Tuesdays with Dorie: Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte

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chocolate-banded ice cream torte

I’m just going to admit that I almost pooped out on TWD this week.  I’ve been feeling a little weighed down lately, ya know, and I wasn’t so sure that something called a “Chocolate-Banded Ice Cream Torte” was really going to help.  But then I felt guilty…I haven’t missed a week for no good reason yet, and thought it best not to go down that road.  Besides, I didn’t want to let down Amy of Food, Family and Fun, who chose this week’s recipe.  The deal I struck with myself was to make just two individual servings– one for R and one for me.

chocolate-banded ice cream torte

I knew that my solo portions wouldn’t need to be as tall as Dorie’s large torte, so I could get away with less of everything.  I made just 1/8 of the ganache recipe (or enough for one Dorie-sized serving), and divvied it up between my two little molds, which were actually sturdy, straight sided muffin wrappers.  (FYI: The truffle cream does use raw eggs, so if you are sensitive to that, then you may want to skip this recipe or seek out pasteurized eggs, or do whatever you would normally do in this case.)  Dorie uses raspberry-flavored ice cream in her torte, but I can’t say that I’ve ever been a fan of fruit and chocolate combos.  Instead, I bought two scoops of condensed milk ice cream from a Sydney shop called Passion Flower, which has lots of cool Asian-inspired flavors (I wasn’t sure how black sesame or taro would pair with chocolate, so I played it safe).  Back at home, I ground up some hazelnut praline, leftover from this cake, and stirred that in to the ice cream.

The key to serving a frozen dessert like this is to it pull it out of the freezer and let it temper on the counter a few minutes beforehand.  Obviously you don’t want it to start melting, but if the ice cream begins to soften just a tad, it’s much more pleasant to eat and will actually taste better, too.

chocolate-banded ice cream torte

I’m so glad I pulled my head out from you-know-where and got this one done!  It was fantastic, and a bit more classy than the normal mid-week dessert around these parts.  The chocolate ganache doesn’t freeze solid, but becomes almost chewy when cold.  And I really loved it in combination with the hazelnut praline, which retained its sweet crunch in the ice cream. 

Look in Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan or read Food, Family and Fun to find the recipe.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll to see what over 250 other people had to say!


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  1. Oh this looks amazing and I really wanted to do this one this week but I don’t do raw eggs in a dessert. I’m sure it taste delish though.

  2. You went above and beyond with this TWD dessert – looks spectacular!!

    Hope the busyness eases up for you soon!

  3. Wow, that looks great!

  4. Your mini tortes look delicious. My ice cream is flavored with hazelnut praline, too, but I used leftover paste from last month’s Daring Bakers cake.

  5. Pretty, very pretty.

  6. ooh the hazelnut praline sounds awesome! beautiful pics too 🙂 i really need to get small pans, these big portions are killing me!


  8. Wow! These look great, great! I was about to pull out too as I couldn’t bring this to work (too many people with various stages of age and heath) so I made two little ones too. However, yours looks so much better than mine! Yours are just gorgeous!!

  9. This looks beautiful! The ice cream part sounds really delicious.

  10. That looks really delicious. I’d probably not be game enough to try it, with the raw eggs, but that’s because I’m a wuss. If they served it in a cafe or something, I’m sure I’d buy and eat it with no problem, simply because I didn’t know! 🙂

  11. ohmygod. I am droooling. Way to reduce the recipe for you and R. I need to learn how to do that better for husband and hips. LOL. Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  12. that just looks SO beautiful….

  13. Wow – that’s amazingly pretty. I had difficulty lining up layers on a full-sized torte, let alone those cute little things! Great idea to use condensed milk ice cream and praline paste, it sounds delicious.

  14. Hazelnut praline would be really yummy. I did individual portions too. They looks so cute!

  15. It looks wonderfully delicious. You are stronger than me, I pooped out on this one and now I am wishing I hadn’t!

  16. looks YUMMY! i might skip this week because i am doing a sugar detox for 5 days and seriously…i don’t know if i have the willpower to make this and not be snitching tastes of it the whole time. i will live vicariously…

  17. i decided to go mini, too! i love the ice cream flavor combo you went with!

  18. Wow, those look delicious. Wish I would have thought to make miniatures, there is half a cake left in my freezer and I can’t stop eating it.

  19. Lovely! What a nice flavor combo!

  20. Oh wow this looks amazing! 🙂 A great summertime dessert.

  21. Steph your torte looks amazing! I am so in awe of your efforts. What a delicious looking concoction you have created! Well done!

  22. Glad to see I was not the only one to go with a different flavor! Looks great.

  23. Simply beautiful, aren’t you clever making mini ones!

  24. Very Nice! I like the smaller size!

  25. I almost skipped this also! Your mini turned out just beautiful. I’m with you on the chocolate and fruit thing, AND the added crunch.

  26. Yum! I’m still thinking about how delicious that praline paste from the hazelnut gateau was… bet it tasted even better in icecream!

  27. Yours came out absolutely perfect. I’m inspired to try it again as a smaller version. That was smart to use the extra hazelnuts from your cake, which by the way looks absolutely smashing.

  28. They look beautiful, I love the individual portions! It wasn’t possible for me to make the torte this week, but definitely another time 🙂

  29. Oh my gosh those look fabulous! You post and pictures are always so inspiring.

  30. Yours looks really lovely!
    Have a delicious day 🙂

  31. GORGEOUS! I mad a mini one too, but it was a melty mess!

  32. Gorgeous! Beautiful job, I’m glad you didn’t skip!

  33. It looks decadent and I think it would perk me up if I was feeling weighed down! I’m glad you made it and shared!

  34. That Ice Cream looks amazing with the chocolate. So much decadence, so little time.

  35. This is so beautiful! I love the hazelnuts. Just gorgeous – I’m happy you took the time, too…

  36. Looks like something I would order at a fancy restraunt! Great minis!

  37. Looks absolutely gorgeous!

  38. I had no time this week…yours looks gorgeous!!!

  39. I just could not do it this week – I had way too much going on. Your looks lovely!

  40. Looks beautiful! I love the mini version!

  41. wow, that looks great! I so have to make this at some stage. have a great time in Chch too – my parents live there. It’s a shame you’re not coming to Auckland so we could have caught up!

  42. Yumm! This looks incredible! I’m new to the TWD clan and plan to start with next week’s recipe, but after seeing these photos I may need to make time for a little recipe rewind. Great site! Great post! Keep it up!

  43. This looks fabulous. I just saw one on another blog and was thinking that this dessert looked nasty – this has changed my mind!!

  44. Inspired flavor combinations and tempting photography! Beautiful!

  45. Well I see that you were busy, busy while I was gone! What beautiful chefs-d’oeuvres ou have concocted us! …I’ll have to spend a day or two to check it all out!

  46. i’m not so fond of fruit chocolate combos either.. I thought it was just me… your torte looks delicious and sounds delicious too!

  47. Your torte looks gorgeous and the thought of sweetened condensed milk ice cream is making my knees week…fabulous!

  48. Love the little ice-cream torte! Looks very pretty.

  49. I think I need to plan a trip to Sydney just to have black sesame taro ice cream! What a great shop to have in your neighborhood. Your torte is beautiful.

  50. Can I have a piece please??? I think it would stand up on the long flight don’t you? It looks so delicious! Great job!

  51. i remember that ice cream shop passion flower. Their Black sesame icecream was the bomb! you’ve got to try that!

  52. this just looks absolutely gorgeous and would be an amazing dessert after the finish of any meal. i really love how you consistently (and beautifully!) scale down the recipes. i’m a horrible scaler-downer!

  53. Your torte looks incredible. I’m impressed that you were able to make 1/8 of the ganache!!

  54. One of the most beautiful phrases in the English language: hazelnut praline. They look beautiful!

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