Tuesdays with Dorie: Bill’s Big Carrot Cake

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bill's big carrot cake

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting…I probably don’t need to say much more than that.

But of course I will.  Carrot cake is a favorite here, but not made nearly enough, so I was glad when Amanda of slow like honey gave me the excuse I needed to get grating, by choosing Bill’s Big Carrot Cake as this week’s TWD recipe.  This one is *big* and loaded with carrots (of course), coconut, walnuts and dried cherries.

As per usual, I set out to do a half recipe of this cake, only to realize that I don’t have three 6-inch cake pans.  Crud.  I thought about making two larger layers and possibly splitting them into four, or using my 6-inch springform as the third pan, but I decided that this amount would probably fit perfectly into my quarter-sized sheet pan (my favorite and most useful sheet pan).  So instead of a round cake, I baked a sheet cake that I cut into three strips (the baking time was reduced, of course).  Once layered up with icing, it made a rectangular cake that I could cut into thin slices or chubby squares.

bill's big carrot cake

Armed with some tips from a great post by Joy, I made a gorgeous cream cheese frosting.  I flavored mine with vanilla bean paste and orange zest, rather than the lemon juice that Dorie uses.  This cake is tall, and moist and delicious…a winner of a carrot cake.  And since I just did a half recipe, I made the whole thing, cake and frosting, easily by hand.

You can find this recipe in Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, and on slow like honey.  Thanks Amanda, and of course thanks Bill!   Now go check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Gorgeous cake. I took the rectangular approach to Dorie’s “Perfect Party” cake for last month’s Daring Baker challenge. I love how easily it slices.

  2. This looks gorgeous, love love love carrot cake and icing – even better!!!!!

    Whose Bill though?????

  3. Yours looks fantastic! Big and beautiful indeed. I won’t lie, the main reason why I chose this cake was because of the frosting. Who could resist piles and piles of sweet whipped cream cheese frosting?!

  4. You’re so creative when baking, I love that you made this in a sheet pan and stacked them! It looks absolutely fabulous!

  5. Mmm that carrot cake looks so deliciously moist and lush. I love the multi tired icing too-one can never have too much cream cheese icing I feel 😆

  6. I think that the use of the words “chubby squares” sold me. Seriously. It looks beautiful!

  7. Beautiful!

  8. As always, you pictures are beautiful! It looks delicious and I know it is because I just ate some myself!

  9. Looks lovely! I like the shape – different spin on an old classic. this looked delish as I worked through it. I can’t wait to hear the verdict of my cake’s recipients…

  10. Gorgeous carrot cake. But I expect nothing less from you! Great job as always!
    Clara @ I♥food4thought

  11. looks beautiful! love the curled coconut and walnuts on top.

  12. Your pictures look fabulous. I christened my new 6″ cake pans with this recipe. Like you, I only have two, so I made a third of the recipe. It worked pretty well. Like you said, it’s pretty easy to mix a small amount of batter by hand.

  13. A chunkier carrot cake I have not seen. My hubby’s favorite cake, so I am inspired. Thank you.

  14. Yum…vanilla bean and orange frosting.

  15. YEAY! Looks amazing, just like ALL your photos. Wasn’t it delicious? It’s difficult having it sit in the fridge, I must admit. Gorgeous job!

  16. Your cake looks fantastic! Great pictures. Well done! I made the full recipe and mixed my batter by hand as well. Mine turned out great. Nice to know you can reduce the recipe with no problems.

  17. Looks beautiful!

  18. I like the idea of the sheet cake cut and made into layers. It looks beautiful.

  19. Wow, it looks amazing!

  20. Lovely presentation! I think I’ll make my next carrot cake square, it’s so elegant!

  21. Those pics should be in a magazine!

  22. I LOVE YOUR CAKE!! Look how great that looks! Nice going!

  23. Mmmm…. this looks delicious. I am picking up Dorie’s book today. Can’t wait to try this recipe.

  24. urs look sooo good! somehow the cross sectional view of the treasures within the soft moist cake look so enticing. pity i didn’t get to take a shot of mine from the insides!

    got devoured before i cld get to them. *sobz*

  25. As always, your carrot cake looks beautiful! I love how you decorated it on top.

  26. I love how you chose to present the cake. Great photography too!

  27. so pretty! good idea on the sheet cake, it looks perfect 🙂

  28. That’s a great idea of making a sheet cake and then slice & stack them up! Why didn’t I think of that…. 😛

    Gorgeous pic, btw!

  29. Great idea with the sheet pan!

  30. This looks insanely delicious! I love your photography and the idea to use a square pan is excellent. I have to invest in a pan that size as well. Great job!

  31. Beautiful close ups! And gorgeous cake!

  32. Scrumptions looking cake. Dried cherries sounds like a good idea and the bean paste as a frosting ingredient. Real pro photograph.

  33. Another show stopping dessert! 🙂

  34. Your cake looks beautiful. I love the chunks of coconut on top!

  35. Gorgeous pictures!!!! You do a great job with them!

  36. Yum! I love toasted coconut flakes. They have a nice slight crunch, and they look so animated. love it

  37. The decoration looks awesome—very creative.

  38. WOW, it is fantastic! I wish I would have had time to do this one .. can’t wait to try it out!

  39. I love the streamlined look of your square cake. Job well done!

  40. Yours looks great too..I can almost smell carrot cake in my office…

  41. WOW! Very nice close-up shots! Mine are all gone!

  42. Wow. Looks fantastic. I baked my in 8 inch square pans and thought about layering it up to four…..but was too lazy.

  43. great job! it was really good though, so you should have made the full recipe 😉

  44. WOW. what great pictures. your cake looks decadent!

  45. Lovely picture and great job! I’d have never thought of cutting a layer cake into three strips.

  46. Looks fabulous! I really like pineapple in my carrot cakes, so if I wanted to add some to the original recipe, how much would you suggest using? Thank you!

    • Thanks! I have not tried adding pineapple to this recipe, but I’d probably substitute 1/2 cup of the grated carrot for 1/2 cup of well-drained crushed canned pineapple.

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