I may!)

  36. Lalaine- This would be fabulous with pears! A handful of dries fruit (like dried cherries or figs) would be a great addition along with the fresh fruit.

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