Tuesdays with Dorie: Banana Cream Pie

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banana cream pie

I’ve had such a busy week, running all over the city after work and on my days off to get errands done for a trip to the UK.  I’ll actually be there by the time you read this (so I might not be able to do much commenting on cream pies, unfortunately).  I’m Godmother to a friend’s baby boy.  His name is Ian, he lives in London and I had lots of bits and pieces to pick up for the Baptism ceremony, which will be at the end of the week.  Not to mention that Friday was my birthday, and on Saturday my husband and I went to see a live broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion, which is currently taping in New York.  I’ve listened to the show since I was a kid, so it was fun to see goofy Garrison Keillor do his thing live.  And Wynton Marsalis was a guest, so that was a pretty good present, I think.

Of course I still made the time to put together this Banana Cream Pie, Amy’s choice for TWD this week.  I’ve said many times before that I don’t like raw bananas, but I like to keep an open mind about trying new things.  I’ve never made or even had banana cream pie before, so why not give it a go?  I had some homemade pie dough in the freezer anyway (it had been there forever, and I was actually itching to use it up), so the hardest part was already taken care of.

Hey, guess what– I thought this was good (and my husband loved it)!  I do have a fondness for cream pies…they are tasty and squidgy, especially fresh, homemade ones.  I’m not a banana convert, or anything, so I probably won’t make this one again…raw bananas still are a bit slimy in my book.  I did really like the way Dorie uses brown sugar in the custard recipe and sour cream in the whipped cream topping.  Yum on both counts there!  My personal twist was using a little vanilla bean to flavor both. 

banana cream pie

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Sing for Your Supper.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll, and happy spring holidays to everyone!


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  1. I’m the opposite! I don’t like cooked banana. I love the addition of vanilla beans too.

  2. I won’t be making this one again, not a huge fan….
    Enjoy London!! It’s been to long since I’ve been there (about 3 to 4 years ago…)

  3. Wow does that look decadent!

  4. Hang in there with the busyness!!! And kudos for still making this week’s divine TWD treat!!

  5. It looks awesome. I have yet to eat mine (plan to eat it later today) but I already know that I love the filling!

  6. OH wow…..the vanilla specks in the whipped cream looks delish! And your crust looks so flaky. You could almost make me like banana cream pie!
    Have a safe trip!


  7. I love the vanilla bean! Garrison Keillor is pretty goofy but amazing to see how they put on that radio show every week.

  8. Those vanilla bean flecks make my mouth water! What a special touch.

  9. Love those vanilla bean flecks.

    I have some in mine too. There is just something great about vanilla.

  10. Your whipped cream with the vanilla bean speckles looks so pretty!! Great job on your pie. It was my first time making or tasting banana cream pie too and I thought it was delicious.

  11. j’avais des doutes sur cette tarte, car j’aime les bananes mais sans plus…et j’ai finalement adoré !
    C’est superbe !

  12. I love the vanilla bean flecks- so pretty! Glad you liked it and Happy late birthday!

  13. oh wow, your crust looks amazing! *drool*

  14. Mmm, yummy – this looks divine! My hubby has issues with raw bananas too – it’s the sliminess for him as well. I bet this would be great with caramelized bananas! Thanks for baking with me this week!


  15. Gosh you have been busy. Well done for squeezing this in. Wow, you pie looks fantastic, i love the look of it, so yummy! Have a great trip to the UK 🙂

  16. Oh that looks so delicious! I should have made this one I guess, but time got away from me this week. Sounds like you have had a busy week as well!!

  17. I’m not a huge fan of bananas either but I love the way the vanilla bean looks here.

  18. That looks beautiful. Lovely layers everywhere. Enjoy London. One of my favorite places to go. Try Banoffee pie while you are there if you like bananas. Great job.

  19. Your pie looks lovely. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  20. Vanilla bean – YUM! Have a great time in the UK.

  21. Beautiful! I like the vanilla bean idea better than my Armagnac idea. Have a great time on your trip!

  22. Looks great! Your crust looks amazing!

  23. Gorgeous job…very beautiful! Happy vacationing.

  24. Ha I just had to work this into my busy schedule too! Congrats on the new godson!

  25. WOW! That is a mighty great lookin’ crust on that pie!

    LOL LOL I love the “slimy” banana bit! LOL

    Great pie, Step!

  26. that’s one flaky crust. looks great. glad you liked it even though you probably won’t make it again.

  27. Steph, this looks SO GOOD! I love your photos, everything in these pictures just comes to life!

  28. WOW, these pictures are amazing. I love seeing the flaky layers of your pie crust. And the vanilla bean flecks look just fabulous. Man oh man, I’m not a huge banana fan either, but I would totally eat waaaay more than a slice of this divine-looking pie! Great job!

  29. Oh. My. Goodness. That pie looks fabulous. I’m drooling over the crust. Nice!

  30. Love how the vanilla bean looks in the whipped cream! 🙂 Yum!

  31. You’re pie looks perfect! I had a little trouble with this one, but the end result came out okay. Happy birthday! And have a great time in the UK!

  32. This look delicious! This pie was a hit at my house 🙂

  33. Wow Steph — wishing you a very Happy B-day (I’m an April baby as well!) and safe travels to the UK!

  34. have a great time in the UK! your pie looks fabulous with the vanilla beans

  35. Love the vanilla bean flecks, I love vanilla bean paste.

  36. I loooooooooove banana cream pie! It’s gorgeous!

  37. Happy Birthday. Make a wish for something good! The flaky pastry looks so light and inviting. See you soon.

  38. Looks good – have a nice trip.

  39. Oooh, talk about perfect! It looks wonderful, glad you enjoyed it. Hope you had fun on your trip.

  40. wow! those vanilla bean flecks sounds delicious….. love the taste………
    have a nice journey.

  41. Wow, that is one flaky crust – it looks fantastic! I’m jealous about the Prairie Home Companion thing though, definitely something I’d like to see eventually 🙂

  42. Wow! Where’s that pie crust recipe from? It’s so flaky! 🙂

    • howtoeatacupcake: Thanks! It’s the pie crust recipe from Dorie’s book. I think she calls it “good for almost everything pie crust.” It uses a bit of shortening, which I’m not really a fan of, but that’s what gives it its flakiness.

  43. I hadn’t made banana cream pie before either! Hope you’re having a good trip! I love your vanilla bean specks in this.

  44. oh my gosh!!! this looks good! I love the vanilla bean spotted whipped cream!

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