Tuesdays with Dorie: Double-Crusted Blueberry Pie

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double-crusted blueberry pie

I may not have had fireworks this Fourth of July, but I still had homemade blueberry pie!  As you can tell, I’m back in action in my new kitchen…although the day we moved in, we got some news that makes us wonder if we should bother to unpack, but that’s a different story for a different time…I’m here now to talk about Dorie’s Double-Crusted Blueberry Pie, which Amy from South in Your Mouth selected for TWD.  Look at that pie with its little blueberry juice scar–it’s so homely, it’s almost cute! 

The recipe for Dorie’s pie dough calls for mostly butter with a small amount of shortening.  I’ve actually never made a pie crust with shortening before, but since I do have some the fridge (why, I cannot remember), I decided to give it go.   I won’t lie…it’s a great crust.  It’s crispy and flaky and all that, but I do generally have the shortening creeps, and will probably stick with my normal all-butter recipe going forward.  Due to the fact that fresh blueberries are hard to find here right now, and break-the-bank expensive when you do, I took a gamble and used frozen ones in the filling.  I do think, by the way, that fresh blueberries make a noticeably better pie filling, but in a pinch, these were acceptable.  Besides the frozen berries and the fact that I made a mini pie, I followed Dorie’s recipe to a tee.  I served up our slices with vanilla whipped cream.

double-crusted blueberry pie

Thanks to everyone who left comments here last week!  Dorie herself commented on my Apple Cheddar Scones post–I almost choked on my coffee when I saw that!  Now, off to the TWD blogroll for all the other pies out there!  And check out Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan or Amy’s post for the recipe for her Double-Crusted Blueberry Pie.


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  1. yummm:) i love this pie. yours looks delicious, esp with the vanilla cream!

  2. Gosh that looks wonderful! Very flaky and yummy looking. Congrats on your Dorie comment too–I would STILL be choking!

  3. Your pie looks delicious! Mine got a “scar” too! Glad you’re back to baking in your new kitchen!

  4. This is gorgeous! The scar gives it character. 😉

  5. What a lovely little pie! Hey, I think that if the juice bubbles out, it is just a sign of what wonderful things are waiting underneath the crust…

  6. yummy looking pie! I loved the flakiness of the pastry too

  7. Looks really good. Great job!

  8. That is a great looking pie!

  9. First off the pie looks amazing, frozen blueberries or not. I usually can’t even tell the difference. I’m with you on shortening wierdability. When I took the Wilton course and used shortening for the icing, i felt like I was greasy all the time and just looking at it makes my arteries want to seal up.

  10. Oh that looks very yummy! Nice job!

  11. Wonderful pie! (And I admit, I haven’t made mine yet!)

  12. Looks delicious 🙂

  13. Why don’t you give me that forkfull and call me happy? Looks YUMMY.

  14. Aawww, such a cute lil blueberry scar 🙂 I tend towards all-shortening pie crusts, so I’m always surprised to see people who have the heeby-jeebies about it. I just go with the trans-fat free and call it good, but everyone’s entitled to their favorite pie crust!

  15. Your pie looks delicious! The crust is perfectly golden.

  16. I love the picture with the whipped cream.

  17. I love it when the juices from the fruit bubble up onto the crust — beautiful pie!!!!

  18. Looks delicious!

  19. wow – a new kitchen! your pie looks so good! (must be a magic kitchen?)

  20. Gorgeous pie!

  21. Delicious-looking pie. I’m down to my last piece, sadly.

  22. Scars don’t matter as long as it tastes great!

  23. (sigh) …I won’t be making the pie this week, as I’m the only one in my family who enjoys blueberries enough to make it a pie…
    I’m all satisfied though, just seeing yours and how delicious it looks! Vicariously living it through you! …and viva los blueberries!

  24. ah, the blueberry juice scar–the best kind of scar. 🙂 blueberry pie is quickly gaining ground on apple pie as my favorite. i suspect that if i had a slab of yours, apple pie would be left in the dust for good. 🙂

  25. The pie looks great and I think the “blueberry juice scar” adds to it. I loved the recipe!

  26. I like the “scar” – it makes it look like a so homey. A pie baked with love!

  27. I love seeing your creations each week. Beautiful photos every time. Your pie looks just lovely!

  28. Wow that picture with the whipped cream in the foreground and the larger pie in the background is perfect! Send it to Food and Wine Magazine!

  29. Looks beautiful! I love the mountain of vanilla whipped cream on top.

  30. Hi, I just joined TWD this week. This was the first time I ever baked a pie! Mine has some blueberry scars too! LOL! Yours looks great and oh so tasty!

  31. Looks amazing! great job

  32. The last pic makes my hungry, glad I am having a blackcurrant pie in the oven.

    The scares let it look homemade, so delicious

    Ulrike from Küchenlatein

  33. I can’t tell the difference between the ones with fresh and frozen. It looks great with the whip cream. I’ll have to pick up a tub of that and vanilla ice cream when I serve my pie!

  34. It looks fabulous!

  35. That looks beautiful! Glad your move turned out well.

  36. Beautiful pie! I tried posting a comment earlier but it wouldn’t take. HOpefully this one will.

  37. Lovely!

  38. Good to know that it will work with frozen berries. Your pie looks great and I love the vanilla whipped cream! 🙂

  39. Frozen blueberries are often a better quality as they are not bred and treated for the long haul. Your pie is excellent, great photography too.

  40. Your photos are gorgeous!

  41. Looks delicious!!! I’m going to make this in the fall after my life calms down a bit. 🙂

  42. I like to make fruit pies all year long so it’s great to see it turned out well with frozen fruit. Looks wonderful!

  43. This looks delicious. I bought a kg of frozen blueberries the other day(couldn’t resist) and this is ideal. I think I will also go for all-butter.

    When will we see your new kitchen?

  44. That photo with the pie on the fork with all that cream…wow…very nice. Great job on the pie…bet you didn’t have any left over!

  45. Congrats on you Dorie comment! Your pie looks delicious and your pictures are always beautiful!

  46. Glad to here you are back in your kitchen. How awesome to get a comment from Dorie. I just noticed today that she is on the blog roll. How cool is that?!?!?

  47. Looks delicious! Great job!

  48. My mom used to use lard, which scares me even more than shortening. 🙂 Your pie and your pie crust is beautiful.

  49. That cloud of vanilla whipped cream looks like a dream! I hear you on the shortening tip, I’m don’t do shortening either. I can definitely recommend lard, if you’re not lard-phobic. I figure it’s a small amount for a dessert you make every once in while, so it’s okay.

  50. That blueberry pie looks amazing, the sugar added such a nice sparkle on top of the crust. It’s good to know that the pie works with frozen berries.

  51. I hope your new kitchen is fun to cook in. I have gone beyond shortening and become an enthusiastic promoter of the lard and butter crust. I buy leaf lard at a farmer’s market from a farmer that raises healthy organic pigs and render it myself. I portion it out for piecrusts and store it in the freezer.

  52. Perfect pie! I wonder about the shortening thing – it’s supposed to make pastry super crusty so I’m tempted to try it oneday, but then one does not get the lovely butter flavor.

  53. I love the “juice scar”. It makes the pie that much more appealing!

  54. Beautiful pie! I don’t mind shortening in small doses. I think it add the right something to this recipe.

  55. Looks great. I love the whipped cream – gulp! I am sure Dorie will be stopping by your place sometime soon!

  56. Yum! Your pie with the whipped cream looks AWESOME!

  57. Your pie looks wonderful! And, that shot with the whipped cream – heavenly! Excellent job!

    Congrats on your Dorie comment. Very impressive!

  58. YUM! Your pie is a thing of beauty! I love the juice bubbling out!

  59. I love the way the bluberries juice is coming out the top on the first pic! Yum!!!

  60. Your pie looks delicious! Is your all-butter pie crust a little less flaky? What did the shortening do for the crust? I thought the crust was delicious too, but don’t like to use shortening either. It’s good to know this recipe works with frozen berries too. I’m very curious about your comment about not wanting to unpack….you’ll have to let us know about that soon!

  61. I love the proportion of the whipped cream to the pie in the picture!

  62. Mmm, looks yummy. Some of my pies (I made minis in ramekins) got that “scar” too but it does look cute… rustic, even. It look so decadent with that big dollop of whipped cream. Great job!

  63. your pie looks wonderful! i love that golden sugary top!

  64. your pie looks great, i especially like the second pic. and congrats on your dorie comment, that is so exciting!

  65. mmmmm delicious! hope you settle down ok and don’t have to move again

  66. Your baked goods always take my breath away, Steph – this pie is no exception!

  67. Love the juice scar! Your pie looks amazing with the vanilla whipped cream, makes me want to make another one 🙂

  68. Vanilla whipped cream sounds like a wonderful addition to this pie, yum!

  69. Your pie looks sooo delicious!!!

  70. YUM! Love the pics, especially the crumbs 🙂 Beautiful!

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