Tuesdays with Dorie: Dressy Chocolate Loaf Cake

June 22, 2010 at 1:01 am | Posted in cakes & tortes, groups, layer cakes, sweet things, tuesdays with dorie | 27 Comments

dressy chocolate loaf cake

Amy of Amy Ruth Bakes showed us that a loaf cake can be fancy, too, with her choice of Dressy Chocolate Loaf Cake for TWD.  I baked this the week before I went to London…glad I did, because I packed on a couple extra (now totally unwanted) pounds on that trip, and I may have had a hard time justifying making this afterward!

Both the cake and the frosting contain a good amount of sour cream.  Chocolate-sour cream frosting is on my list of “world’s tastiest stuff.”  The heaviness of the cake is cut by two layers of jam sandwiched in-between.  I don’t usually go nuts for fruit and chocolate combos, but I must say that this was tasty! 

For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan, or read Amy Ruth Bakes.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. WooHoo Stephanie, that’s terrific. Pretty photo. Thanks for stopping by. Hope London is awesome. I’ve got to go there someday. I’m glad you liked the cake, jam and all.

  2. This looks so good!! Mmm chocolate.

  3. Love the silver dots on the top. That’s dressy!

  4. I love it! Your decorations are darling! I want one!

  5. I agree that this was a damn good cake. I really enjoyed it. Yours looks great and I am glad you enjoyed it!! And yes, chocolate sour cream frosting really is amazing!

  6. You have a way of making everything look so pretty. The guys here loved this cake!

  7. I agree with you on the sour cream being one of the tastiest things on earth. I love your silver dots. And what a wonderful vacation you must have had! I’ve never been to London, but would love to go sometime. You will have to give me tips if I do!

  8. Your cake looks really, really great!

  9. Love the silver pearls. (I know there is a name for them – brain freeze!!) Looks very elegant. I was skeptical about the frosting but it was delicious and soooo easy!!

  10. that picture is beautiful!
    I like this so much I made 2: Bundt & Loaf cakes

  11. And of course, you made this cake even more beautiful than it already was.

  12. I love the way you decorate cakes! So simple yet unique and beautiful. That sour cream chocolate frosting looks too good as well.

  13. Gorgeous photo! Glad you made this before your holiday–it would have been a shame to miss out!

  14. I hadnt tried sour cream frosting before, but it is great! your loaf cake looks divine (as usual!)

  15. I don’t know what to say. Every picture you take is even better than the fabulous ones before. Those little silver dragees (is that what you call them) are so ….elegant. Yes, that’s it. elegant. Can you eat them? That’s probably a stupid question so scratch that.

    I’m a little envious about the London trip. How cool!

  16. Beautiful texture on the frosting – I love it – almost like a faux bois/wood texture. Sour cream – I, for some reason, was out of it for the frosting…. cream and chocolate had to do. But now I’m tempted…. beautiful loaf!

  17. This is so elegant! I love, love, love this!!
    Hope you had a wonderful trip to London; never been but planning on hopping on to the Eurostar and cross the channel soon. Hope they have great desserts there!

  18. Stephanie, your cake looks gorgeous. Great picture. Glad you enjoyed your vacation!

  19. I agree the sour cream chocolate icing was so easy and incredibly good!

  20. I love the dragees on there, beautiful!

  21. Your cake is very dressy indeed. Terrific pic!

  22. I was eyeing this recipe just the other day! I’m glad that it was a super success!

  23. I’ve never been a huge fan of sour cream, but sour cream in chocolate frosting? OMG yes please. This looks amazing!

  24. Your cake looks fabulous! I love how you spread the frosting on top, lovely!

  25. chocolate and sour cream is a winner in my book. looks beautiful!

  26. Oh your cake looks lovely with the frosting lines and the dragees- beautiful!

  27. So very pretty, as usual! I love how much bang for your buck you get in this cake – definitely a sleeper hit!

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