Tuesdays with Dorie: Tiramisu Cake

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tiramisu cake

Tiramisu may mean “pick-me-up,” but to me it’s more like “give-me-some,” so I had a smile on my face and a fork in my hand when I saw that Megan of My Baking Adventures chose Tiramisu Cake as this week’s TWD recipe.  I’ve made plenty of tiramisu at home– in fact, my version of it is the very first recipe that appeared on this little blog (although I don’t think anyone actually read it!).  This one’s a bit different, though…a re-interpretation of the classic dessert into a layer cake. 

Rather than ladyfingers, a yellow cake acts as the sponge for an espresso-liqueur syrup (Myer’s rum, in my case).  I like my tiramisu full of coffee and full of booze, and while this cake did have great flavor, I do think the layers could have been a bit more saturated with the syrup.  (If it looks fully soaked in the top photo that’s only because, when I put the cake away the night before, I brushed the exposed sides with a little extra syrup to keep them from drying out.)  I’ll try and figure that out if I make it again (which I probably will)…maybe poking the layers with a skewer before brushing on the syrup, or pouring the syrup into a pie plate and quickly dunking the layers would work? 

The frosting, part mascarpone and part whipped cream, was silky smooth and light as a feather.  Truly delicious, and easy to work with, too.  That smile on my face is still there, just thinking about it.

tiramisu cake

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read My Baking Adventures.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Yum! I loved this cake too. Yours looks fantastic!

  2. scrumptious as always.

  3. Oh man! this looks really good!! Send a slice to me pls! 😉

  4. To me Tiramisu means ‘Give me more, I want more, I need more!’;)
    In fact looking at your cake I would really like a slice now…. I absolutely loved this one and will definetly be making this again: more cupcakes to be served at my tea party for my 30th birthday!

  5. I absolutely loved this recipe! One of my faves! Yours looks gorgeous, love the chocolate shavings! Stop by my blog and read my interview with Dorie!

  6. If you’re looking for greater saturation, a chopstick, or the handle of a wooden spoon works well for making holes in the cake to absorb espresso, caramel, hot fudge, jello, or any number of other flavors to dress up a cake!

  7. I think poking holes in the cake before adding syrup would help for the next time. Your cake looks pretty amazing as it is!

  8. Mine is still in the fridge to macerate for even more flavour, so by reading what you’re writting about it… I’m super anxious to taste it!

    Yours looks like the king od tiramisu cakes! WOW!

  9. Your cake looks divine! Great job!

  10. Your cake looks so boozy and saturated with flavor. Great job!

  11. I only used one of the cake layers and torted that for my cake. The saturation was much better and it had a higher frosting:cake ratio! Yours looks fabulous though! I really loved this recipe!

  12. What a big beautiful cake.

  13. Oh your cake looks lovely. I thought this needed more syrup too,but I wasn’t sure if that was because I was doing cupcakes and just used more. When I make this again, I’m doubling the amount of syrup. I’m like you … I like the boozy/coffee-ness of it!

  14. Your cake looks fantastic!! I think the cake would have been yummy with more syrup but I thought it was delicious just the way Dorie intended also!

  15. Wow. Your cake is beautiful.

  16. Mine didn’t absorb much liquid either.

    Your cake looks fabulous.

  17. I kinda wish I had soaked mine a bit more, just for the extra jolt of flavor. But it’s a winner all around, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  18. oh wow! your fantastic cake looks drop dead gorgeous. and I totally agree about the frosting. It was easy and oh… so GOOD!

  19. Funny thing, I like my tiramisu exactly the same way, and I’m not a drinker, except when it comes to booze in my desserts!

  20. This cake was so easy to work with! And yours is stunning!!! I love the font you used as well 🙂

  21. in my opinion, tiramisu is the ultimate decadent dessert…maybe because it feels so italian or something! this looks amazing. like, beyond words amazing.

  22. To me, tiramisu means “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” I love it! Can’t wait to make mine this weekend for a function! Great job!

  23. Wow, great looking cake. That’s the most “soaked” one I’ve seen–and I’ll bet the most flavorful! Great job.

  24. YOur cake looks gorgeous. I love this recipe. YUM.

  25. I totally agree, it needs more syrup! Especially the Kahlua part. Mmmmm.

  26. Wow! if there was a photo of the cake in the book, this is exactly as it should look! that looks so awesome!~

  27. I just loved this…glad you did too. The frosting was the best part…and easy! I could see using it on other cakes as well. Your cake is lovely!

  28. Yours looks perfect. Just what Tiramisu should look like! Gorgeous, lovely, and delish!

    wow….so that’s what mine should have looked like!

  29. Yours looks extra moist! Pretty! 🙂

  30. Gorgeous! I’ll have some of yours!

  31. Gorgeous as always! Prettiest one I’ve seen yet. BTW I l.o.v.e. that font you used in the photo. Awesome!

  32. Your tiramisu is astonishing! I like the way to cook this cake with sponge base too. Using a sponge cake instead of ladyfingers the tiramisu has a richer, I would say, flavour of coffee and liqueur. The photos are delicious… I want a slice too;

  33. heavenly tasting cake it was, and yours looks so good!

  34. Absolutely gorgeous. I love how much liquid soaked into yours…next time I am making more liquid! Yours is really beautiful!

  35. I’m with you Steph — I love my tiramisu highly caffeinated and really boozey. I cut my layers crosswise, to get as much of the syrup to soak in the layers.

    Looking at your gorgeous pictures is making crave another bite!

  36. That is just gorgeous. I’m sorry I didn’t make it.

  37. Beautiful cake. I am not a tiramisu lover, but have a friend who would kill for it. If I ever make this I hope it looks like yours.

  38. looks great, i liked this one a lot even though i didn’t do much coffee flavoring on purpose. i’m getting ready to make that apple snack cake you posted a while back, i have all the stuff ready to go (except cider, it may have to be apple juice that i use).

  39. I agree – I like my tiramisu fully saturated with espresso syrup, but yours looks absolutely fabulous! Oh, and the chicory essence? I got it at L’epicerie, online. Seriously good stuff.

  40. Your cake looks wonderful, especially with all the chocolate on top!

  41. Your cake looks great, especially the shaved chocolate on top. Awesome job.

  42. Lovely! I’m with you — more booze, more coffee!

  43. Ah, so that’s how you soaked it. Its stunning and I was a little conflicted with the whole “cake” concept. But it was good.

  44. This looks so good! Just found your site and I love it!!!

  45. This looks moist and rich and simply divine. Great photos!!

  46. Oh, Steph, this tiramisu cake looks fabulous! I can’t wait to try this out. Yours looks AMAZING. Totally amazing. You have me wanting a slice of that beautifully soaked cake right this instant. Great job!

  47. Before I saw your recipe I had never attempted to make a Tiramisu cake…it turned out to be HEAVENLY!:) However, next week I’m having a dinner party and wanted a Tiramisu Recipe
    to set out into individual bowls…I have found a few but could anyone recommend and others? Thank you in advance!:)

    • thanks, john. i have a “traditional” tiramisu recipe on my blog as well, or i’d go ahead and give the one you linked to a shot. make it at least several hours (or even the night before) you plan to serve it, so the flavors can meld in the refrigerator.

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