Tuesdays with Dorie: Cocoa-Nana Bread

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cocoa-nana bread

Wow–super-busy week at work.  If I hadn’t made this Cocoa-Nana Bread, chosen for TWD by fellow Steph of Obsessed with Baking, early last week, it just wouldn’t have happened for me.  The bakery I work for was featured in a segment on national TV a few days ago, and it sent mail orders for our brownies pouring in all weekend.  Terrific for business, but the owners neglected to give the kitchen the heads-up that it was airing!  Saying we we’ve been in the weeds would be an understatement, and my arms are about to fall off from so much brownie mixing.  Anyway, back to matters at hand…

A healthy dose of cocoa powder makes this loaf pumpernickel-dark.  And bananas make it moist.  It’s really much more cocoa than nana….and also more loaf cake than bread.  Dorie intends it to be for breakfast, but we thought it made a fine dessert.  Leftovers are a yummy trifle base, BTW.

To all my Aussie friends–happy Australia Day!  I’ll be celebrating here with homemade sausage rolls, a Cooper’s Sparkling and some good tennis!

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Obsessed with Baking.   Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. This looks wonderful. I’ve had Dorie’s book for a few months now and just baked my first recipe from it this past weekend. Banana Cream Pie on Saturday for National Pie Day. I just blogged about it today! I’m so glad I finally dove into the book, she gives such fantastic direction in addition to a delicious recipe.

  2. Your bread looks so chocolate-y and delicious!

  3. Seriously, at what point does that stop ebing bread and be cake??

    • if someone just handed me a slice of this, i would never have thought it was meant to be a breakfast bread. i would have thought it was chocolate loaf cake!

  4. mmm looks and sounds delicious. I love normal banana bread, i bet with chocolate its even better!


  5. Ciao ! I’m happy for your work and glad you liked this dessertish bread !

  6. I agree with you: more a loaf cake than a bread, we enjoyed it with a cup of tea/coffee!

  7. Now I wish I had made it! It looks fabulous.

  8. Aw! Do you miss Australia? This post looks tasty, I love banana bread too much to add cocoa though I think…

  9. Looks decadently dark and delicious! and such great news about the bakery being featured! Nothing like knowing you’re loved like orders streaming in! 🙂

  10. The texture looks perfect. And the color of your loaf is dark like mine. I was afraid I had read the recipe wrong and had to double check.

    Good luck at the bakery! Are ya’ll famous for your brownies?

  11. This was delicious, and I agree more cocoa than nana. Happy Australia Day to you too.

  12. I know what it is like to be over-whelmed in a bakery (only mine was pie up to my elbows!) but your bread looks super delicious!

  13. yours looks delicious and I am glad you were able to make it! Sounds like you have been swamped!! I really enjoyed this as well, and I agree that it is much more cake like!!

  14. Beautiful bread/cake! And despite the fact that you spent most of your time with brownie batter, you still managed to make something that was stuffed with yet even more chocolate. Some things we never tire of. 🙂

  15. I saw that it was Austraila Day on my calender. What do they celebrate?
    YOur bread looks so good and I love the picture! I added some reese’s peanut butter cups to my bread!

  16. Wow- can’t believe you manage to bake after working at a bakery! I love the idea of a trifle with the leftovers!

  17. It’s definitely looks more like a dessert bread to me. Delicious!

  18. Love your photo! My hubby is eating this as a dessert each night, with a dollop of whipped cream on it. Me, I can’t get past the banana smell and taste.

  19. I definitely thought it was more of a cake than a bread. What ever it was, it was good. Take care of yourself!

  20. Looks great!

  21. I love your idea of using it as a trifle base! Great idea!!!

  22. Calgon… take me awayyyyyyy! LOL Yup! You need some relaxing!

    I’m glad you still found the time to make it, don’t you think you would have missed out? I do…

  23. Gorgeous bread! What bakery do you work for? I would love to try some of your baked goods in person!

  24. Hey Steph, Impressive that you were able to fit this in. What is the name of the bakery for which you work? hehe They are so lucky to have you and I’ll bet they love your blog too. Your choco-nana bread looks, well, I think I need to make this quick fast and in a hurry. I looks perfecto!!! Your neighbors probably hang out near your door huh? Just smelling the aromas from your kitchen. hehe

    • Haha! My blog is a secret (even from my husband)…best that the others at the bakery don’t know!

  25. I was thinking the same thing about getting mine done early as it sure wouldn’t have happened if I had waited…crazy week! Yours looks lovely and I love how you posed it!

  26. Glad this was a winner for you. Many didn’t care for it. Not a keeper for me. Yours looks great.

  27. Now how do you manage that sweetums? he he (the hubs part…) You’re cracking me up. Okay, then I get the part where you don’t necessarily want your bakery to know. This is kind of like “undercover” work. Like Julia and being a spy. hehe
    I promise I won’t let the cat out of the bag.

    • he knows that i take all these food photos, and he thinks it’s totally weird! 🙂

  28. Trifle…what a great idea for this bread!

    I hope you’ll be able to get off your feet and relax Steph…sounds like one hectic week!

  29. Oh wow, a bakery job – that sounds wonderful…well maybe more so when you’re not slammed with orders 🙂

    Your bread is gorgeous! Love your idea to use the leftovers for trifle base.

  30. Thanks for the Australia Day shout out! You can celebrate double the holidays now, yes?

    Wow, how crazy at work. Maybe it was a good thing you didn’t know the segment was coming? Like a band-aid, better just to come off, quickly. No anxious anticipation??? I wish we could order from here.

    This would be so delicious with the banana pudding ice cream I just made! 🙂

  31. Great job! It looks delicious!

  32. Ohh that looks a lovely tender banana cocoa cake. I bet it tastes great spread with some peanut butter or jam.

    I’m jealous of your bakery job. Whats the bakery called?

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