Vanilla-Caramel Roasted Pineapple

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vanilla-caramel roasted pineapple

Meet my latest addiction– Vanilla-Caramel Roasted Pineapple.  Pineapple is delicious and sweet as-is, but cook it in rum and vanilla-infused caramel, and you may not be able to eat it any other way again.  The first time I made it, I did just half a recipe, with half a pineapple.  How silly!  It was gone in a flash, and I had to make it again!

If you can manage to control the urge to eat every last piece with your fingers and then drink the syrup, you might like to know that it makes for a great tart, and it transforms Greek yogurt into something even tastier than my childhood favorite Breyers flavor.  It’s a shame I don’t have some vanilla ice cream in the freezer right now, because I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to make an incredible, syrupy pineapple sundae.  Don’t even get me started about pineapple pancakes…

The original recipe comes from Pierre Hermé…I’ve made some minor modifications to it below, basically just to make it a bit quicker/easier to cook and a bit more economical.  If you don’t have banana or ginger, you could modify it further and leave them out, with no ill-effects, I’m sure.  I do recommend roasting the pineapple in quarters, then cutting them into chunks later, as I imagine the smaller pieces could get mushy otherwise.

Vanilla-Caramel Roasted Pineapple
modified from a recipe by Pierre Hermé

1 fresh pineapple, peeled, quartered lengthwise and cored
120 gr granulated sugar
30 gr (about 1/2) mashed banana
1 vanilla pod, scraped
20 ml (4 t) rum
4 thin slices of fresh ginger
60 mL (1/4 c) cold water

-In a small heavy-bottomed pot, make a dry caramel (no water) by heating the sugar over medium heat.  Wait until the caramel is deep amber. If part of the sugar is caramelized while the rest has not melted yet, turn your pot to move the hot spots under the unmelted sugar.

-Meanwhile, split the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds. Add the seeds and pod to the caramel along with the ginger slices. Leave 10 seconds, then pour the cold water into the caramel to stop the cooking process (don’t worry if it seizes).   Bring it to a boil and cook gently until the caramel is liquid.  Remove from the heat and add the rum and mashed banana.

-Leave in the fridge for several hours or overnight to infuse.  The syrup will be quite intensely flavored, but will mellow when it cooks and mingles with the pineapple juices.

-Fish out the vanilla pod (save it) and pass the syrup through a fine sieve.

-Heat the oven to 450°F (230°C) and lay your pineapple quarters in the smallest oven proof dish that will just hold it. Pour the vanilla-caramel sauce over the pineapple, toss in the saved pod, and bake for about 35-40 minutes, turning and basting the pineapple every ten minutes. It is important to check that the caramel remains liquid or else it will burn. If too thick, just add a splash of water.

-When cool, cut the quarters into slices or chunks.  Store them in the fridge in an airtight container, submerged in the syrup.


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’ve been waiting for your enlightenment on making this and now I’m all ready with ingredients lined up and the ice cream waiting in the freezer for later tonight. I’m salivating just thinking about it!!

    Your pictures are incredible by the way. I want to eat absolutely everything you photograph, and I don’t say that about many blogs. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I can’t wait to try this! I’ve been eating a ton of pineapple but this would just take it to a completely different level I’m sure!

  3. Wow, this looks delicious! I can’t wait to get my hands on a pineapple and make this. Any ideas on substitutes for vanilla pods? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find one…

    • Hi Anna. I don’t think vanilla extract would work so successfully here. Vanilla paste might be a good sub, but it can be harder to find than a bean. You might want to change direction and experiment with a different spice…a cinnamon stick or a few star anise or cardamom pods might work.

  4. The roasted pineapples look yum! I wonder how banana would bring out the flavor of pineapple though. Gonna give this recipe a try soon!

  5. I like your suggestion to try it in Greek yogurt. Always looking for new flavors.

  6. I just came across your website and think it’s gorgeous. Love this recipe using pineapple. Have bookmarked it to make on the weekend to scoop over pancakes with vanilla bean icecream.

  7. What an awesome idea! This would make an amazing tart, though I’d probably make some extra filling, so I could eat it with my fingers 🙂 And OBVIOUSLY sip the syrup at the end!

  8. Wowie wow! This gives me SUCH a good idea for a recipe this week. Once again – you rock!

  9. I love grilled pineapple and this sounds even better. I wonder how long before I just can’t stand it and end up roasting a pineapple.

  10. I can see myself growing heavily addicted to this as well.

  11. This looks amazing! I am a pineapple nut, but never really use it in desserts. I’m going to have to give this a try though.

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