Tuesdays with Dorie: French Yogurt Cake with Marmalade Glaze

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French yogurt cake with marmalade glaze

I always have yogurt in the fridge (a granola/yogurt mush-up is my standard pre-work brekkie), but sometimes the expiration date does sneak up on me.  A yogurt loaf cake is the perfect use-it-up recipe, so I’m no stranger to Liliana’s (of My Cookbook Addiction) pick for TWD this week.  I’ve actually made a similar version of Dorie’s French Yogurt Cake before.  There was also the time I made Ina’s lemon yogurt cake.  Oh, and I even did yogurt cupcakes awhile back.  See– these cakes have saved a lot of yogurt from the bin! 

A yogurt cake is kind of like a pound cake, but without that nagging, butter-filled guilt.  I used low-fat (2%) yogurt and cut back on the oil in the recipe by a couple tablespoons.  My cake still stayed nice and moist for a few days. Dorie flavors hers with lemon, but since TWD  just did lemon custards last week (and I’m doing something else lemon at the end of this week, too), I used orange zest and orange marmalade in mine.  Any citrus works great here, to tell the truth. 

I love the addition of almond meal in this version of the cake…très French, I think.  The marmalade glaze gives it some bittersweet stickiness.  Dorie says to strain the marmalade first.  I’m not sure why…I like the zesty bits, so I didn’t bother.

French yogurt cake with marmalade glaze

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read My Cookbook Addiction.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Love how your photos always look so yummy!

  2. les photos sont superbes 🙂

  3. Yay, yours looks like mine! At first I was worried I did something wrong 🙂 I LOVED this cake, it smelled so good while cooking and tasted wonderful 🙂 I paired it with simple lemon curd. YUM!

  4. The almond meal is a WONDERFUL addition!!

  5. Looks fab Steph! This was the first time I had made it. Loved it! I will def be making it again. And sooner than later if I could find some freaking lemon marmalade! lol

  6. The cake looks fantastic! I checked your other recipe for the lemon yogurt cake. Is there any particular reason you used oil over butter? Also, I was wondering if substituting fat free yogurt (thats what I have sitting in my fridge 🙂 for whole milk yogurt would make a big difference.
    Thanks 🙂


  7. A- I think fat-free would probably work…I used low-fat in all mine, rather than whole milk. As far as oil vs butter– the recipes called for oil, so that’s what I’ve used…I’m guessing it’s just the “heart healthier” option, and avoids the whole creaming step.

  8. Great photos of the cake. It looks delicious!

  9. I didn’t use the ground almond in mine.

    I was uhh….lazy and didn’t want to have to grind up almonds.

    Your cake looks fab!

  10. I wondered, too, why we were straining all the good bits out of the marmalade, but I did it, and it was very tasty that way, so I figured there must be a reason…however, if you didn’t and it was great, I think next time I am trying your way. Perfect crumb on your cake…lovely.

  11. Beautiful! Yogurt and granola is a daily routine for me as well. I keep my work fridge well stocked.

  12. I left the zesty bits in my marmalade as well! I think they were a nice addition! Your cake looks beautiful! And I LOVE yogurt and granola! My favorite breakfast!

  13. The glaze in that second photo looks absolutely beautiful!


  14. Looks wonderful. Good to know that lowfat yogurt works well. I used Labne which I think is as fattening as butter per tablespoon!

  15. Oh that cake looks delicious. Couldn’t you just bake this one every week? I could. 🙂

  16. Your cake looks wonderful! Nice job!

  17. The orange variations you made look wonderful. Yum!

  18. Your cake look yummy and your photos are great. I love yogurt and granola, mmm, might have some tomorrow 🙂

  19. Beautiful!! I’m a granola/yogurt girl in the morning too…. 🙂

  20. Delicious…how lovely. Yogurt is so part of my life, that I cannot live without it. Have some homemade marmalade in the fridge too…what a great post!

  21. Your glaze looks amazing. Awesome photos. I loved the almond addition too.

  22. It really looks great! I used orange too!

  23. Your cake looks beautiful! I didn’t strain the marmalade either 🙂

  24. Gorgeous! The texture of your cake looks amazing. I also used orange zest and loved the citrus flavor in this cake.

  25. Beautiful cake! I didn’t strain my marmalade either – I like the chunky bits too.

  26. I loved the almonds as well – they helped keep the cake nice and moist

  27. I’m your zest bits friend… lol, I love ’em too!
    Should have called for jelly instead of waisting those!

    Looks lovely as usual, Steph! Very well done… next time I have due date yogurt, I’ll think about you and make a yogurt cake… a nice habit to take.

  28. This was such a great cake…love the idea of doing this in a cupcake! Love your photos!

  29. Beautiful photos for a great dessert!

  30. Mmm, I love your use of the orange! This cake looks fantastically moist. And come to think of it, I have a tub of yogurt in my fridge that needs some loving. I’m totally going to make this–or maybe I’ll make one of the other yogurt recipes you’ve made…you’ve given me so many delicious options!

  31. Your cake looks wonderful. Orange flavoring sounds delicious.

  32. Those pics of you cake look amazingly great.. you cake looks so moist and yummy. I thought this cake rocked!

  33. I didn´t drain my glaze either, your cake looks amazing!

    P.S. Don´t forget to enter my giveaway!

  34. I can see the little bits of almond in the cake. Bet that did add an extra umph! to the cake. It looks maaaavelous!! Bet I know what that end of the week lemon thing is, too. Great pics.

  35. mmm sounds super moist!

  36. This was a lovely, tasty cake! Your pictures look amazing!

  37. Great pictures as usual. and like you, I did like the addition of almond meal into the cake. Tres chic!

  38. Your cake looks delicious! I like the addition of the almond meal too.

  39. I’m on the almond side too…they really added something a little bit undefinable. But it’s good to know this cake works with and without…and I’ll bet it was good with orange too!

  40. Great cake! looks very tempting. 🙂

  41. looks delicious! And for someone who likes yogurt so much perfect! I bet the zesty bits were great on this!

  42. This cake looks so yummee and guess what?????I have yogurt in the fridge……

  43. Beautiful cake and photos as usual.

  44. I bought some orange marmalade too and plan to make this again with that. Your slices look really fantastic!

  45. It looks like I’ve been missing out here. I must make a yogurt cake. Looks divine!

  46. wonderful cake! delicious!

  47. It’s nice to know that this one works with less oil. Your cake looks delicious!

  48. This looks lovely! Glad to know you can sub in a lower fat yogurt.

  49. I love how caramelized the outside of your cake is. And I love the chewy bits in marmalade too, so left that in. I’ll have to check out your other yogurt sweets!

  50. The lack of guilt-inducing butter makes this a perfect breakfast cake. It has yogurt after all. Very beautiful!

  51. Dude! I have the same thing for breakfast, but I hate stirring it up. I layer it in a wide cup, and if it starts mixing, I start stressing! Lol

    I ran out of granola yesterday, so this is perfect!

  52. Yum, yum how do you do it? like the photo angle. Leaving for Fl, see you around.

  53. I love the texture of your cake! I loved the the taste of the cake with orange zest and orange marmalade. This is one of my favorite TWD cakes. Thanks for stopping by!

  54. Mmm… zesty bits… I agree, they’re a wonderful part of any marmalade. I’ve made yogurt scones to use up yogurt quite often, but this was my first yogurt cake. Yours looks absolutely perfect!

  55. it looks delish:) the french recipes do seem to use a lot of almonds! good thing i like ’em so much!

  56. Came upon your blog by chance and saw this. I also did make my version of Yogurt cake (a very simple recipe known by every French kid). 🙂 Btw: you can add any flavoured yogurt into the cake and it will take this flavour. I did it a mix peach-strawberry flavoured yogurt and it turned out smelling exactly like the yogurt flavour. 🙂 Delicious.

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