Tuesdays with Dorie: Chocolate Armagnac Cake

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chocolate armagnac cake

I’ve been waiting for more than a year for someone to choose Dorie’s Chocolate Armagnac Cake for TWD!  Not just hoping it would be chosen for the sake of trying it…it was actually the very first recipe I made from BFMHTY, when I was still living in Sydney and I hadn’t yet joined TWD.  A couple of weeks later, I signed on to the group and have been waiting patiently, holding on to the picture, ever since.  Finally LyB of And then I do the dishes came through and picked it for this week’s recipe!

It was my brother who requested this cake.  I was looking for something to make for dessert while he was staying in Sydney with us, and asked him to choose a recipe from the book.  I think he did it on picture alone, because he sure was surprised to see me chopping up prunes!  That’s right, prunes.  Armagnac-flamed prunes are part of what gives this cake it’s little something-something, and a great texture.  I actually didn’t use Armagnac here but used Jameson instead, which thanks to my father (yeah, please don’t ask), I had already had on-hand.

This is another dense, chocoholic type of cake.  (There have been a lot of those lately, right?)  Really good, as far as I can remember, and a bit of glaze puts it over the top.  If you are baking for someone who’s anti-prune, sub another dried fruit, like raisins, or just keep it hush-hush…they’ll probably never pin it down.

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan (read Dorie’s funny story about the cake, too).  It will also be on And then I do the dishes.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll.


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  1. oh delicious cake! i m drooling looking at it 🙂 its awesome

  2. I didn’t notice the prunes in the cake, but I only had the tiniest bit of cake… Absolutely loved it!

  3. wow, i love armagnac! i could totally go for that slice right now, it looks so yummy! it almost looks like a frosted brownie. i love that you’ve been holding on to this photo for so long, lol!

  4. I would love to get a fork to that cake! It looks super rich and moist! YUM

  5. Prunes and chocolate are always a great mix – it looks yummy!

  6. That cake looks EXACTLY like the cake from the book! How do you do it???

  7. A beautiful cake! It has just the right texture.

  8. On dirait la photo du livre de dorie ! c’est la perfection ! très belle photos 🙂

  9. what an adorable little slice!

  10. NICE!!!! Your brother requested a great cake 🙂

  11. Wow that’s a long time to wait! 🙂 Yours looks picture perfect!

  12. Your cake is beautiful!!!!

  13. looks just like the book!

  14. I’m so glad you liked my choice. 🙂 Your cake looks great!

  15. I can understand why the letters on your picture are so sketchy… either you were drunk from the cake… either, like myslef… you couldn’t believe how great it was! LOL

    A true beauty, Steph!

  16. Looks beautiful, glad you finally got to post about the cake! I got a lot of questions about this one “what is that, cherries?” I finally caved and admitted prunes!

  17. This was a great cake.

    Yours looks wonderful

  18. wow – so dark and rich looking! yum.

  19. Oh how beautiful your cake is. I just loved this cake. And you are right, don’t tell it has prunes in it and they will never figure it out. Most people thought mine had raisens in it. 🙂

  20. Beautiful job on the cake!

  21. Oh my god. Look at that dense, fudgey crumb and gorgeous silky frosting…

  22. Your brother knew what he was doing when he requested this one — it is amazing. I would have skipped right over it upon seeing “prunes” had in not been for TWD. Your picture is absolutely stunning.

  23. wait a min.. this looks like a duplicate of the photo in the book! haha. Great job!

  24. Glad this cake finally got chosen for you! You’ve had to hold on to it for a quite a while. Your pictures look great!

  25. total death by chocolate. yum.

  26. Your picture looks better than the one in the book!

  27. Your cake looks so fudgy and delicious! I’ve did the same thing with three of February’s recipes- made them a while before they were chosen and just held on to the picture!

  28. It looks delicious!

  29. mm, that slice looks so fudgey and gorgeous! 🙂

  30. your cake looks beautiful! I kept hush hush about the prunes and the person I gave the cake to didnt even notice them even though he is not a prune lover :0)

  31. Your cake looks gorgeous. How funny about your brother. Typical male just looking at the pictures…

  32. picture perfect! Straight out of the baking book! Very glad you liked it – it looks absolutely wonderful! Love the technique with the frosting!

  33. Your cake looks great !!!

  34. these chocolate cakes are making me SO hungru!!

  35. That looks great! And, funny story!

  36. Beautiful photo!


  37. Very pretty. How funny that your brother chose it from the picture (and probably the title).

  38. Yeah, a LOT of dense and chocolatey cake. Yours looks absolutely stunning though!

  39. Your cake looks delicious!

  40. I took this to work with me today and definitely kept the prunes hush hush. Everyone loved it. Its funny that your brother was so surprised about the prunes after picking out the cake!

  41. Your cake looks fabulous.

  42. I am starting to think after reading TWD blogs all night that I should have subbed with craisins but I slacked this week. Do you think that would have works? I am not a raisin fan either. (I am SO picky!!) Gorgeous pictures as always. Glad you enjoyed the cake.
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  43. I’ve always been intrigued by this cake ever since I got the book!

  44. Awesome! Glad it was the first one you made! 🙂

  45. I admit I’ve never had a huge urge to try this “cake that got me fired” cake, but you do make it sound appealing.
    Btw, where did you end up moving to? You’ve probably said but I forget. 🙂

  46. Your cake looks terrific. The other chocolate cake a lot of us made recently is the reason why I haven’t made this one yet. The more reviews I read, the more I’m looking forward to it, though. =)

  47. it’s been chocoalate cake deja vu, with this recipe coming on the heels of the chocolate valentino and the devil’s food cakes! I think the prunes made the cake so moist and flavorful, and this is definitely my fav of all the cakes made recently.

  48. That looks just lovely! Nice job.

  49. more chocolate cakes… always better!! This one looks amazing!

  50. That cake is GORGEOUS. Now, I’m rethinking the whole thing.

  51. What a beautiful result! Lots of people have been waiting for this cake, and it wasn’t even on my radar, but I must say I did like it.

  52. Your cake looks really good, I’m sure it tastes great with the ice cream too. 🙂

  53. Fabulous looking dessert. Yummy!

  54. Steph, you have had some wonderful choc-o-late going on at your table. Wish I could have compared the flourless with dorie’s. What did you think? Can they compare? I love the aroma of chocolate baking in the oven. So amazing. Your cake looks perfecto! Hope you make it again soon. I loved it and will be making it again, keeping the prunes on the hush hush. he he
    Great Photo! (as always)

  55. Your cake looks so tall and moist. How fun to have the dessert made and photo taken already!

  56. Your cake looks gorgeous! It’s so tall! Mine was pretty flat and unimpressive 🙂

  57. Jameson probably worked perfectly – I used Glenfidditch 🙂 Beautiful job – I was really glad someone finally picked this recipe as well!

  58. I love how you swirled the frosting…so pretty and elegant. Beautiful job. The guys here ate this so fast, I didn’t have time to offer it around anywhere…it must have been good, despite my mishap!

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