Tuesdays with Dorie: Brioche Raisin Snails

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brioche snails

Ah yes, it’s that day of the week again, and Peabody has chosen Dorie’s Brioche Raisin Snails as the recipe for this round of TWD.  I imagine this would be an ideal breakfast treat, but R & I moved faster than a speeding snail and ate them for dessert just a few hours after I made them. 

Actually this recipe is a few recipes in one, beginning with brioche dough.  It’s not hard to make (especially if you have a stand mixer to do the dirty-work for you), but requires a some time and patience, as it needs to spend a night in the fridge before it’s ready to shape.  I strayed from Dorie’s advice in her opener for Golden Brioche Loaves (which is the base for the snails) and did half a recipe…it came out just fine.  Once the brioche dough has had its beauty sleep, it’s rolled out and smeared with pastry cream (I don’t think I’ve ever baked pastry cream before!) and rum-flamed raisins.  I said last time that I am not a raisin fan, so here I used dried cherries in lieu, as I knew they’d be nice with the rum.  Then it gets rolled up and sliced into rounds– hence the whole “snail” thing.

brioche snails 

Like I said, we ate these the day they were made, and they were really nice…soft and slightly boozy.  Of course I glazed them, which Dorie says is optional (but in my books is mandatory).  I only turned a portion of my dough into snails…I froze the rest as Pecan Honey Sticky Buns for another time.  Yum!

You can find the recipe on Peabody’s site (her version includes a few yummy-looking modifications to the original) or in the book Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.  And head over to the Tuesdays with Dorie space to see all the other snails crawling around the blogosphere.

P.S.: I’ll be on vacation by the time you see this.  I’m not sure about the internet situation, as I’ll be a tourist in lands unknown to me…so if I can’t comment on your posts for a few weeks, please forgive me!


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  1. Your snails look great!!!!!
    Have a nice trip!!

  2. Looking good! I had such a good time making these, and I definitely plan on making them again!

  3. Great job with Peabody’s challenge. I’m saving mine for the easter weekend, when we’ll have house guests to help us consume them…

  4. Steph – these look so soft and full of lovely flavours.
    Have a great holiday!

  5. They look amazing! Just like I envisioned – buttery swirls of goodness. I skipped the glaze, but your pictures are making me rethink the future of the remaining rolls in my freezer… How did the cherries come out then? I’m having difficulty imagining how they would taste, especially compared to the raisins – maybe more tart than sweet?

  6. They look delish! Love the little purple snail on your picture. LOL.

  7. The glaze on yours gives the snails that extra oomph. I left mine off sadly. This was a fun recipe not to mention extremely tasty. I had to limit myself to just one sadly, but I put the rest in the freezer for future good eats. Have a great vacation!

  8. Lovely! Have a great vacation!

  9. those look super-yum. . . and i can’t imagine them lasting long (for dinner or breakfast or dessert or when EVER).

  10. Mmm. They look delicious! I hate raisins too so I chose to sit out of this challenge but after seeing that you used dried cherries I wish I had done that!

  11. They look perfect! You’re making me want to make more of them, we ate all of ours allready!

  12. They look beautiful! Nice work!!

  13. They look delicious! Have a great vacation.

  14. Glaze is never optional 🙂
    Fabulous job…they look lovely.

  15. Beautiful snail, and have a great trip!

  16. They look so delicious! I wasn’t able to make them, but was thinking I would’ve done the same thing…1/2 snails, 1/2 sticky buns. Those sticky buns look irrisistable!

  17. Lovely snails. I like the golden color. Good for you for making half recipes, I too was wary about baking pastry cream. All tasted good though.

  18. Your snails are GORGEOUS!

  19. Your snails look gorgeous! Well done!

  20. Great looking snail, I did it like you and halved the recipe!

  21. They look delicious! Great job! Enjoy your vacation!

  22. Your snails look great! I hope you have a nice trip!

  23. You always have the best pics! Great job and have a fun vacay!!

  24. i was planning on glazing them too, but they were so good plain!!

    i hope you have an amazing time in south america! 🙂

  25. Why would anyone choose NOT to glaze something? Unfathomable.

    I made the sticky buns with my other half of the brioche dough, and they were amazing! Nothing subtle about them whatsoever.

  26. I hope you have a wonderful vacation! The snails were my favorites as a child in the afternoon (no wonder I grew up with a weight issue!!) They turned out fantastic!

  27. I’m with you on glaze being a requirement. Did you use vanilla bean in yours? I think I see little flecks in there, but am not sure.

    Enjoy your travels.

  28. Of course you have to glaze them. I wouldn’t expect otherwise. Just an amazing creation. Have a great vacation.

  29. These look so gorgeous! (And I’m with you on the glaze; if you’re going to do it you might as well do it properly XD). I love brioche!

    Have a great holiday!

  30. these are fantastic!

  31. Everyone is killing me with these snails! Yum!!

  32. Steph, these came out beautifully!!!

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