Tuesdays with Dorie: Dorie’s Best Espresso Chocolate Chip Cookies

February 16, 2010 at 1:06 am | Posted in cookies & bars, groups, sweet things, tuesdays with dorie | 29 Comments

Dorie's best espresso chocolate chip cookies

Frankly, I’m shocked that TWD has been at it for more than two years, and we are only now getting around to the recipe for Dorie’s Best Chocolate Chip Cookies (and that’s thanks to Kait of Kait’s Plate).  I really thought that this would be one of the first to cross off the list… but finally here these cookies are, and let me tell you they are worth the wait!

It’s hard to argue with Dorie’s suggestion that chopped bar chocolate makes tastier cookies than chips, so I bought a couple of my favorite Theo 70% bars, and put my knife to work.  I left out the nuts and added in espresso powder, as well as a teeny sprinkle of pink salt midway through baking.  Some folks had issues with spreading cookies, but mine turned out to be not too flat (although my dough had been in the freezer for a couple days before I baked it).  A little chew in the center and lots of gooey chocolate made these a gold medal winner in my books!  

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Kait’s Plate.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. GREAT addition – espresso powder! Should have thought of that too – along with the salt! Glad you enjoyed them and they weren’t too flat for your liking. I think I froze my dough too beforehand from what I remember (being that I made these a few weeks ago) – you know how memory fades! They look wonderful – nice and chewy – and I bet that salt/espresso adds a kick!

  2. A chocolate chip cookie with an espresso flavor….I like, I like a lot!!!

  3. Those look fantastic! Mine came out a bit thinner, but still chewy and delicious.

  4. I don’t know how you did it but yours appear to be the perfect thickness. The espresso sounds good. I forgot about that. Will give it a try next time.

  5. Now, that is how I expected my cookies to turn out…I was a victim of spreading cookies. I didn’t chill the dough, so must go that route the next time.

    I like your style Steph – espresso and pink salt sound like fantastic additions!

  6. Ahhh… like you say… finally. Perhaps the TWDs needed a little of that expresso to “wake up” …and smell the cookies!

    Very well done, Steph… so much so, they must again, make the building in front workers, jealous!

  7. Ooh, i wish I did this espresso version. I made mine with white chocolate and orange zest – creamsicle cookies!

  8. Ooh, yummy addition!

  9. your cookies look perfect!! I bet the espresso addition was wonderful! I loved these too! YUM!

  10. Mine didn’t spread at all! Love em!

  11. I love the espresso idea for the cookies. I left mine in the fridge for an hour, but putting them in the freezer would have been better. I loved them!

  12. They look awesome Steph. I especially love that you added a sprinkle of salt while baking. I’m sure it really made the chocolate flavor pop.

  13. Your cookies turned out beautifully! I only chilled the dough for 3 hours and they were still quite thin. Maybe the trick is to do it for 48+? Great idea to add the extra salt, that always perks up a c.c.cookie. :>

  14. You did Dories suggestion for a twist to her chocolate chip cookie using espresso. . . and the cookies look delicious! Baked perfectly too.

    I did the peanut butter variation with the bittersweet chocolate, which is a first for me. I was actually worried the change in chocolate would be too drastic for us and was dreading the first bite. We ended up really enjoying the strong chocolate flavor =)

  15. Wow, your cookies look fantastic! Mine were quite thin but yours look puffy and gorgeous! Glad you enjoyed them.

  16. those seriously ARE the best chocolate chip cookies ever. especially when baked until crispy. yummm

  17. Cookies just look so fun stacked up…yours look lovely. These were a big hit here for their crunchiness…they have gotten me to make them three times now. Teenage boys and cookies, what can I say? This stack of yours would be gone in no time around here.

  18. I bet these were delicious with the espresso powder! Yours look much chewier than mine did when I made them.

  19. Beautiful!! And, adding espresso! I bet that really kicked the flavor up a notch!

  20. I can’t believe I’ve been blog stalking you for two years! hahaha, it’s kinda cool (I promise I’m not psycho). Love choc chip cookies and love coffee. Now it’s in my crunchy yummy package. I can live with that. 🙂

  21. Looks great and I bet they tasted yummy. These were a hit.

  22. The pink salt sounds like a fabulous addition! Your cookies look gorgeous! So perfect and light!

  23. Oh my! These loook amazingly delicious, espresso and chocolate chip wow wow yum!

  24. Now, THAT is how I like my CCC. Chewy. Mine weren’t but yours look great.

  25. Okie Dokie now here I am in the middle of this great country and I can’t get “your favorite chocolate bar” at my local international market or home spun whole foods market. Then there is the question of that fancy schmancy pink salt, hmmm is that what I need to make these cookies “all that?” he he Seriously, I am just joking around here but I am there with the premium quality chopped chocolate, although I’ll have to give it another go round because I just used ghiradelli bittersweet chips, ugh. Until I’m sure I like the cookie I’m a little stingy with the good stuff. So, now I’m thinking maybe I need to give this recipe a second chance. At first glance/bite they weren’t my favorite. Now, after reading your post, well….. maybe I just need to give ’em another shot. Resting in the frig or freezer does seem to make all the difference in any CCC. Great post, Steph.
    Thanks for the fun.

  26. I wish my dough had been frozen so my cookies would have been nice and thick like yours. So beautiful! If you are a Theo fan and ever find yourself in Seattle, you must call ahead and register for the factory tour. Even if you can’t get in the tour, visit the store. They let you sample all the bars! For Valentine’s Day they made a pink peppercorn & dried cherry bar that was out of this world, but unfortunately I didn’t see if for sale on their website, just in the store. If you see this bar in your area and like pink peppercorns, buy as many as you can afford to, they are really good!

    • My parents actually live in the Seattle area, and my mum took me once to the factory. I think I sampled everything they had out that day, and bought heaps to bring back to Australia with me. I’ll see if she’s up for another visit next time I go out…

  27. mmm. What fun additions! 🙂 Freezing probably helped the spreading problem.

  28. LOVE the pink salt..and love dorie!!

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