TWD Rewind: Perfection Pound Cake

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perfection pound cake

Sydney is one grey and wet city right now.  We’re in the midst of what’s supposed to be a week of non-stop rain, so to pass the time indoors, I decided to play TWD catch-up with Dorie’s Perfection Pound Cake.  To give my pound cake an extra element of sunshine, I chopped up a little candied lemon and orange zest that I had leftover from my meyer lemon bombe plate garnish and threw that into the mix.

What did I think?  Well, to tell you the truth, I thought the cake was just a tad dry (and after reading other blog posts about this same cake, I found that it was not an uncommon reaction).  But I took a little of the simple syrup I’d been storing the candied zest in, brushed the cut sides of the cake with it, and then it was perfection!  With some whipped cream and a quick sauce from frozen raspberries, it definitely chased the clouds away.

perfection pound cake

TWD leader Laurie picked this recipe (back when there were only four members and she could actually get a couple choices of her own!), and you can find it on her site or in Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.


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  1. This certainly looks like it would chase the gray skies away! Sometimes pound cake just needs some syrup, huh? Have you tried Ina Garten’s lemon loaf cake? If not, you should try it, because it is divine!!!

    Lemon Cake to Chase Away the Blues

  2. Hmmm I’ve made this cake several times and never had an issue with dry cake. Course any reason for a simple syrup is a good reason, isn’t it? 🙂

  3. That looks amazing…I am not a big pound cake person but with some whipped cream and berries, maybe…thanks for the simple syrup tip!

  4. So tender. I love this recipe!

  5. Ohhh the fork picture is just drool inducing! Beautiful, and I love the idea of the candied peel and zest.

  6. I sometimes wish for some time where I could play catchup…so many delicious-looking recipes that I need to get around to. Your cake looks delicious, especially with those raspberries (I’ve been eating a lot of those lately)!

  7. The raspberries look like they’re adding a bit of moisture as well. Looks delicious! You’re ambitious to go back and do the ones you missed.
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  8. Yum! I’ve been meaning to get around to this one soon too! Maybe this week since it is rainy and gray here too.

  9. I always think pound cake is far more complex than it appears on the surface. Yours looks just perfect – and given it’s a Dorie recipe, I’m not surprised. I have this one on my list to try.

  10. i’m sure the syrup helped it taste even more crazy delicious. it looks beautiful too!

  11. I am drooling.
    These pictures are amazing!

  12. Yum! that makes me want to try a piece right now! I also found the cake a ilttle dry when i made it.

  13. I am drooling over your pound cake even if it started out a little dry. I still want a huge slice! 🙂

  14. Sydney sounds just like Cape Town at the moment – cold and grey! I love your pound cake, I have not managed to get Dorie’s book anywhere in Cape Town. Every recipe I see makes me drool even more. Thanks!

  15. Oh wow. this looks great. Is it similar to a sponge? Love the raspberries with it.

  16. Wow! This looks great!

  17. Fabulous photos! And that is one goodlooking pound cake with raspberries.

  18. oooh that moist fork shot shows just how well the simple syrup did its job!! i have meyers in the fridge, so tempting to make this a lemon pound cake…!!!

  19. Seriously? I haven’t even had breakfast yet, and now I feel compelled to go make pound cake. Your photos are just too much girl!!!

  20. Looks beautiful. Your blog is what inspired me to join TWD. All of your photos are gorgeous. Thank you!

    …and you’ve been tagged for a meme. Happy blogging!

  21. The cake may have been dry, but the berries and cream make it food porn!

  22. It looks so rich and filling, I think I gained a few pounds from just looking at it! This would go so well with cream or even some slightly alcoholic creams! Ok I need to stop now.

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