Tuesdays with Dorie: Four-Star Chocolate Bread Pudding

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four-star chocolate bread pudding

I’m just back from seriously stuffing myself all over London (I’ll try and tell you more later…you will be either impressed or disgusted by what I was able to pack away in only five short days!), but I still say, “more chocolate, please!”  My pal Lauren from A Baking Blog (aka Upper East Side Chronicle) has thankfully obliged by choosing Four-Star Chocolate Bread Pudding for TWD this week.

All the restaurants I’ve worked for have had some version of bread pudding on the menu at some point in time, so it should be old hat.  Really, though, I’ve had limited success with making bread pudding at home.  It’s my own fault…I usually cut corners with the cream and yolks in an effort to make it a little less fattening, but the end result is a tough, dry let-down.  This go-around, I stuck to the recipe…my compromise here was to make just a third.  Only a few portions, but each one would have the full effect. 

Dorie recommends brioche or challah as the base for this bread pudding.  Both yummy, but I happen to have a stash old croissants in the freezer (leftovers from work), so I just used a couple of those.  Talk about cutting out that fat– ha!  That picture up top may not look too appetizing (it’s just so darn brown), but let me assure you that this is good, squidgy stuff…even with the dried cherries, which I wouldn’t normally go for in a chocolate dessert.

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan (it is also here on Leite’s), or read Lauren’s post.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Bread and butter pudding is my favorite and I can only imagine how delicious that chocolate version must have been!!!

  2. je l’ai fait aux croissants aussi…et au chocolat blanc, car j’étais un peu écoeurée du chocolat noir…super réussi comme d’habitude 🙂

  3. I don’t know what you’re talking about, it looks absolutely delicious!
    I’m so jealous that you were in London, glad you had a good time 🙂
    I do miss good old pub grub 😉

  4. Welcome back from London!!

    Oooh, that definitely DOES look good – love the addition of dried cherries!!

  5. I absolutely love bread pudding! There’s something so comforting about it. I want a big bowl of this now! =)

  6. great call with the croissants- i used t go to this place for brunch with a KILLER bread pudding made with stale croissants, danish, etc. I used dried cherries too, which I really liked. great job.

  7. I love bread pudding!!! 4 star chocolate? wow!!! yum!

  8. Looks wonderful! I am a fan on vanilla custard bread pudding, but I really liked this one too. It was even better drizzled with chocolate sauce or cream anglaise!

  9. Looks great! I saw a couple other people used croissants, too. Yum!

  10. Looks great. Glad it worked out for you. I liked it and am glad I made my first ever bread pudding, but I’d sure pick a different chocolate dessert at a restaurant.

  11. Beautiful Steph! …and you’re right, I too should have done only half, or a third… cause it dissapeared so fast, hummm… there waas no tellling how much fat we took in, in that short amount of time!

    Croissant must have made that pudding a lot lighter though (in the sense of weight and density, of course! LOL) …great choice, quick thinking! lol

  12. Looks great, and I can’t wait to hear about London.

  13. Ah! That’s why my bread pudding has always been bad! You can’t make it low fat. I had a little extra cream in the carton and I poured it over the top. I couldn’t believe I was doing it. It was SO good.

    Yours looks great!

  14. Ah, yes, croissants. Can’t go wrong there!

  15. Bread pudding doesn’t always look nice but it tastes incredible. I usually don’t cut corners on fat and calories here. Full fat tastes better so I just cut myself a smaller piece.

  16. Yeah, I think there are times when you can reduce the fat and other times, not so much. This is maybe one of those times where it’s full fat or nothing. 🙂
    Looks great!

  17. Mmmm…. that looks delicious! Mine was somewhat dry – maybe I overbaked it… yours looks nice and moist! I need to make more of them – maybe use something other than French (love your croissants)! Maybe that did the trick. Well done this week!

  18. Glad you had a good London trip. Your bread pudding looks wonderful!

  19. This was a tough one to photograph wasn’t it? This was my first time trying bread pudding and I really enjoyed it! Glad it was a hit with you too!

  20. Looks definitely deceive on this one…I thought this was quite delicious as well! Croissants?!?! — that sounds absolutely decadent!

  21. Mmm, I love that you used croissants. What a totally perfect wait to add a bit of richness to bread pudding. I reaaaaally want some chocolate bread pudding now. It’s one of my favorites!

  22. how incredibly chocolatey!! yummm.

  23. You can’t judge a CBP by its complexion. I just had three spoonfuls of the stuff myself and I think its delicious. I used challah, no fruit bits and dark bittersweet choco. Yummo. Chilled is my preference. How about you? Great work.

  24. I think your bread pudding looks fantastic. I’m glad it was a success for you.

  25. I tried making mine low fat, but it just wasnt rich enough. Some things just have to be full fat!

  26. It is a challenge to photograph chocolate bread pudding, but it tastes great. Way to go all out with the croissants!

  27. Can’t wait to see all you did in London! I’m jealous! Croissants + full fat cream and eggs seem to be the way to go with this dessert – it’s really wonderful!

  28. Looks good to me! Nice job this week, just like every other week:)

  29. Squidgy – now THAT’s the word I was looking for!

  30. I am glad you went all-in with the cream, yolks, and even raised it one with croissants! I wouldn’t have thought they would have enough structure to soak up the liquid – good to know.

  31. croissants !!! WOOW !! I can imagine how yummy your pudding taste !!

  32. great idea to use the croissants! 🙂 I bet those were great in this!

  33. Can’t wait to hear about your trip!
    This looks wonderful. Using croissants! That sounds so rich!

  34. I love your 4 little stars on the photo! This sure was good.

  35. Did you happen to go on the Chocolate Ecstasy Tour in London? I was there a few weeks ago and went on the shorter Mayfair one – see my post at http://romysramblings.blogspot.com/2009/03/london-town-temptation.html

    And the bread pudding looks great!

  36. LOL, yours looks about like mine. It’s hard to make this dish glamorous.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Glad you had a good trip!

  37. Wow, simple bread pudding made ready for its close-up. Thanks for the sweet mention. See you later 🙂

  38. Oh, Steph, that looks soooooo yummy!!!! I love bread pudding but just didn’t have time this week.

    Looking forward to your posts about London. One of my favorite cities – ever!!!

  39. Oh sweet god.

  40. Croissants? *Swoon* It looks amazing! I bet it tasted great, too.

  41. Squidgy is the perfect word! It almost describes the sound of the bread pudding when you’re scooping it into the bowl! 😀

  42. yum, croissanty chocolaty bread pudding!

  43. I used brioche, but the croissant idea is awesome. Where do you work, I am sure you posted about this at some point, but have been a loyal reader for a while? Baking or food related I presume – jealous.

    • Mermaid– Thanks for reading! I work at a little bakery in Brooklyn.

  44. GORGEOUS bread pudding — I bet the croissants made it even more extra-delicious!

  45. Chocolate bread pudding is one of my favorite comfort foods. It’s delicious.

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