Tuesdays with Dorie: Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise

June 23, 2009 at 4:45 pm | Posted in cakes & tortes, groups, layer cakes, sweet things, tuesdays with dorie | 35 Comments

coconut-roasted pineapple dacquoise

Wow.  I almost thought this Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise wasn’t going to get done, but I really wanted to give props to Andrea in the Kitchen and the Aussie contingent of TWD, so I busted the recipe out this morning. 

If you’re wondering what exactly this is, it’s a cake made from layers of crisp almond-coconut meringue.  It’s filled with a softly-whipped white chocolate ganache and pineapple slices.  Sounds good, right?  It’s not hard to make, but there’s a fair amount of wait-time involved, so it did take awhile from start to finish.  I made a half recipe of the meringue layers and a just third of the ganache. 

I totally of get a kick out of how retro this thing looks.  I know that dacquoise meringue is used as a building block for many classic French desserts, but I think this particular cake looks like it belongs at a 70’s dinner party, which instantly makes me love it!  I do have to admit that since I just assembled it about an hour ago, my dacquoise is still sitting in the fridge– uncut and untasted.  I have taste-tested all the components separately, though, and I do think the final product will be a hit!  I’m looking forward to a chilled slice tonight…probably with a few raspberries thrown around the plate.

coconut-roasted pineapple dacquoise

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Andrea in the Kitchen.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Beautiful photos. It looks delicious!

  2. It looks sensational and I’ll bet it tastes great too.

  3. Your dacquoise looks perfect!

  4. Your dacquoise is stunning! The pineapple does give it a retro feel, but the rest of it is far too elegant for the 70’s. Enjoy dessert tonight!

  5. Your dacquoise looks amazing, and very retro indeed… I dedided against making the dacquiose – I’m just not a fan of meringue – but in keepin with the pineapple theme, made a pineapple upside-down cake, which was a big hit. I’m wishing a little that I had made this dessert – it looks like it was a lot of fun…

  6. that looks great. I am sure you will love it when you taste it

  7. Wow, your dacquoise looks wonderful and your pineapple looks gorgeous! I just started mine so not sure if it’ll be done by Wednesday! Yours is very encouraging for me! Love the coconut flakes, I couldn’t find any other than the usual Bakers.

  8. lol, yeah it does look pretty retro. this one was good – especially that white chocolate ganache.

  9. Your cake looks amazingly sophisticated. Great job!

  10. Wow this looks so good.

  11. You’re right, it so retro. Yours looks great!

  12. haha you are right!! it does look like a 70s party cake!! now all we need is some disco balls…

  13. That looks beautiful!

  14. WOW! Steph… this is beautiful! And you’re right… it does have that twinkle of Betty Crocker old fashion 60’s look! LOL

    Hope you enjoy it!

  15. Your dacquoise looks amazing. Great job! I loved this so much. You are going to really enjoy it. Raspberries would be perfect.

  16. Gorgeous. Wouldn’t expect much less from you. This was one of the best. So yummy.

  17. Yours looks gorgeous! yum!

  18. Oh my, Steph- that looks AMAZING! The roasted pineapple slices on top remind me of the decorations I make for the Hummingbird Cake I bake my Mom every year for Mother’s Day. You have to slice fresh pineapple paper thin, dry them out for a while in a low oven, and then place each in an egg carton so they dry into the shape of daisy like flowers. Kinda fussy, but in the end, it’s really lovely presentation. I love that your pineapple slices look like little fans and took on some color around the edges. It’s surely a show stopper dessert and would be a hit at any dinner party!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my site, and I hope to talk to you again soon!


  19. love the retro feel- mine didn’t turn out quite as well!

  20. Ha! It DOES look kinda 70s. Nothing subtle about it, but it’s sooooo good.

  21. It is pretty and I bet it tastes fabulous.

  22. I know it was a hit! It looks amazing. Great job!

  23. I love your bottom photo! Gorgeous! You’re right. This dish does have a retro kind of look — not a bad thing — just interesting! Great job!

  24. ‘scuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin. That looks fantastic!

  25. Completely stunning and drool worthy! Great job!

  26. Oh wow, your dacquoise is gorgeous! I love the way your pineapple looks. I made mine at the last minute too 🙂 I thought this dacquoise was ridiculously good!!

  27. That looks amazing. And delicious. Please let us know how tasty it was!!

  28. Steph, wow pineapples right now are so delicious however, not as wonderful as the artistry in your photos. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration, even to a non-white chocolate lover. Darn.

  29. Just a couple of more questions, maybe Dorie covered them, but what method did you use to cut it and did you use a mandolin to slice your pineapple?

    • Hi AmyRuth! When you ask what method I used to cut it, do you mean how did I cut the cake into portions? I used a long serrated knife, but it cut pretty easily…much more so than I thought it would. I didn’t use my mandolilne to do the pineapple slices, just a sharp chef’s knife. (Although in the previous post about piña colada cake, I did use a mandoline…I made those slices paper thin).

  30. Your daquoise looks awesome! I’m glad you liked it. Great photos and great post! (I chickened out of this one, moreso because of the ingredients.) Great job!

  31. Very pretty! And yes, now that you say it – very retro!

  32. Wow your dacquoise looks so pretty. I love how the layers look.

  33. A 70’s dessert? That is so spot on and so funny! But it is so impressive! Wow! And I’ll bet it is amazing!

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