Tuesdays with Dorie: Wattleseed Crème Brûlée

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wattleseed crème brûlée

Who doesn’t like crème brûlée?  At every restaurant I’ve worked in, if brûlée is on the dessert menu, it outsells all the rest.  Although I’m not so keen to order it myself (other things always seem much more interesting), I do like it, too.  With that crunchy caramelized top, and silky smooth custard, how could I not?  It’s Mevrouw Cupcake Mari’s choice for TWD this week. 

Dorie’s recipe is unusual, in that, instead of baking the custards in a water bath at about 300°F, they’re baked at a much lower 200°F, without water.  I was a little skeptical, but they set up nicely in about 50 minutes.  I don’t have proper crème brûlée dishes so I used little teacups instead.

I flavored my brûlées with ground wattleseed, which I steeped in the warm milk and cream (one teaspoon for the two servings I made).  The wattleseed gave it a lovely color and taste, much like café au lait.  And then of course, there is the sugary top…

wattleseed crème brûlée

For the recipe, look in Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan or read Mevrouw Cupcake.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll to see what over 250 other people had to say!


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  1. I am envious of your perfectly bruleet topping!! And i am so pleased you found “Ladies A Plate” isnt it gorgeous!

  2. Exquisite!!

  3. Your topping looks so pretty! The wattleseed sounds so interesting; I bet it added a lot of flavor. The teacups are so cute too 🙂

  4. Wow, your creme brulee looks amazingly decadent and those cupcakes for CH look wonderful as well. What a bunch of scrumptious dessertS! Beautiful presentation as always!

  5. Really elegant. I’ve never heard of Wattleseed. How else is is used?

  6. Beautiful! Love the use of little tea cups. So cute!

  7. Gorgeous. I have no idea how wattleseed would taste, but I do love a good creme brulee!

  8. I love the teacups! And great photo of the spoon with the contrasting custard and sugar on top. =) Wattleseed sounds like an interesting flavoring.

  9. Wowee. This dessert in a teacup has got to be the coolest thing ever.

  10. Ha! Ah! I can see you in the spoon! LOL
    There you are and there you go, replaced by this wonderfully and creamy looking custard!
    What a master you are… everything you touch seems to succeed!
    BRAVO, Steph!

  11. Love the teacups! I’ve never heard of wattleseed. How interesting! What does it taste like?
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  12. For me the recipe wasn’t unusual, I always do it without a water bath …

    Wattleseed, interesting what’s all edible. Last week I learned about ogbono, this week wattleseed.

  13. This looks nice. Sorry to disappoint you but I don t like creme brulee :-)However my boyfriend likes it alot so i ll try this recipe next time I ve never bought wattleseed. I ll search for it next time.Hope I ll find it

  14. wattleseed? now that’s interesting. what does it taste like? hmph.. great work on the creme brulee though. very beautiful!

  15. It looks great! I didn’t make it this week, instead I did a rewind, but I will be making this in the near future!

  16. Love learning new things! 🙂 Wattleseed….very interesting. Love creme brulee – looks deeelish!

  17. your little teacups are so beautiful!! and the color of your custard is gorgeous, too.

  18. Thanks for all the comments! Lots of folks have asked about the wattleseed, which I used to flavor my brulees. Wattleseed is native to Austrailia, and comes form the Acacia. Most say it tastes like a combo of chocolate, hazelnut and coffee. I’d say the particular stuff I used here reminded me most of coffee. It can be used like any spice, added to muffins and breads, or infused into custards.

  19. I’ve never heard of wattleseed but for goodness sakes, that is one gorgeous brulee! Wattleseed sounds delicious, per your comment above.

  20. Oh wow Steph, I love the idea of using wattle seed! How original! Your brulee’s look so lovely in those teacups. Picture perfect! Well done as always!

  21. Wattleseed…that sounds interesting.

    Your brulee looks fabulous.

  22. I’m always scared to bake in cups, in case disaster strikes and I get a porcelain explosion in my oven. I must be more adventurous in the future!

    Having never tasted wattleseeds before, I have no idea what to expect, but the color is gorgeous!

  23. Love your presentation, those cups are so cute!! Never heard of wattleseed, but I’ll be on the look out for it 🙂

  24. Thanks for the interesting lesson on wattleseed – and what wonderful pictures you have!

  25. Oh my goodness – your Creme Brulee looks so wonderful (and the tea cups are lovely!). I’ve never even heard of wattleseed – thanks for intorducing it to us 🙂

  26. This is amazing – I’ve never heard of wattleseed, but it sounds like an amazing seed. Going to try to find it over here – it sounds like something I’d love to try!

  27. Absolutely gorgeous! Wattleseed! Amazing… I learn something new every day! Where do you get them?

  28. I have never heard of wattleseed! Thanks for posting about it! 🙂

  29. Okay I’m jealous. It looks delicious. And I’m dumb, what is wattleseed? Cute name for a food, but I have never heard of it. I’m learning so much on TWD.

  30. Your brulee looks great!! And it looks very cute in the teacup too.

  31. Beautiful love the cup!

  32. Yum, your brulee looks absolutely perfect and I love the little teacup, too. Nice job!

  33. Wattleseed – too cool. I’m venturing into some of the more off-the-wall flavors, and this one might be one I need to try. Especially if it makes things taste like cafe au lait 🙂

  34. Lovely photos, and the seeds sound so interesting!

  35. I love your brulee sitting so pretty in your teacups..lovely!

  36. I’ve never herd of Wattlesee, but it loks scrumptious!! And I love your cups! I want them 😉

  37. I am with Tammy! I am also envious of your perfect topping! Wattleseed, huh? Looks delicious!

  38. Prettiest creme brulee I have seen so far. Hands down. Thank you for sharing. Excellent job.

  39. Wattleseed! How inspired! Now granted, I had to look it up but now I know. Great job!!

  40. Your creme brulees are so pretty. I used teacups as well. I’m so envious of your caramelization – stunning!

  41. Those teacups are so pretty, and man o’ man that creme brulee looks perfect!

  42. Oh, another wattleseed reference! I have been meaning to give it a try, but my local spice shop doesn’t sell it and I just keep forgetting to order it online. Maybe you have inspired me enough to get that order placed. The crème brulee looks wonderful in your teacups.

  43. Looks like the perfect creme brulee 🙂 Love those teacups too!

  44. I love the tea cups! Great job!

  45. i love how they’re in tea cups! (and i love the design on your tea cups, so cute) looks like you got a very nice caramelized top!

  46. I’m putting tea cups and wattleseed on my shopping list !

  47. Beautiful photos – fantastic job! I thought we were being creative with Caradom; but Wattleseed, I have to find that sounds very interesting!

  48. ps…. where do you get wattleseed?

  49. chezus–Since wattleseed is native to Australia, I can find it at many specialty stores here in Sydney. Outside Australia, an on-line source is your best bet. If you are in the States, try searching Amazon…I saw it there once, although it was quite pricey.

  50. Really nice photos! The wattleseed sounds interesting also. Nice job

  51. i’ve never heard of wattleseed, but i love the name 🙂 what a beautiful crust you got on top! love your teacups too!

  52. I`ve never heard of wattleseed. I didn`t get to try it when I was there, either. Shucks. Using teacups is brilliant!

  53. This looks gorgeous! I’ve never heard of wattleseed. I’ll have to add it to my “To Try” list.

  54. Does anyone know of which particular shops in Sydney may sell wattleseed? I really need to get hold of some but I don’t have time to wait for it to be delivered if I buy it online? Ive looked in health food shops but can’t find it.

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