Tuesdays with Dorie: Lenox Almond Biscotti

October 14, 2008 at 4:28 am | Posted in cookies & bars, groups, sweet things, tuesdays with dorie | 60 Comments

Lenox almond biscotti

Is this picture ridiculous?  Of course I did not store the Lenox Almond Biscotti I made for TWD in this jar.  I couldn’t close the lid without destroying them.  That would be dumb, possibly even self-defeating.  I just need better props. 

Anyway, we have Gretchen of Canela & Comino to thank for this week’s recipe choice.  I knew before baking these biscotti that they would go over well.  R, being the good half-Sicilian that he is, loves crunchy, almondy Italian bakery cookies. 

You probably know that biscotti are sturdy, crunchy and “twice baked”…they first go into the oven as large log to set the dough, and then again when that dough is sliced into individual cookies.  During the first bake, my biscotti log certainly spread, as I knew it should, but it didn’t poof.  The finished product was much flatter than I expected or hoped.  I decided to cut them a little wider to compensate for their sad, deflated look.  I must have done something screwy, because I’ve seen others make this recipe with picture-perfect results.  I was kind of pissed at myself, but they tasted *fantastic*, so I got over it soon enough.

Lenox almond biscotti

I definitely had to increase the times for both the the first and second bakes…I can’t really tell you how much extra time I added, but for the first bake, I left the log in the oven until it no longer had visible raw spots.  For the second bake, I made sure the slices were crisped through before taking them out of the oven.

I followed Dorie’s cue to add a couple extras to the dough…a big pinch of cinnamon (that was for Gretchen, although I chickened out on the cumin!) and a handful of white chocolate chunks (there is still a tiny bit left in the bag).  The full amount of almond extract sounded quite overpowering, and too much can be a little artificial-tasting, I think, so I did choose to go skimpy on that.  Also, I used slivered almonds instead of sliced, because that’s what’s I had.

The finished cookies were crunchy and craggy– perfect with coffee, or with ice cream!  Quite sweet, too, but then again I did add white chocolate.  The cornmeal in the recipe gives a golden boost to the color of the cookie dough, and a rustic, gritty crunch (which I like, but I know some aren’t crazy about).

Lenox almond biscotti

For the recipe, look in Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan (she also has it here on NPR’s website) or read Gretchen’s post.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll to see what over 250 other people had to say!


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  1. Mine came out flat too. I’m thinking about doing a second batch today, making the log thinner to compensate for the spreading,and possibly chilling the logs before baking so that maybe they won’t flatten out so much. Yours look delicious. I wish could eat one right now, but I gave my first batch away.

  2. What you talking about? Your biscotti look perfect! I totally should have added some white choco chips too. Yum. Great job!
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  3. these look great. I love the crunchiness of the almonds . I m an almond fan 🙂 I like the top photo too

  4. The photo is LOVELY, not ridiculous – and the biscotti is divine :0)

  5. they look great! i don’t think the pic is ridiculous… you can see more of the cookie since they are sticking out 😉

  6. yum, I bet those white chocolate chunks were great!

  7. Lovely! These look great and who cares if they don’t fit in the jar! 😉 Mine are in the oven now!

  8. Mine spread a lot more than some previous types of biscotti I’ve made too, but I think it was the higher fat content in these. Even though you couldn’t store them in the jar, they look pretty adorable in it 🙂

  9. Those turned out lovely! I love the props too! 🙂 Mine are much lighter due to not baking long enough!

  10. Actually, I think plenty of people had the exact experience you did – some may have had picture perfect results, but I doubt most did. Yours look so delicious!! I love a rustic look in biscotti. Too perfect (a la Starbucks) = not so tasty.

  11. i have made these before when i first bought the book and had the same similar flat, doughy results. i still have to make mine tonight and hopefully they will come out better the second time around!

    yours still look great though and i bet they tasted great too. and i love the photo of them in the mason jar!

  12. Yours look great! My logs flattened a lot too, but I thought that they are supposed to do that, they tasted great!

  13. they look pretty yummy to me! Love the prop work 🙂

  14. They look beautiful! I had to extend the baking time too- by a lot! I love how you added the white chocolate chips.

  15. Smart move going easy on the almond extract…i used amount indicated in the recipe, and thought it to be a bit much.

    Like you, I totally loved the crunchy, cornmealy texture. 🙂

  16. oh i didn’t get to do this. did a rewind instead because of the dry spell of cornmeal. But these look great. and to those who have added white chocolate chips.. fantastic!!!

  17. Your biscotti look great! I had problem with the spreading, too. But like you said, the taste was great. And I liked the cornmeal, too.

  18. Oh, I think the jar is darn cute anyway! I think I’ll try some cinnamon next time. Great job!

  19. Lovely looking biscotti. I think I have to wait for the boys to get older to prop my photos. They just get so excited to see the food, they don’t care about me trying to get a pretty photo. Well done you.

  20. I love your prop! They look lovely!

  21. ce n’est pas ridicule dans le pot , je trouve ça vraiment cute..ça fait ” champêtre ” 🙂

  22. I agree, these ARE good. Yours look so golden and crunchy and sweet. The jar is adorable. I couldn’t find anything to stack mine in because they are so small.

  23. Woman, are you stark raving mad? These look perfect and even moreso in that jar! Your food always looks fit for the Gods.

  24. Bravo Steph! What beautiful golden colors to surround those perfect biscotti!

  25. The biscotti look fantastic and delicious. My family tends to like the things I bake that don’t look so perfect…go figure.

  26. Your biscotti looks perfect, dry and crunchy! Love the prop it is perfect!

  27. I copied your cute way of presenting biscotti, since I saw it in August, for Cookie Carnival. Hope you don’t mind. I did give you the credit though, and mine don’t look as cute as yours.
    Your biscotti turned out beautifully, I love the deep color!

  28. Beautiful color. Mine were a tad underbaked. I really enjoyed the crunch of the cornmeal as well.

  29. Yours look so lovely.

  30. I also liked the rustic texture and appearance of these biscotti. Yours look great!

  31. LOVE the white chocolate addition! These were absolutely incredible! I love your photos!

  32. They look divine. Now I have an idea of what to do with the last of my white chocolate.

  33. Mmmm…cinnamon, almond and white chocolate? That all sounds delicious together! Yum!

  34. What? Am I looking at the right pictures? I don’t see sad or deflated anywhere! All I see biscotti that are really making me want to make this biscotti again! And I think they look great in that jar, too!

  35. Your biscotti look wonderful! Of course! Much, much nicer than my crumbs!

  36. Whatever! I love the jar picture – in fact, before I even read what you wrote about it, I was thinking to myself how much I liked that first picture! Your biscotti look fantastic…I really loved these!

  37. wow, these look yummy…like they won’t break my teeth *grin*

  38. I love your picture of the biscotti in the jar and yours look WAY better than mine.

  39. Love your picture and why put the lid on? They won’t last long enough to store in the jar,lol. Nice job!

  40. Awwww, I love the pics! Nothing wrong with them being in the jar. The biscotti looks great. I didn’t make any this week since I am not a biscotti fan, but you may have converted me! 😉

  41. These look fantastic. White chocolate!! Shazaam!!! These probably tasted as great as they looked. Great pics.

  42. They look delicious! I thought the recipe came out pretty good for my first time making these.

    *Weekly Giveaways on my blog!

    *Sale on my Etsy Store!

  43. Yours are totally picture perfect!! I love the up close texture photos. I’m not a huge biscotti person, but I would definitely eat one of these!

  44. I don’t know what you’re talking about – They look great to me! 🙂

  45. Your biscotti have a gorgeous texture and color. You should definitely try cumin. It is a great spice to use in baked goods, but prefer it toasted a bit before grinding. It seems like a savory thing, but cumin plays with sweet really well.

  46. Might not have been able to keep them in that jar, but they look damn good in there! NOM NOM NOM!

  47. I love your photo of them sticking out of the jar! These were my favorite TWD recipe so far! I like your idea of adding white chocolate to them.

  48. They look great. I love how golden they are!

  49. I love how yours turned out! They look so perfectly browned and crunchy. The photos are lovely too. Excellent work!

  50. Your came out beautiful! Mine didn’t puff up too much either, but I still loved them. I followed the ingredients to the T and to my delight, the almond was not overpowering, but quite delicious.

  51. they still look great. mine poofed a little, not a lot

  52. I think your biscotti look great!! I absolutely loved these and also added cinnamon to mine

  53. The jar shows how fabulous your biscotti looks! Absolutely delicious!

  54. I love how you photoed them. As well, great flavor combinations – love white chocolate and with cinnamon, it is almost like mexican chocolate!

  55. Love your up close photos. Just want to steal one and crunch into it with some tea. Yum Yum

    Kinda thought the extract might be overpowering, but, I tried it and loved it. So when feeling brave, give it a try sometime.

    Great Job

  56. you always take the most amazing pictures! and your biscotti looks great even if its not as high as you would have liked. 🙂

  57. Ooh, you used the same kilner jar prop as me when I made choc/chip Biscotti a couple of weeks ago! Yours looks really delicious!

  58. I liked the cornmeal too (and was surprised by all of the negative comments). Anyway, I think your biscotti picture looks fantastic!

  59. They look great to me – I’d gladly have one. Food styling is a funny thing isn’t it – we tie ribbon around things, pose them next to fancy china etc then stick them in the not-so-photogenic but oh so practical Tupperware container.

  60. Ciao ! Your cookies look good and not too flat ! next time I’ll chill them a bit to prevent spreading an maybe I’ll made three logs !

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