Tuesdays with Dorie: Honey-Nut Brownies

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honey-nut brownies

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve flipped through the book and wondered what this Honey-Nut Brownie would be like.  Well, now I don’t have to wonder anymore.  If, for you, the word “brownie” immediately calls to mind a rich, fudgey square of chocolatey goodness, then you may want to adjust your mindset a bit if you go off to make these.  There is still goodness, but it is more cakey than fudgey, and tastes more of honey than chocolate.  There is a little chocolate in the base, but “blondie” may be a better description here.  A few extra chocolate chips in the batter and a quick ganache icing on top will boost the cacao factor, though, if that’s what your after.

Even though the texture is on the cakey side, it’s still chewy, I guess thanks to the honey.  It occurred to me that slicing these brownies in half and sandwiching them with vanilla ice cream might be tasty.  That’s what I did with half of my tray (I iced the other half with ganache).  They weren’t firmed up by photo-time, but I assure you, they were pretty good!

I used Tremblay Apiaries’ Summerflower Honey and almonds in my brownies.  For the recipe, see Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan or read Suzy Homemaker, as it was Suzy’s pick this week.  Don’t forget to check out the TWD Blogroll!


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  1. Honey nut brownies… sounds so great!

  2. Your brownie looks perfect! All the things I wish I’d done – icing, chocolate chips. Next time.

  3. Can I just swipe my finger through the ganache and lick it off? You got the lighting just right on that one.

  4. Ice cream sandwiches sound like a very good idea! And these look divine with the extra chocolate and ganache on top.

  5. The ganache on top looks perfect!

  6. Now yours look delicious. More like a brownie than mine. And I bet the icing was really good on these!

  7. ooooh, honey nut brownie ice cream sandwich! You’re a genius!!! YUM!

  8. Wow, yours look great! I should have added some frosting. Mine didn’t quite bake up right, but they tasted good.

  9. Oooh, love the ganache on top – fab idea! 🙂

  10. The ganache is a great addition — the “brownies” definitely needed more chocolate in my opinion. Umm, sandwiching them with ice cream? Genius.

  11. I can’t wait to try these! Your picture is awesome!!

  12. I think my favorite aspect of these was that it’s the first dessert I’ve made where the flavor of the honey really stood out. I’m glad they weren’t more chocolately! Yours are beautiful with those large chunks of almond.

  13. Great addition of adding the ganache! Thanks for joining in!

  14. That ganache icing is absolutely gorgeous. These look amazing.

  15. These look so moist & amazingly good, the addition of the nuts in them bets a nice crunch i imagine 🙂

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