Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2009 at 3:32 am | Posted in cupcakes, sweet things | 20 Comments

valentine's cupcake


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  1. Happy valentines to you too , delicious this cup cake !

  2. Gorgeous cupcakes…very very pretty!

  3. cute!!! Happy Valentine to you too!

  4. Happy Valentine’s to you too!!!! Lovely cupcake and I love the shreds of coconut on top!!!

  5. Happy Valentines to you!! That cupcake looks YUMMY!

  6. Happy Valentine’s Day, to you too, Steph!!

  7. So pretty, nicely done.

  8. you too! what better way to share the love than with cupcakes? 🙂

  9. Happy V-day to you too! I love the raspberries on top!! I hope you have a very sweet weekend!

  10. Your raspberries look delicious!

  11. How pretty.

  12. This is the prettiest cupcake. Any chance of a recipe Steph?

  13. Heather- Thanks! Actually, these cupcakes were made from leftovers of things I haven’t yet posted (but I’ll tell you about them anyway). The cake part is Dorie Greenspan’s devil’s food recipe from this week’s TWD (which I baked as cupcakes rather than as a layer cake, and had a few leftover). I’ll post that on Tuesday. The frosting part is a cream cheese buttercream leftover from a coconut cake that I’ll post end of week as well. Then garnish is just large coconut flakes and raspberries. I’m always looking to “recycle” extras into new things.

  14. Aww a cupcake for me?? You shouldn’t have! 😉

  15. Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  16. Im a newbie to commenting but i just wanted to say.. that is a yummy looking cupcake! 😀

  17. That cupcake is simply gorgeous!! Where do you find the dark cupcake papers?

  18. Beautiful cupcakes. Great colors and flavors.

    Thanks, Sharona May

  19. Those are awfully pretty!!!

  20. Debbie: Thanks! I actually got the wrappers form a store called Wheel&Barrow when I lived in Sydeny. They are just dark brown in color, and you can probably order them online somewhere.

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