Tuesdays with Dorie: Tender Shortcakes

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tender shortcakes

My first job out of college was in finance.  It kinda boggles my mind that I was able to get that job, and boggles it even more that I was able to stick with it for six years.  Anyway, the guys who worked on the trading desk would size up and dole out nicknames to every new person who came through.  Some were just goofy riffs on a person’s real name, some were looks or personality-based, some were funny and some were evil.  Whether or not you liked the name you were rechristened with, you had to be prepared to answer to it because you were stuck with it for the rest of your time there.  Thankfully, they liked me…my reddish hair and willingness to bring them baked goods earned me the nickname “Shortcake.”  From time to time I still see some of these guys, and they still call me Shortcake.

I had been planing to my namesake dessert this summer, even before Cathy of The Tortefeasor chose these Tender Shortcakes for TWD.  I had originally wanted to use a recipe that incorporated buckwheat flour, because it sounded a little interesting and I’ve had a bag of buckwheat flour in the fridge for some time now.  That’s easy enough to do with any recipe though, so I simply swapped out 25% of the AP flour in Dorie’s recipe for buckwheat flour.

I was a little nervous to make these shortcakes, because they are really biscuits afterall, and my last foray into biscuitdom was a bit of a personal letdown.  These turned out much better, thankfully!  And true to their name, they were so tender, I had to really be careful when splitting them in half.  FYI, the recipe yielded more than I expected.  I halved it, thinking it would make five shortcakes based on the serving amount listed, but I really got eight.  That’s fine…R and I have no problem eating extra shortcakes with strawberries and cream.

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read The Tortefeasor.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. The buckwheat flour sounds like an interesting alternative. I agree that the quantity was massive – I only made a quarter recipe andgot 5 shortcakes.

  2. I was nervous about this recipe too, but as long as you were gentle with the dough, they came baked up beautifully. I love the colour the buckwheat gave your shortcakes! They look so healthy compared to the paler versions. :p

  3. I love strawberry shortcake but tend to lean towards using a pound cake versus a biscuit like this, only because I fear the biscuit will be too dry. But these definitely don’t sound like they were dry, even with the buckwheat flour substituted.

    On a side note, I have also been working in finance for the past six years and am looking to make the permanent switch to baking full-time. Its nice to hear that someone has done the same and was successful. It gives me hope 🙂

    • shoot me an e-mail if you ever want to talk more about going from banking to baking!

  4. Looks beautiful and delicious. My nickname for many years was ‘Poopsie’. Started by a 4th grade teacher.

  5. ha – that is the cutest nickname ever! Love it! Your shortcakes look awesome! I bet the buckwheat flour added a nice, earthy flavor. They look gorgeous!!

  6. Your shortcakes look so good with the buckwheat flour!

  7. Great addition! Just happen to have some buckwheat in my cupboard – and will give these a try! They look wonderful – almost “healthy”! Glad they turned out for you – nothing worse than a bad biscuit!

  8. The buckwheat flour appears to add a lovely color to the biscuits, and it’s a pleasant change from whole wheat. Too bad your former office mates missed out on your namesake dessert!

  9. Im lovin that buckwheat flour idea, they look so good! Im glad you enjoyed them!

  10. Gosh that looks so good. MMMM

  11. Nice shortcake, Shortcake! The strawberry is the most wonderful shade of red in your photo. I’ve been doing quite a bit of baking with buckwheat too recently. It’s yummy in lots of things.

  12. Buckwheat flour has a wonderful taste, doesn’t it? You remind me that I should bake with it more often! And I love the nickname – so fitting 🙂 Beautiful shortcakes!

  13. What a fabulous looking little cake. Beautiful!

  14. I was wondering how the shortcakes got that lovely color — buckwheat flour! Very interesting. I recently bought some hoping to make a shortbread cookie, but used it for crepes instead … next time. (I l ove the nickname Shortcake and think that those guys must have really, really liked you.)

  15. I have never baked with Buckwheat flour in my life. Am I missing something? Does it kinda taste like whole wheat?

    I love the whole strawberry in your picture and how you got it positioned perfectly.

    • i guess i’d describe it as a little sweet and nutty-tasting. great in pancakes, crepes, etc.

  16. Glad you had success with these – I struggle with biscuits a lot too but these were wonderful! I love the color the buckwheat flour gave your shortcakes!

  17. I can imagine the nice flavor the buckwheat flour added to these shortcakes.

  18. hey there shortcake! cute name 🙂

  19. Nice job, Shortcake! They look incredible, and I’m glad that you enjoyed them. Good thinking to use a little buckwheat flour – I bet that added just the right something-something to these. Beautiful shortcakes, and thank you for baking with me this week!

  20. Your buckwheat shortcakes have a nice color and they look beautiful! I made the full recipe and froze them before baking. I think I got at least 16 shortcakes in all.

  21. Great job! How did the taste with the other flour?

  22. Mmm wow these look delicious, the strawberries look so juicy as well, definately a winner hehe!

  23. still have two in the freezer but I don’t think they’ll survive another day in there. I would love to have a nickname like strawberry shortcake- so fun!

  24. I also have BW flour in my fridge. Always looking for ways to use it. Will have to try these shortcakes your way. They look great.

  25. Steph,
    1. Been a while but I went back all the way to the Tribeca cruising and caffeine snoozes. he he
    2. I too have buckwheat in the frig. You liked the buckwheat? I need to pull it out and try out some new combos. Thanks for the nudge.
    3. Your photos are amazing and you never disappoint. Love all the fun stuff you have, structure or no.
    4.Baked, Checked it out at the library….. he he
    5.Hope you are still enjoying some fun time off. Dust bunnies will always be there.
    Okay, think thats all 🙂

  26. I think we all wonder how we lasted as long as we did in our first jobs out of college. Mine was fundraising. Enough said, I think 🙂 This looks like an interesting twist on strawberry shortcake. My family always mixes the shortcake, strawberries, and whipped cream with milk in a cereal bowl. Not sure how this started, but I may just have to try out your recipe and see what the milk addition does to it! Great blog!

  27. That is absolutely beautiful shortcake! The color from the buckwheat flour really gives them such an incredible color!
    What a great presentation, beautiful berries and fluffy cream!

  28. A little late getting over here this week, but no less sincere as I always love to pop in and see what you have managed to do to the recipe to make it so creative…and I learn so much, thanks for the percentage of swapping out the flours. What a great idea…it looks wonderfully delicious.

  29. I was craving straberries and cream sooooo badly today. I was going to bake scones but didnt have enough cream. I want these shortcakes!!

  30. This looks fantastic! Yum!

  31. Love the brown color you got on your shortcake. Looks beautiful.

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