Tuesdays with Dorie: Devil’s Food White-Out Cake

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devil's food white-out cake

Oh, I bet a lot of TWDers have been waiting a long time for this one, and we have Stephanie of Confessions of a City Eater to thank for finally choosing it!  Actually, I feel a twinge of guilt posting this picture.  It’s almost as if, by turning Dorie’s cover cake into cupcakes, I haven’t quite done her recipe justice.  Please forgive me…it’s just that I’ve been doing a lot of layer cakes with The Cake Slice group lately. 

Geez Louise, I love devil’s food cake.  I mean, really…it’s so chocolaty, and that moist but dense thing it has going on…it’s just the best type of chocolate cake (by the way, I like it chilled).  This particular devil’s food recipe is extra-special because it has little chopped chocolate bits throughout.  I made a half recipe and got ten cupcakes.  I actually only turned six of them into White-Outs.  The others went, unfrosted but nicely wrapped, into the freezer, and later (along with some leftover cream cheese frosting you’ll read about in a few days) became Valentine’s cupcakes.

The White-Out Cake is Dorie’s spin on the classic Brooklyn blackout cake, but here the filling/frosting is homemade marshmallow Fluff.  Yay, Fluff!  I even cut a hole out of the center of each cupcake and filled it with extra marshmallow meringue.  You know where I was going with that, right?  I reserved the little plugs of cake for my crumbs. One note about the frosting: I reduced the cream of tartar in the recipe.  A friend had made this cake about a month ago, and told me she thought the frosting had a slightly metallic taste…the large amount of CoT was the only culprit I could think of.

So good…it was so good.  Make it yourself and see– the recipe, of course, is in Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, but she also has it here on NPR’s site.  Don’t forget to read Stephanie’s post and check out the TWD Blogroll to see what everyone else came up with!


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  1. Glad you enjoyed this cake. I was tempted to do cupcakes too- so much more convenient than a layer cake! I haven’t tried devil’s food cake chilled before so i’ll give it a go.

  2. Cupckaes are always good!! I already regret not making this recipe, but I’m pretty sure I will be making it in the near future!

  3. trop mignon en petite portion 🙂

  4. What a sweet idea, cupcakes! Im glad you enjoyed them!

  5. Your cupcake is adorable! I loved this cake too, thought it was just wonderful! 🙂

  6. Such a chic creation!!

  7. What adorable cupcakes – perfect little Hostess lookalikes 🙂 Devil’s food cake really is fabulous, isn’t it?

  8. Your cupcakes look so cute! Great job.
    I think the COT was what killed my frosting 😦

  9. I thought about making only cupcakes too, so I comprised and made both the cake and cupcakes. I loved this recipe.

  10. I’m glad you liked this one! Your cupcake is so cute!

  11. Cute cupcake! We’ll forgive you this time, but only if you share your other layer cakes with the class.

  12. I agree…the cream of tartar was a bit much, but after a day, it evens out.

    Your wee cakes look great

  13. Your cupcakes look great!! The perfect-sized treat.

  14. Interesting! I thought that the frosting had an odd flavor as well, but I thought that it was because there was a lot of vanilla! But you’re probably right, the cream of tartar could be the culprit! Your cupcake looks great, though!

    How does one join the Cake Slice bakers? I’d love to join if they are accepting new members!

  15. I think your little cuppy cake looks awesome. What matters is that so far we all seemed to have loved the cake. Yum-me!
    Having a giveaway on my blog, check it out if you have a sec.

  16. I definitely think Dorie wouldn’t mind you turning her cake into cupcakes – I bet she’d love it, actually! It looks great – very pretty!

  17. Love it.

  18. What a fantastic idea – cupcakes with the frosting as the filling. I think I would have liked that a lot better. They look gorgeous too!

  19. Like you, I was a bit “caked out” this month. Smart idea to freeze some of the cupcakes…more to enjoy later on!

  20. your cupcakes look so sweet! I thought the chocolate cake was really good, too – not as crazy about the frosting, but that’s just my own hangup. 😉

  21. I loved this as well. It would make beautiful cupcakes!!

  22. What a cute cupcake! I know, I still have to make that coconut cake this week. I halved Dorie’s cake, maybe I’ll halve the CS one, too!

  23. Holy yum! That was a great idea to pipe some of the marshmallow goodness into the cupcakes! I’m going to have to make this recipe again to give that a try!

  24. What an adorable cupcake! My cake is done but is in the blogosphere somewhere – had some technical problems with Blogger.

  25. Your cupcakes do Dorie’s cake full justice! They are beautiful. I am such a fan of this cake and the super fluffy frosting.

  26. Wow, what a perfect, dark color! Those cupcakes look absolutely black tie and you shouldn’t feel bad at all for skipping the layer cake (although I’ll admit I did, a little!)

  27. I love this creation!! 🙂

  28. I SO wish I had time for TWD!! I’m stricken with jealousy every week! Your cupcake looks super YUM!

  29. Oh, I think you did the recipe great justice…I love that photo…what a great idea. I also love the idea of putting extra frosting in the middle…you are so clever about these things! Thanks for the tip on cream of tartar…I will have to rethink that as I can so see where you could reduce it a bit. Great job…I think cupcakes are so pretty the way you have done them.

  30. Yum! Wow, looks great. Think that needs to get added to the list of “must makes”.

  31. Absolutely beautiful!! Love ’em!

  32. Your cupcakes are so cute! Good thinking on stuffing the frosting inside! What a fun surprise. Yum!

  33. this looks gorgeous, love the photo! i really wanted to make this before i left but ended up with no time. glad to know it came out so good, will definitely be trying it when i can!

  34. These look great as cupcakes. It didn’t even occur to me to make CUPCAKES!

  35. That’s a creative twist to the recipe. Your cupcake looks really good!

  36. Beautiful cupcakes. Frosting on the inside yummm!

  37. I love your cupcake. It looks very delicious.

  38. Well, I think you did it justice nicely and just took it to a different level of cuteness. Those cupcakes look like they should be going to a black and white ball.

  39. That picture gives me chills! I’m almost scared or something.


  40. Love the cupcake with the surprise middle!!!

  41. I love the cupcake idea. Layer cakes are a lot of time and effort and they’re a lot harder to eat then cupcakes! Your cupcakes look delicious. I think Dorie would approve 🙂

  42. Mmmmmm, nom nom nom. This cake was surprisingly good. And cupcakes! Great idea.

  43. Teanna–I’m not sure if The Cake Slice is taking new members, but Gigi at gigicakes.net leads up the group, so you could ask her. Thanks!

  44. Little bites of Yummy! Looks good to me.

  45. I love your photo!!

  46. We found that the frosting was much better the second day — that weird taste was gone. Your cake looks great!

  47. lovly

  48. The cupcake looks great! And what a great idea to till them with the marshmallow stuff.

  49. It looks fantastic! Good thing you reduced the cream of tartar. I tried the cake right after i finished icing it and there was a very strong metallic aftertaste. After chilling it overnight though, the taste was gone. Next time i make it i’ll definitely reduce the CoT though.

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