Tuesdays with Dorie: Brownie Buttons

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brownie buttons

Boy, are we cruising through the brownie section of BFMHTY.  Who knew there were so many types of brownies out there?  The latest take on these little squares of chocolatey goodness are actually not squares at all, but Brownie Buttons, chosen by Jayma of Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen.

Baking the batter in a mini-muffin tin is all it really takes to turn your brownies into “buttons.”  There is some optional orange zest in this batter…I’m not usually a fan of fruit and chocolate, so I opted out.  I said “yes, please” to the white chocolate topping, though.

These gave a good little chocolate pop, but I won’t lie and say that I was only able to eat one at a time!  For that reason, I’ll probably stick to regular brownies (OMG– who else made these?!?), but I can see myself making these again if I need to do a cookie platter.

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. I have to agree with you, those Quintuple brownies do look like a hard act to follow!!!

  2. BTW, you are a very dedicated baker!! I am threatened by this commitment!!!

  3. Theyre so cute! and look very yummy. I dont like making sweet things too often because I usually end up eating most of whatever it is i make.


  4. Now I have this fabulous book, I did notice all the brownie recipes. I guess it’s no surprise. People love brownies and people have slightly different tastes – so need lots of brownies to suit. Though I have recently been introduced to the ultimate brownie recipe. Apparently it’s rated #1 in the USA by Today. If that should matter??!! Anyway, I just can’t seem to make another recipe again after finding that one. But will be happy to look at all yours! 🙂

  5. Nice touch with the chocolate sprinkles! Love your pictures as always.

  6. I haven’t tried the quintuple choc brownies yyet but they are on the list! I like these little ones for when you don’t want to make a huge batch of brownies. the jimmies are perfect~!

  7. these were reallie rich! loving the jimmies on top of yours. Lovely work.

  8. I’m with you. Those quintuple chocolate brownies are amazing. Great photos of the brownie buttons!

  9. I ended up halving this recipe and doing them in mini-bundt pans. I only got a total of 3 mini bundts, so I felt no guilt at eating 1.5 of them (1/4 of the total recipe…oops!).

    Yours look lovely. I wouldn’t resist more than one at a time either 🙂

  10. Your brownie bites are gorgeous! I haven’t tried the quintuple brownies yet but they sound incredible.

  11. No orange in your chocolate?

    I once was like that, then I was moved over to the citrus side.

  12. I too was urprised to see how many brownies there are… But your little chefd’oeuvres, always make seem the other not worthy! LOL Very nice Steph.

  13. Your brownie buttons turned out so cute. I love the chocolate sprinkles!

  14. These look great. I love your chocolate sprinkles. I used colorful ones to jazz them up some!

  15. Your buttons look great!! I loved these, and I agree — you can’t eat just one!! Yum!!

  16. I am with you, those brownies are much better without orange and with chocolate!

  17. I do have to agree the quintuple chocolate brownies were fabulous. These are really cute though- I liked how you decorated them.

  18. cutie patooties! I love the white tops on yours

  19. Your brownies look so good, I love how you decorated them!!!

  20. Your buttons look cute. I like the sprinkles on top. Yes, the quints were to-die-for.

  21. Love the way you decorated the buttons with sprinkles! Or hagelslag as we would call them here in The Netherlands, did you know we eat these on bread?

    • Yes, I did know that! Tasty! In fact, the sprikles I have are a Dutch brand that I bought at an import store.

  22. Those look great with the choco sprinkles.

  23. They look so cute with the jimmies on top! I’ll have to do a rewind on those quintuple brownies.

  24. I skipped the zest too! LOVE these!!! Yours are super cute!

  25. Never made the quintuple ones. I kept in the orange and left out the white chocolate. Yours look yummy!

  26. Cute! Love the sprinkles on them. Who could eat just one of these?

  27. Yummy. I love sprinkles. So cute. You should try to visit Holland. It is really pretty and you gotta love all the bike riding. I’m 50% Dutch too and have family there so we visit fairly often.

  28. so cute!

  29. Beautiful photos!

  30. I can’t believe that I haven’t made those quintuple brownies yet — that is now moving up to the top of my “to bake” list.

    Very cute buttons— I especially love the chocolate sprinkles on top! 🙂

  31. cute little sprinkles!

  32. I love the chocolate sprinkles!

  33. They look lovely with the sprinkles! I’ve been wanting to do a rewind of the quintuple brownies since I wasn’t very excited about these or the KHB last month.

  34. I’m hoping all these recipes will help me find a go-to brownie recipe, but so far it’s only making me crave brownies more often! I do like the idea of these buttons on a platter or at an event. Love the sprinkles on top!

  35. I love the sprinkles on your little buttons! So cute. I think we agree with you: I don’t eat chocolate but my guys do and they all agreed they were “okay” but like some of the other brownie recipes better. That said, they also agreed they would be happy to eat them anytime I made them…LOL!

  36. How cute are these?!! Mine were over baked and a bit dry. Baking tiny things is tricky and I will probably stick with my favorite brownie recipe as well.

  37. Wow…I really like this recipe!!! I’ve always seen squared brownies but the look so much fun in this shape! Great!

  38. I wasn’t able to stop at one too! Yours look great!

  39. Your brownie buttons are so cute!

  40. Cute!.. as a button? 🙂

  41. Hi Stephanie,

    I’ve awarded you a “kreativ blogger” award because I love your blog! The link is below if you’d like to participate!


    xox Sarah

  42. Great photos. They look lovely, although I can’t go past brownies 😛

  43. Your buttons are absolutely adorable Steph! I love the touch of the chocolate sprinkles on top. I bet it’s hard to eat just one… or two… or six! I just made my first batch of truffles and even though they were decadent and rich, my tasters had the same problem of stopping at first bite! Here’s a link if you’d like to check them out: http://hotovenwarmheart.wordpress.com/2009/08/16/sms-hazelnut-truffles/

    Quick blogging question for you (hope you don’t mind I come to you about these things, but I just love the work you do on A Whisk And A Spoon so much, that you seem like the ideal person to ask!) Anyways, when you post a recipe, it is indented in a pretty blue box… how do you do that? I love the look and how the recipe really stands out by being highlighted. I’m hosting in my baking group this week, so I’m actually posting a recipe for the first time, and I would love to use your technique if possible! If you could offer your advice and copious blogging knowledge, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks so much 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great start to your week. Talk to you soon!

    • Joy– I never mind getting questions! But actually, I can’t really answer this one. I bought a custom blog design last year, and that feature was incuded in the customization. I’m not sure what piece of code makes it do that (b/c I’m not at all savvy about the technicals..). Sorry!

  44. Forgot to sign that comment. Whoops!


  45. Wow…your buttons look amazing.

  46. Very cute! and who doesn’t love a brownie? Especially these!

  47. it really is hard to eat just one!

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