Tuesdays with Dorie: Fresh Mango Bread

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fresh mango bread

This is a recipe that’s caught my eye many times while flipping through BFMHTY,  partly because it is directly opposite one of the things I most want to make (that would be Oatmeal Breakfast Bread for those in charge of next month’s selection…hehe), and partly because it just sounds a little wacky.  Well, since Kelly of Baking with the Boys picked it for TWD, it’s time to try this wacky stuff out.

When mangos are cheap and easy to find (like they are now), I usually have one on my counter…they’re great for smoothies.  So, without even having to make a trip to the store, I was good to go on the star ingredient here.  The supporting player, raisins, on the other hand, don’t usually have a place in my home, so I thought I’d play up the tropical flavors of this bread and swapped in a little chopped candied ginger instead.  Each piece was a sweet and spicy bite.

So guess what?  Mango bread is really not so wacky after all.  It’s moist and well-spiced…quite like a muffin, but in loaf form.  No pat of butter or slather of jam needed with this bread– just a big cup of coffee, and you’re good to go.

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Baking with the Boys.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Ooo yeah baby, that sounds delicious. Which I had a slice with my coffee now!

  2. Looks good to me!! Mine were absolutely perfect: nice and moist on the inside with an occasional piece of pecan or coconut flake, yum!!

  3. I’ll have to try it next time with the candied ginger… sounds yummy! I loved this recipe as well! Mmmm maybe with a mango smoothie!

  4. This looks fantastic! So glad you liked it 🙂

  5. je n’aurais pas fait la recette si kelly ne l’avais pas proposée car je ne suis friande de mangue, et cela aurait dommage car je l’ai trouvé vraiment bon !
    magnifique photo, j’aime beaucoup cette lumière 🙂

  6. Oh, so beautiful! I love the idea of the candied ginger! Next time!!!

  7. Hmmmm – this looks delish. I always have mangos on hand when they are in season as well. Your photo is impecabile too.

  8. I left out the raisins in my loaf, too, but didn’t think to add candied ginger. Great idea!

  9. hmmmm…I like the sound of candied ginger in this loaf. This was definitely an unconventional recipe — I never thought to bake with mangoes.

    Beautiful photo Steph!

  10. What a beautiful photograph! It puts all of mine to shame! Loved this bread.

  11. Candied ginger is the perfect replacement for raisins!

  12. I’m glad that you liked this one! I love that you added the candied ginger! I should try that next time!

  13. Another week well done!

  14. Ginger sounds like a great sub for the raisins!

  15. This is one major amazing picture… Makes me feel like in a country house somewhere in the South of France. Mmmmm… I wish I would get the fragrance too, that mango scent bread would surely add to the memories! WOW. Lovely, Steph!

  16. I’m totally loving your idea of candied ginger! I was thinking dates might be good, too. Lovely post!

  17. Beautiful! I love the picture! I skipped the raisins, too – but then again, I always skip the raisins!

  18. Your photo is beautiful! I really enjoyed the Fresh Mango Bread and I’d love to try it with candied ginger instead of raisins myself!

  19. Looks wonderful, glad you enjoyed it!

  20. I added candied ginger to mine, too! It was great with my AM coffee.

  21. I’m with you – I would have passed this one over in favor of the oatmeal bread, and that would have been my loss. I added some candied ginger, too!

  22. I didn’t bother with the raisins.

    I wonder if coconut would have been good in this.

  23. I was thinking of subbing fresh ginger – but candied ginger sounds great! Looks fantastic!

  24. I love your photo! Loved this recipe too. Will definitely try it with candied ginger next time.

  25. YUM! Your loaf looks fantastic. I’m glad you liked it.

  26. I loved this recipe and will definitely try it again with the ginger. Yum. Your picture is gorgeous.

  27. Love your photo! Mine was great and I even made it a lot more healthy. Never would have thought about mangoes in a bread, but here it is!

  28. The ginger idea sounds great. I soaked the raisins in rum for mine … since I figure everything goes better with a little alcohol. 🙂

  29. I didnt put raisins in mine either. Your photos is gorgeous!

  30. Love the photo (per usual), glad you liked it. I have to try it again since I gave my loaves away for mother’s day.

  31. I’m not usually a big ginger fan, but I like the sound of mango in a bread. Very nice photo.

  32. I love your photo! This was my first time trying mango but I loved it and now I can’t wait to grab a few more to have sitting on my counter 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the bread.

  33. Mmm, this bread sounds delicious! I love your use of the ginger in place of the raisins. What a great sub. Your bread looks so moist and dense, with such a tight crumb. You have me wishing that I had a mango on my counter right now so that I might be able to have this bread.

  34. Perfect spice in this one. Yours looks great. Mine was sugar free and still tasted great.

  35. candied ginger sounds great in this. this was such a nice change from other types of similar breads.

  36. This looks so good! 🙂

  37. ah, best thing ever! i love making this stuff.

  38. Candied ginger! Splendid idea since I like raisins on a stand-alone basis but not in breads!

  39. I liked that about this recipe too, that is tasted soo good all by itself. Nothing else was really needed.
    Lovely pictures!

  40. Substituting raisins with candied ginger sounds good, yum!

  41. What a great idea to add candied ginger! I used walnuts in place of the raisins (there seem to be a lot raisin avoiders among us!)

  42. Your bread looks lovely!

  43. Mmmmm and I have three ripe mangos. One to eat and the rest to be made into goodness such as this!

  44. yum! I bet candied ginger was really delicious in this! Beautiful photos!

  45. I need to buy more mangos and have them just hanging around the kitchen ready to go. I have always considered them an expensive exotic that can only be had as a treat, but as I was buying them for this bread I realized what a great deal they are. I loved this bread too!

  46. Love your texture… nice and dense-looking! Mine came out more cake-like, crumbly (good, but crumbly)! Nice photograph – you really captured the essence of the bread. Candied ginger = goodness!!!

  47. Oatmeal breakfast bread – that’s on my “want to bake” list as well. But this was a pretty good placeholder!

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