French Fridays with Dorie: Quatre-Quarts

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Yowzer– it’s been ages since I’ve had an FFWD post.  I happened to notice this week’s recipe, Quatre-Quarts, and it looked like good a point to jump back in.  I guess quatre-quarts is most often compared to pound cake.  I’m sure every grand-mère has her own version of quatre-quarts, but I thought this one was much lighter and springier than an American pound cake typically is.  In fact, it seemed quite like a sponge cake, thanks to the beaten egg whites that are folded into the batter.  I only made half a recipe, thinking a full would be too buttery and heavy for us to eat for more than a couple of days.  I was wrong–we could have easily polished of the whole thing.  Also, I flavored it with a glug of good Cognac, which made it pretty easy to enjoy!

For the recipe, see Around my French Table by Dorie Greenspan. Don’t forget to check out my fellow francophiles’ posts.

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  1. Agreed, in fact, I would say that the problem with this cake is that it was a little TOO easy to eat. Between my husband and I, we polished this cake off a little faster than I would like to admit. I added run to mine and it was de-lish!

  2. Love that picture 🙂
    This was definitely lighter than I was expecting it to be, which was a pleasant surprise.

  3. A great recipe to come to the group with! Simple and elegant.

  4. Cognac sounds like a great addition. I’m thinking of using amaretto when I bake mine – sat out this week!

  5. What a beautiful photo! I’m glad you joined us for this one. I used brandy in mine and thought it gave it such a wonderful flavor.

  6. I thought it was much springier than American pound cake too, which is weird since in the description it says it’s drier than the ones we’re used to over here!

    Yours looks delicious!

  7. Yep, I made two cakes and we’re still eating them. Cognac would have been a good addition.

  8. Your cake looks great! I should measure my pan. I wonder if it was the wrong size. My cake was thin and flat.

  9. You have more self-restraint than I do to only make half the recipe! So which size of cake pan did you use?

    BTW, this is the first time I run into your blog on FFWD. Love your logo!

  10. it was a pretty awesome piece of cake, wasn’t it??

  11. I used dark rum which had great flavor. Eating a quarter of the quarter-quarts isn’t such a guilty pleasure when it’s a mini-cake.

  12. Nice photo. I jumped back in this week too. Love this simple cake — there is only one small piece left, just waiting for me to grab it! My daughter is eating it with some hot ganache drizzled over the top. Can’t believe you made half a recipe – I need to borrow some of your restraint!

  13. I loved this – simple and tasty! How could you only make half the recipe – you have a lot of will power! Hope you have a great week!

  14. I can see myself really digging into this one as well. Love the simplicity of this cake. (and like always, your photography makes it look even more stunning)

  15. Your cake looks delicious! This was a great one to jump back in on!

  16. Love the idea of a glug of cognac!

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