Tuesdays with Dorie: Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler

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cherry rhubarb cobbler

After a quick chocolate fix last week, TWD’s summer fruit theme picks right back up, with Amanda’s (from Like Sprinkles on a Cupcake) selection of Dorie’s Cherry Rhubarb Cobbler.  Interestingly (and luckily), rhubarb doesn’t seem to have a season here, and I can find it all year-round at the growers’ markets.  Fresh cherries, however, are out in force at Christmastime and pretty much non-existent right now…so this, my friends, is when I must turn to the glorious bounty of the frozen food aisle if I wanna keep up.  Armed with a bunch of fresh rhubarb and a box of frozen sweet cherries, I thought I was all set to take this cobbler on.

Then d’oh!  I did hit a snag when I saw that the cobbler topping includes whole wheat flour.  Just before we moved into this new apartment, I used up the last of my whole wheat in a pizza crust.  For reasons I’ll get into later when things become more definite, I’ve been hoping to avoid buying any new ingredients that I can’t easily use up in a few months time.  I definitely wanted to include the whole wheat component, as it’s something unique from the other Dorie cobbler we’ve baked, so I decided to make a “homemade” version rather than buy another big bag.  No, I didn’t go out back to the grist mill and grind my own (that thing’s been broken since the mid-1800’s– ha!)…I just subbed half AP flour and half wheat germ, which I did have already, for the amount of whole wheat.

cherry rhubarb cobbler

There were a couple of things I really liked about this cobbler: the cute little rounds of wheaten topping (which I’ll use again, for sure), and the kick from the ground ginger in both the topping and the filling.  There was something about the fruit itself that I wasn’t so crazy about, and it had to do with the cherries.  Maybe I’m just used to sour cherries in cobblers and pies, and don’t care for baked sweet cherries.  Or maybe it’s simply that fresh cherries would have been better than frozen.  Who knows?  I don’t, but maybe I can compare when fresh cherries are in season.

cherry rhubarb cobbler

Look in Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan or read Amanda’s post to find the recipe.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll to see what over 200 other people had to say!


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  1. Your cobbler turned out beautifuly! I love the rounds of biscuit topping 🙂

  2. Nice photos – the coarse sugar looks great on the biscuits.

    I used fresh cherries, and I wasn’t such a fan of them in this either.

  3. Your cobbler looks great. It’s so nice and golden!

  4. I also loved the topping and am not crazy about the fruit. Yours lookes very pretty btw!!

  5. mm, it looks wonderful! glad the whole wheat sub worked out. i liked the cherries myself, they are probably better fresh!

  6. They’re gorgeous, the cobbler and your dish. Glad you made it work with the flour.

  7. yum, that looks delicious! I liked this dessert better than the previous cobbler as well.

  8. That looks absolutely delicious. Perfect rounds of dough!

  9. Your cobbler looks perfect and lovely! I love the wheat germ idea!

  10. Your cobbler looks delicious! I like the sugar on top.

  11. The cobbler is beautiful and the biscuit topping looks perfect. Nice job. Sorry that you found the flavor to be a bit disappointing.

  12. Great sub for whole wheat flour – I loved the flavor it brought. I agree though – sweet cherries are for eating, tart are for baking… and then eating!

  13. Oh my goodness. Your cobbler a la wheat germ looks amazing!

  14. It looks so beautiful! I love the sugar sprinkles on top. I always check your blog first because I know it will be up Monday night here. It looks wonderful!

  15. OK, now I’m bummed I didn’t make cute little topping balls… after seeing how fantastic yours looks! Wow, great job!

  16. Looks so great! I wasn’t really crazy about the cooked cherries either. Lovely pictures 🙂

  17. That hint of rhubarb alongside the crisp biscuit in the second picture is perfect 🙂

  18. Great job with your topping, looks beautiful and delicious! Also, thank you so much for responding to my rhubarb questions on the TWD P & Q board! I really appreciate your advice and it saved my dessert! Thanks!

  19. Great photos ~ your cobbler looks delish!

  20. Beautiful pictures, what a great idea to use wheat germ.

  21. Looks really tasty. I like your sub for whole wheat flour

  22. Gorgeous…absolutely gorgeous.

  23. Oh! I wish I had pulled out the coarse sugar, too. That looks great.

  24. I agree, the fruit was my problem with this as well.
    Nice save on the flour.

  25. Your cobbler and its topping are absolutely gorgeous, and your wheat germ solution to the whole wheat flour dilemma was inspired.

  26. Look how nice you made your cobbler, I just threw mine together. 🙂

  27. Your biscuit topping turned out so beautifully!!! Really liked the wheat germ substitution.

  28. I also loved the topping. Yours is much prettier than mine. Great idea with the wheat germ. I can never find wheat germ! I’m going to have to go on a serious hunt.

  29. Your cobbler looks so tasty! Makes me want some more right now!

  30. Yummy! Love that close up of the dough. Is that raw sugar? You’re so smart! Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  31. Nice improvisation for the WW flour. The topping looks beautiful. Having fresh cherries available at Christmas time sounds really lovely.

  32. Looks so yummy!!!
    Have a delicious day 🙂

  33. i don’t like cherries too much but i didn’t hate them in this. looking back i wish i would’ve used coarse sugar on the top, too. yours looks wonderful! 🙂

  34. Amazing sub on the whole-wheat flour! Looks great, too!

  35. I love looking at your blog!! Everything looks so great!

  36. Looks DELICIOUS!
    I still have never tried rhubarb…

  37. Lovely pictures! I liked this cobbler topping better too. It’s a “keeper.” Great idea to substitute with the wheat germ.

  38. love your fab rounds steph…! looks wonderful.

  39. Delicious-looking cobbler!

    I’ve given you a blog award. Thanks for being such an inspiration.


  40. Good call on the AP/wheat germ sub, I would have never thought of it! Your cobbler looks picture perfect, too bad the cherries weren’t to your taste. Let us all know if and when you give it another go with fresh cherries!

  41. It’s good to know that you can sub wheat germ! Thanks for sharing. Your pictures came out beautiful!

  42. Just voted for your cobbler as one of my favorites for the week. You deserve it-it really does look AMAZING. I love healthful grains, so you got me on this one.

  43. your cobbler topping looks so perfect, way to improvise!

  44. The little rounds of wheaten look yummy and probably offset the sweetness of the cherries well.

    Your photos look great.

  45. Your cobbler looks amazing with the juice seepng up… yum!

  46. Beautiful pictures, I love the coarse sugar on top!

  47. I love your idea of substituting wheat germ instead of buying whole wheat flour! You’re an inspiration!
    Shari@Whisk: a food blog

  48. Gorgeous photos!!! I wish I had a big plate of that right about now 🙂

  49. That looks soooooo good!

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