Tuesdays with Dorie: Russian Grandmothers’ Apple Pie-Cake

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russian grandmother's apple pie-cake

Natalie from Burned Bits chose Russian Grandmothers’ Apple Pie-Cake as our Tuesdays with Dorie recipe of the week.  I love apple pie and I love cake, so this one sounded great, even though I didn’t really know what to expect from it.  Made from dough like a pie, but bakes up like a cake– huh??  Dorie doesn’t have a photo in her book to help me out (although she does have a nice story about the recipe), so I’d just have to see this paradox for myself.

It wasn’t hard to make– two layers of crust sandwich a cinnamony apple filling. When the “pie” bakes, the crusts poof up, and it really does become cake-like. It’s a really rustic dessert–all lumpy and bumpy and browned on top.  And it’s really good…tonight I will be dreaming about eating it for breakfast!

russian grandmother's apple pie-cake

I did make a couple of changes. Dorie uses raisins in her recipe, but I’m not too fond of them so I substituted dried cranberries instead. Also, I wanted to make half a recipe, which is a more manageable amount for us, and my 8-inch square glass pan worked perfectly.

You can find the recipe in Baking: From My Home to Yours or on Burned Bits.  And check out the posts from the other Tuesdays with Dorie members!


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  1. That first picture of the piece on the fork is absolutely drool worthy. What a simple yet amazing cake.

  2. You’re a day early 🙂 Nice looking Pie-Cake!!

  3. Your post makes me very excited to make this today! It looks delicious! I too was thinking about using cranberries instead of raisins and baking it in a square dish. Hoping mine comes out half as good as yours!

  4. It’s Tuesday already for you folks in OZ, eh? I was thinking about subbing the raisins for dried cranberries, as well, but decided to go apples-only in the end. Your pie-cake looks great!

  5. Omg. scrumptious! I am not fond of raisins either so I am switching out for cranberries too! GMTA! 🙂 Great job!
    – Clara

  6. Looks wonderful! I also made mine in an 8×8 and it was perfect.

  7. Talk about a looker! I didn’t get to make this cake as I baked something entirely different for a friend’s bday over the weekend, but after looking at your pictures, I might have to make it this coming weekend. The cake parts look extra buttery and delicious with the moist apple filling inside.

  8. Oh my! After seeing your pictures I wish I had done the pie-cake instead of turnovers. It looks amazing!

  9. I am loving this pie-cake thing! Thanks for all the comments! Noskos and Mari–Yeah, a plus to living in Australia is getting to post “early” (it’s a minus when you need to make phone calls to the States during US business hours, though).

  10. Gorgeous job with this week’s recipe. I was also disappointed with the lack of a photograph…harder to tell if I’m doing it “right”. I went with the turnover option, which I’ll be posting about tomorrow. 🙂

  11. oh my.

    i’m so smitten with that cake that i can’t even make an intelligent comment.

    nicely done! 🙂

  12. This is comfort food for me! What I wouldn’t do for a plate in front of me right now! 🙂 Looks delish!

  13. It looks fantastic. I said to Chelle, this would be great with cranberries at Thanksgiving. Great job Steph!

  14. Ooooh, that looks good. I always wondered what it would like and now I know. 🙂

  15. I’m so used to be the one posting early being in Europe, that I didn’t realize that you are even further ahead when I saw your post pop up in my RSS reader in the afternoon 🙂

  16. I thought this was a fantastic dessert, but I think it needed a little something, and your addition of whipped cream is it!

  17. The filling looks so tasty between the crust on your fork! Love the whipped cream on top too.

  18. your pics are beautiful as always- the pie was a smart pic since March 14th is Pi day! And there is major applause from me on substituting dried cranberries for raisins. Nice call!

  19. It looks YUMMY! Great pics!

  20. This looks beautiful! I love the cranberry idea. I think I might try that next time!

  21. Ah, whipped cream on top! I’d like that, it looks delicious

  22. Your pics are great. I can imagine having it for breakfast with a cup of coffee. MMMM!

  23. Oh my goodness! I almost ate the screen with that first photo! I added a scoop of ice cream and a drizzle of maple syrup to mine when it came time to eat it. Whipped cream would have been perfect also!

  24. great job and beautiful pics! i did actually eat it for breakfast. 🙂

  25. i would totally eat that for breakfast.

  26. Loving the pictures! The whipped cram looks divine! Lovely job!!!

  27. I made a few changes with mine too. Your pie-cake looks great! 🙂

  28. Oh wow! I’ve never heard of anything like this but it sounds like something I’d love (apples/pie/cake = love, generally speaking XD). Looks great!

  29. I agree that the cranberries are a great idea. I might do a combination of currants and cranberries next time. Maybe even dried cherries.

  30. That looks glorious! 🙂

  31. Your photos alwasy look soooo good!! This looks fab. I loved it too

  32. That looks soooo yummy! Great job….

  33. Your pictures are amazing!

  34. your crusts look gorgeous! mine was like a rock, and a wet sponge…

  35. the top photo makes me want to take a bite out of the screen! i like the cranberries int his too 🙂

  36. Very nice photos Steph, looks like a great pie-cake!

  37. Gorgeous pictures! I enjoyed mine for breakfast too!

  38. I keep bypassing this recipe but no more!! looks delicious!

  39. Oh, I lvoe apple pie cake…we had a place locally that used to serve it warm with a brandy sauce…

  40. Rustic is the perfect description of this recipe. Beautiful photos!

  41. Oh, the vanilla bean whipped cream looks awesome!

  42. looks delicious. i love the cranberries and whipped cream idea!

  43. This really looks wonderful- a great cross between a pie and a cake. Damn diets!

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