Tuesdays with Dorie: Thumbprints for Us Big Guys

March 9, 2010 at 1:00 am | Posted in cookies & bars, groups, sweet things, tuesdays with dorie | 36 Comments

thumbprints for us big guys

So here, thanks to Mike, I present you with my first batch of Thumbprints.  OK, I’ve had two thumbprints all my life, but if those ones ever get me caught red-handed, these ones just might help me get out of trouble!

Not only are they cookies cuties, they are tasty too.  They have a crumbly shortbread texture that melts in your mouth.  Make them bite-sized and they won’t be messy.  Only because I have a bag of almond flour in the fridge, I used ground almonds instead of hazelnuts.  Some I filled with strawberry-raspberry jam and others with blueberry-cherry. 

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Ugly Dude Food.  In fact, check out Ugly Dude Food even if you don’t want the recipe…he’s one of our lone dude members, and deserves props just for playing along with all of us girls every week!  Don’t forget to check out the rest of the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Ooh, nice! They look like a cross between a jam fancy and a melting moment, perfect with a cuppa. Blueberry cherry jam sounds fantastic too.

  2. Melt is right – these were a huge hit at work – noteably for the cookie. Definitely a make-again “print” cookie. These look fantastic with the jam filling – something I will have to try next time. That dusting of sugar finishes them off so nicely!

  3. These look delightful, I’ve not seen thumb print cookies until now, we don’t get them in the UK.

  4. Your cookies look really pretty! I liked them too, with almonds and lemon curd:)

  5. I agree. Mike is brave. Fun to have the guys though. Curious about the almond flour. Could you taste the almonds? Did you buy it that way or make it yourself? How fine is it? Very interesting…

    • I bought it that way…the one I used here is from Trader Joe’s. It contains the skins, so you see pretty little flecks throughout. It’s fairly soft, but not quite as fine as another brand I have that is made from blanched almonds (no skins). I’d say I tasted the almond extract in the recipe more than the almonds themselves, but they do have a more neutral flavor than hazelnuts.

  6. Your cookies look awesome! I also used ground almonds. I loved the the flavours of these little cookies 🙂

  7. Oh! I’m with ya on those… I thought they were terrific! …and with blueberry-cherry… pfew… heaven!

  8. Your cookies look good and the jams sound wonderful.

  9. They are soooo cute! Great photo Steph!

  10. Your cookies are adorable! And I agree, they really were better than the average thumbprint cookies.

  11. i love this recipe!

  12. Your picture is so cute and I love the font you used. Your cookies look perfect!

  13. This recipe was so good! Your cookies look so good! Im glad you loved them.

  14. These look yummy! Great photo!! 🙂

  15. Your cookies look fantastic. The jam choice sound super yummy. We enjoyed these too and are still enjoying them.

  16. I used almond meal too! I honestly haven’t read a blog today yet that used the hazelnuts. HA HA. But I promise I looked for them. I just couldn’t find them anywhere! Your cookies look great. And I’m glad someone had more restraint with the powdered sugar than I did. 😛

  17. Beautiful! I loved how adorably button-like these were.

  18. cute little cookies!

  19. I used the hazelnuts but found them quite crumbly. Your pics are great btw. The cookies are so tidy! Glad I found your blog. Look forward to seeing more of what you post re TWD.

  20. Beautiful cookies, Steph! I used almond flour, too, but Jessica (A Singleton in the Kitchen) has me wanting to try pecan.

  21. Those look delicious! We enjoyed these at my house.

  22. These look great! I just made some grapefruit jelly which I bet would be wonderful inside these cookies. Though I should probably eat up all my Girl Scout ones first :).

  23. So, so beautiful! Your cookies look so delicate and delicious!

  24. Oh, those look fantastic. Wish mine had been that pretty. But they are good no matter what.

  25. delicious and comforting, these cookies look awesome, well done! cheers from london

  26. Your first batch?

    I am shocked.

    These are such easy and simple cookies.

  27. Look at the lovely crack in the first thumbprint – gorgeous 🙂

  28. Gorgeous, especially for first-time thumbprints. I love your jam flavor choices, too.

  29. Beautiful photo as always. 🙂 I bet the blueberry-cherry ones were perfection.

  30. Beautiful cookies and a gorgeous photo! They look melt-in-the mouth perfecto!!

  31. These look delicious. Love the sound of your blueberry cherry jam

  32. Mmm wow these look so good, I’ve never had thumbprint cookies before I might have to try making them they look delicious :).

  33. Blueberry-cherry jam sounds wonderful. I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for that one next time I’m out! Great job – your cookies are beautiful!

  34. Your thumbprints look awesome. I’m going to have to go back and make these one day.

  35. Hazelnut instead of almond. Now that’s delicious. I love thumbprint biscuits. Especially the teeny weeny ones that you can pop into your mouth (often) discreetly. 🙂

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