The Cake Slice: Cinnamon-Pecan Coffee Cake

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 cinnamon-pecan coffee cake

The Cake Slice Bakers have shifted gears, and we’re now baking from the book Southern Cakes by Nancie McDermott.  I’ve actually had this book for quite sometime, so it will be nice to do more than just admire its words and pictures.  Although I’ll miss making a fancy layer cake each month just for the heck of it, this book has cakes of all types– like this here Cinnamon-Pecan Coffee Cake, for instance.

This was a nice cake to wake up to (it freezes well, so you really can make it ahead and save it for a weekend morning).  It has a whopping amount of cinnamon and pecans, so you know right there that it’ll be tasty. I replaced the raisins in the recipe with dried wild blueberries (they came from TJ’s and I was surprised at how flavorful they were!), and subbed in a bit of whole wheat flour for some of the AP.  Makes me feel better about eating cake in the morning if there’s a little whole wheat in there!  And it didn’t seem to harm the nice texture of the buttery crumb at all.  So that I wouldn’t be tempted to gobble up too much cake, I made a third of the recipe and baked it in a loaf pan. 

 cinnamon-pecan coffee cake

Here’s a printable link to the recipe.  Or get your hands on a copy of Southern Cakes by Nancie McDermott.  Cruise through the list of The Cake Slice Bakers to check out all of our coffee cakes this month!


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  1. I totally agree with you about using whole wheat flour. I try to sub a bit whenever I can. Makes me feel a lot less guilty about indulging or watching my kids scarf down a tray of brownies or something. : )
    You pics are great, btw!

  2. Perfect “wake-me-up” cake! 😀

  3. I love, love, love your food pictures! Whenever I blog I always try to take them so they look like yours. 🙂 And yum, I’m not into pecans but I’ll probably make something close to this. Thanks!

  4. Looks great! I loved this one!

  5. Hi Steph, great job on your cake and I should have kept some of the pecans whole on the top like yours. Great clicks as always.

  6. You really made this one look delicious! Great pics.

  7. I just have to say that I always love your pictures. So pretty and delicious looking!

  8. Is that the trick to eating cake in the morning?!

    Your cake looks great and I like that you subbed blueberries for the raisins.

  9. Were you happy with it? I am usually disappointed with coffee cakes. They often end up the texture of cornbread and offer little flavor. I feel like there should be sour cream, yogurt, or more fruit baked inside.

    • This one had a lot lof flavor with all the cinnamon and nuts. I think the cake had a nice texture…crumbles a little (not too much, and I think it’s more because of the center layer of cinnamon sugar breaking the cake in two) and soft. It has a lot of butter in it…another reason why I only made a third of the recipe.

  10. I like your substitution of blueberries for the raisins. I’m not much of a raising fan, but this cake turned out ok with them in it. But I’ll definately have to try blueberries next time.

  11. Your cake looks wonderful. I adore the idea of using dried blueberries – bet it tasted fab

  12. Ciao ! What a wonderful idea to freeze this cake !!! It’s beatiful !!

  13. Mine was crumbly..yours looks divine.

  14. Love the sub with the dried blueberries in this! I should have read your suggestion about freezing before I sent off the majority of my batch to work.

  15. Looks amazing – great cake to start the day with.

  16. What a gorgeous cake! Your biscuits down there look so yummy, too!

  17. Yum, this cake looks delicious…great recipe :)))


  18. I’ve heard good things about Southern Cakes. I’ll have to check it out. This cake looks wonderful! And it’s something I can actually bake (well, the baking part is not hard, it’s the decorating part that gets me everytime)

  19. This looks delicious Steph! And I love the new blog header.

  20. Hello my dear!

    So we’re finally a part of The Cake Slice Bakers TOGETHER- I’m SO excited, and can’t wait for us to bake our way through Southern Cakes 🙂 If this first one’s any indication, we’re in for some deeeeelicious cakes! Your coffee cake looks just perfect, and I LOVE the idea of subbing the wild blueberries- what a fantastic variation!

    I have a question for you (oh wise one, my baking “fairy godmother”, haha!) about cutting a layer cake recipe in half or reducing it from a full size cake to a 6″… I just bought 3 6″ rounds so I’d be prepared next time I wanted to give a mini version a try. I know I can’t reveal anything about next month’s cake in a public convo- so if you could offer any suggestions via email when you get a chance, I’d really appreciate it (as always!) And don’t forget to catch me up on what’s been going on with you- how was your trip, by the way?

    Hope you have a great rest of your week and a relaxing weekend! Looking forward to hearing from you again soon!


  21. Oh I almost forgot! LOVE the new header- it’s simply adorable, and I’m super jealous! I thought your site was beautiful before, but it’s always fun to have a little makeover… it definitely gives the look some added pizazz 🙂

    Had to let you know…


  22. I sent my husband off to work with the cake – otherwise I would of probably eaten it all!

  23. Looks totally moist and delicious. I have so many books that I don’t use as often as I should, too. But it sure is still fun just admiring them as well!

  24. Wheat flour and blueberries! What great suggestions. I like the new look of your blog, very classy!

  25. I love cinnamon and Your cake looks sooo delicious! 🙂

  26. Anything with Pecan in it is fine by me! One of the most delicious nuts around, and unbeaten on a danish! Cake looks perfect, well cooked and presented, looks as if it would just crumble and melt in your mouth, just need some hot chocolate to go with it!

  27. loved the cake…jus had a question…for how long did u bake it in the loaf pan…..even i m thinking of doing just one-third of the recipe

    • It’s been a while since I made it, but I’d say to start checking early…probably at the 35 minute mark and adjust up from there.

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