Tuesdays with Dorie: Classic Banana Bundt Cake

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classic banana bundt cake

At the end of every month, just before the new list of TWD recipes comes out, I do a little dance in the hopes that a Bundt cake will be chosen.  My efforts to summon the cake gods have gone unrealized every time, but leave it to Mary The Food Librarian, herself a lover of all things Bundted (seriously, she has made a bazillion of them), to finally chose Dorie’s Classic Banana Bundt.  Yay!!  (Now I am doing my happy dance!)

I love Bundt cakes, and this banana one is no exception.  It’s dense and moist, not unlike a banana bread.  It’s full of banana flavor, and the inside is full of those little black squigglies…do you know what I’m talking about?  Those fascinate me, and I must study them in every slice.

I made half a recipe of this cake in my treasured six-cup Bundt pan.  I switched out a quarter cup of the AP flour for whole wheat, and added in a sprinkle of nutmeg.  I also used half sour cream and half yogurt in the batter.  The coolest thing about any Bundt is how pretty it is, no thanks to me– it just comes out of the pan that way (provided I spray it well)!  I drizzled a quick and easy milk chocolate ganache over this one, because hey– bananas and chocolate are great together!

classic banana bundt cake

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read The Food Librarian.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Ciao ! You are right the bundt in itself is a beautiful shape but you made it even better !

  2. I love bundt cake. They are simple but soo tasty. Love the look of yours.

  3. This is a lovely-looking cake, I love how the ganache drips down the sides. And the cake stand.. well.. let’s just say I need to get myself one, it automatically makes anything look fabulous!

  4. A happy dance is definitely appropriate with this cake – beautiful job! I’m jealous of your little bundt pan though 🙂

  5. Ohhh, I thought that was caramel oozing over the top of your cake at first. That would have been very delicious, too. But milk chocolate and banana? Great pick. Perfect. I love bundt cakes, as well. I have a few different tins. In fact, I wish there were more bundt cakes around. They are so pretty, and like you say, you don’t need to do any work for the result! How great is that?

  6. Marvellous! simply stunning and yummy 🙂 those squigglies fascinate me too 🙂

  7. Your bundt cake looks spectacular!

  8. Great idea re: the 6-cup bundt pan – I have never thought of that and have a new reason to stop by WS soon! The “easy” (does this also mean there is a good chance of success?!?!?) chocolate ganache is a fantastic idea and could be used on a lot of different cakes….

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Your ganache MAKES that bundt cake – holy yum.

  10. The first picture is so cool! Do you use natural light only or something else?

    • Thanks, pz! Yes, I always try to take my pictures in natural light (ususally on my windowsill).

  11. Looks great. I like to study the black squiggles too!

  12. That looks lovely! I went for the individual minis. I may have to look for that six cup pan…

  13. I like the topping very nice! I thought this recipe was great and Im sure I will make it over and over again!

  14. I’m there doing the happy dance with you Steph! Your bundt is so gorgeous with the milk chocolate drizzle.

    BTW, do tell on where you found a 6 cup bundt pan. I’ve been looking everywhere for one.

    • Hi, Linda– I got mine from a cookware shop in Brooklyn…but Amazon sells them, too. Some are a lighter weight than others…I prefer the heavier ones.

  15. Milk chocolate ganache, oh baby! Gorgeous cake, and it’s not just the pan that should get the credit. Great job.

  16. perfect as always Steph! fab job. we loved it too. love bundts!

  17. Gorgeous! The chocolate ganache was a brilliant idea and it looks so pretty on your cake. Glad you enjoyed the cake so much!

  18. mmmmm that looks delicious! I am going to have to try a milk chocolate ganache the next time.

  19. Now that’s one proposition I’ll take up in a jiffy. Chocolate glaze and banana bundt. LOVELY!

  20. Isn’t it nice that Bundt cakes look so pretty with almost no effort? I love the chocolate ganache. It looks delicious!

  21. Don’t you love it when the cake comes out of pan ALL IN ONE PIECE!!!

    That is beautiful. Love the MC ganache. Perfect.

  22. Oh my goodness, that glaze really dresses up this cake! I made this recipe a couple of months back and loved it – the texture was just perfect.

  23. Your cake is gorgeous. I added chocolate chips to mine, but now I want chocolate ganache too!

  24. I LOVE the ganache!!!!!!!! I dusted mine with confectioners sugar but think next time something similar to yours frosted would be lovely! 🙂

  25. this was my first time making a bundt cake and i loved it. I love your milk chocolate icing

  26. Your cake looks so tall and perky.

    I love it.

  27. Je suis curieuse de savoir quelle danse tu as fait pour que Mary choisisse cette recette. Comme cela a fonctionné, ce serait bien que tu recommences pour nous amener le soleil et la chaleur 🙂
    superbe ton gâteau Steph !

  28. YUM that chocolate ganache looks amazing! I always look at The Food Librarian’s bundt cakes and think I should make one myself–glad I finally got the chance to! Yours looks delish!

  29. Stunning cake, banana and chocolate are a divine combination. I shared your delight when I saw a Bundt cake on the schedule this month; I don’t think I’ve ever made one I haven’t liked.

  30. Perfect…your bundt looks absolutely perfect! I buttered my pan really really well…and, well, if you visit the blog you will ssee it didn’t quite work…ooops. I think I will try the spray for bundts next time as it worked nicely for you.

  31. I really need to get a smaller Bundt cake pan, so I can whip one up when the craving strikes. Yours looks tantalizing and the milk chocolate ganache was the perfect addition!

  32. yay! a bundt cake! Your chocolate ganache icing sounds fab! It looks wonderful.

  33. Whoo hoo! Beautiful cake! I love the 6 cup Bundt. MUST GET. I love the chocolate glaze…so perfect! Thanks so much for baking along with me this week. And you got me pegged. I love the Bundt and have made a bazillon! And will make a bazillon more!! – mary the food librarian

  34. Glad you finally got your bundt pan wish! The cake looks FANTASTIC and I LOVE that chocolate ganache.

  35. I love your blog layout, simple, elegant & fun! The cake looks yummy, and next time, I will follow your lead of making half of the recipe. Keep baking!

  36. i think this is the first thing i made in my bundt pan earlier this year and if memory serves me right, it was sooo good!! love the idea of chocolate drizzle.

  37. Oh Steph, your too cute- I wish I could see you do your bundt cake happy dance! I’ve always been fascinated by the little black squigglies too- they just scream, I came from a banana and you’re about to bite into something delicious 🙂 What a fantastic idea to do a chocolate drizzle. Have you ever had a chocolate dipped banana? Heaven! I am now officially on the look out for a 6-cup bundt pan… sometimes the only downside to a bundt cake is it’s large size. I wonder if I could find one on amazon- I’ll have to do some hunting.

    Wanted to tell you I made some more preserves- Cinnamon Peach to be exact. They made the house smell heavenly and canned perfectly. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the courage to learn how to do it! It’s too much fun. Hope to hear from you soon!


  38. Your bundt cake looks soo pretty! I totally agree that bananas and chocolate go hand in hand together. I put too much chocolate ganache on mine, I was envisioning it to look more like yours which is why I thought it was a little too much chocolate – can you believe it? I can’t even believe I said that…

  39. I love the drizzle of your ganache. It is just too pretty. Yum!

  40. This was my first bundt to make, and I just made mini muffin sized bundts. But now I’m in love and will probably join you in the hopeful bundt dancing 🙂 Yours looks amazing!

  41. I don’t like bananas, but I’d be sorely tempted with that yummy looking chocolate glaze all over it. It’s a gorgeous bundt!

  42. Oooh, that’s looks sinfully good!

  43. So gorgeous, looks terrific.

  44. What a beautiful banana bundt Steph – and the chocolate glaze would be a perfect partner for it.

  45. that ganache makes it all that much more drool worthy! great idea

  46. Thanks for the inspiration – made this for my mother’s birthday and my son insisted on a ganache (in our case, dark.) It was wonderful and so pretty, just like your lovely photo. Would you post your ganache recipe some time? 🙂

    • Kathryn–Thanks for the feedback, and glad you enjoyed! For that ganache, honestly, I did it by eye. I heated up a little cream (maybe 1/4 cup) in the microwave till hot, and stirred in a handful of chopped milk chocolate. It’s the ratio of chocolate to cream that determines a ganache’s thickness, so to use it as a glaze like this, you’d want to add enough chocolate so that it’s not too runny, but still keep it loose enough to drip down the sides of the cake.

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